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  1. Werners current level of markmanship is already a major problem. He's either completely shot of confidence or just really not that good. In some circles he's getting credit for being unselfish by passing to Mason for his goal, but to me he bottled it and took the easy option, pass it and duck responsibility.
  2. We really rode our luck in that 2nd half. Great control and finish by Ziyech at the end.
  3. I shudder every time I hear the name Fleck mentioned in this game.
  4. Quality post . I recognise class when I read it .
  5. That was an almighty let off there, how on earth did McGoldrick miss the target with a free header from there.
  6. Did this ref actually bring his cards with him today ?
  7. That explains everything, I didn't realise it was that muppet.
  8. According to co-commentator Osgoods nickname was 'The kite' because he used to hang in the air. I've been following Chelsea for 50 odd years and have never heard Ossie called that, has anyone ?
  9. I can't see that makes any difference at all in the current circumstances though. An empty stadium is an empty stadium whichever way you look at it. Apart from the teams travel arrangements home and away fixtures mean zilch now there is no crowd input and participation. I can barely bring myself to watch even recorded 'highlights' anymore, the majority of games have become glorified training sessions to my jaded ears and eyes.
  10. Please don't. It has to be one of the most overused and meaningless cliches ever spouted by pundits, journalists and sadly some 'fans' in the last few years.
  11. Subbing a sub is never a good thing unless its due to injury. If TT has slagged him that makes it even worse. Does anyone have a link to what TT said please ?
  12. The more I read the bolded part the more I think strewth PloKoon you might have a point. How depressing is that ?
  13. The replay of that corner was an eye opener. He was probably the shortest person in the entire view.
  14. Any pleasure I initially felt about this game being shown live on Bbc1 has been well and truly drained by this abysmal performance. Dreadfull.
  15. Sideways and back, rinse and repeat. This is dire
  16. This game is reminding me of the good old/bad old days we had back in the old 2nd division.
  17. Strewth. From our corner it's gone back to Kepa in 2 passes
  18. I'm down to my last 12 cans. Shielding so I'll have to ask the neighbour to do my beer run to the offies again tomorrow.
  19. Enough about this topic though, how is the game ?🥺
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