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  1. Listening to the radio commentary on R5L. The commentary box needs some serious soundproofing. 😅
  2. Thing is though if he didn't look at the flight of the ball how would he know which direction to run in ? 2 more subs and still no Gilmour
  3. Is anyone else annoyed about how often corner kicks are allowed to be taken outside the quadrant these days. In the overall scheme of things it's a minor thing but whats the point of the corner flag markings if they are just being ignored ?
  4. Normally I wouldn't be rooting for Scotland but Stevie Clarke and Billy Gilmour persuaded me to break the habit of a lifetime this afternoon. I hope Billy gets some gametime.
  5. Words fail me....well actually they don't but if I were to post what I really thought about this post I'd be banned.
  6. Some 24 hours later and I'm still buzzing and trying to drink off my hangover from last night. I've been a supporter since I was 8 years old ( now 66 ) and went to games home and away until my health and finanances made it impossible. I've seen the best of times, and the worst of times following Chelsea but last night was was right up there with one of the best I've ever seen. It was an outstanding team performance from start to finish and Thomas Tuchel deserves a lot of credit for turning this season around. Frank laid the foundations of this team, He'll be back one day I'm sure.
  7. I think I've had far too much to drink this evening but who cares. Chelsea are Champions of Europe again. Fantastic team performance all round. Cheers all.
  8. I'm 66 year old and crying like a baby. I love this team so much.
  9. Don't worry, Noel Gallagher just said he's bricking it 😂
  10. Well in fairness to BT it seems they've concentrated on City for the 1st hour and will do the same for us in the 2nd hour, seems reasonable to me.
  11. There was when I watched the Europa League Final the other night. On the live coverage they had almost finished the penalties before they were even begun on the YouTube channel
  12. It is but be warned, I think there's quite a lag.....about 5 or 10 minutes I think
  13. Post of the day for me though in my defence I've probably had more to drink than PloKoon13 if that's even possible 🍻
  14. 100 lines for you 😉. No need to apologise I nearly always spell that teams name wrong. On a serious note though to their credit I'd say they are over achieving in many respects when you consider their resources and history. I'm just disappointed with the way our season is in danger of fizzling out . Face it we were sh*t lucky to get Champions League qualification today thanks to Tottenham of all teams. The fact their fans must be seething is the one thing that's cheered me up today.
  15. That would be the same 'Leciester' who beat us in the FA Cup FInal just last week would it ? Yeh, real bottlers.
  16. Surely not ? That is shockingly hideous.
  17. Stats for our cup competition history and record here in this link : https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/fc-chelsea/pokalhistorie/verein/631
  18. I've watched it back more times than I should today and the more I watch the more I think what a crock of crap VAR has become. Look at that still and you can see the lino is perfectly positioned to make a judgement call. He doesn't raise his flag and more tellingly for me, I didn't see one Leicester City player appealing for an offside call on the live tv coverage. I had high hopes for var when it was first introduced but the way it's being operated in this country is just destroying the game. Some unseen and often un named official sitting in a portakabin in West London is sitting there doodling coloured lines and deciding the outcome of games ffs. Don't get me wrong, Leicester City deserved to win it more than we did but wrong calls are wrong calls and need to be pointed out so thanks for that shot Malta Blue.
  19. I thought we were outplayed all over the pitch today for most of the game. It hurts to say it but Leicester earned that win.
  20. There is no way Kepa is at fault for the 2 defeats . A brainfart by Zouma and Jorghino against Arsenal and not one defender in position to block a shot by the Leicester player today. As much as I think Mendy should be our 1st choice keeper I don't think Kepa should be a scapegoat.
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