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  1. I will leave you with some hits from Tallinn, Estonia. Come Visit!
  2. I´m one of them, and I´ve had 5 jobs in 1,5 years.
  3. These kids do not care about that anymore, the attention span of a human being has been reduced to nothing.
  4. Where would I place a recently retired club legend that has been here since the start of the century, part of the most successful teams in club history, was taken under Zola´s wing when he first got here himself to coach young players that have been part of the system since about the start of the century? Might go for a Brazilian.
  5. Thought Higuain hooked him up with a Nutella deal.
  6. I´d rather have Frank make that mistake early in the season against Sheffield than in the Champions League round of 16 when our season is on the line. Most of you are saying he´s intelligent in one post and can´t believe he made that sub in the next, well, if you believe your own words he learned the most from what transpired on that pitch. Great point Sexyfootball.
  7. After the first couple of games I would say we must get top 4, Utd & Spurs I would say are starting from the same position as we are in terms of how difficult they´ll season will be simply because of different circumstances. Arsenal will be 5th or 6th.
  8. Ake is a quality player, would not mind him in our squad one bit. I remember him playing as a centre-back and full-back for us but Rafa used him as a holding midfielder aswell. Not to mention he´s been linked to City aswell in the recent past.
  9. I think the biggest loser with this transfer is @mclovin83 and his posts over these few days.
  10. You are well within your rights connecting dots on a whim. I´m simply producing content for those that do not wish to accuse a player of treason (as it is painted out in this thread) based on a series of dots. I think it´s very plausible that we played out the pre-season. Frank made his assessment of the team, told Luiz that he will not be a starter this year and his role will only decrease in the future and they agreed that the best way to move forward was to find him a new club. There´s no point in keeping a player in the squad that won´t have his mind set on the target. Does that undo everything that this man has done on the pitch in a Chelsea shirt? I swear to god I wish I was living in the days where it was possible to wait a week to get the real story instead of creating alternative news just to have something to argue about every 5 minutes.
  11. Where has it been stated that David Luiz forced his way out? I won´t hold my breath as to any proof beyond a reasonable doubt. It seems to me that you are so used to the volatile nature of how Chelsea Football Club has been run in the past you are not willing to accept a plan to build a team that will not contend for one season but for the next 15. As for booing Luiz when he returns I guess when we want so show the world and all the players that would consider signing for us in the future this is how we treat the players who have been part of some of our must successful teams than that´s your choice. It´s as if the only options are to throw a parade in celebration or hate him on all fronts. If you don´t like the way he left, simply skip that game mate.
  12. I´ve always liked the idea of Dybala. But he disappeared in both of Juves CL Final appearances and overall it´s all set up to be another huge flop of a striker should we actually show interest and sign him.
  13. The man won 2 Premier Leagues and 3 European trophies playing with us. He´s a part of our history whether anybody likes it or not. Did anyone seriously think he was some sort of Chelsea lifer at any point in time? The man likes to live free and smile and I don´t see a good argument as to why hold this against him. He doesn´t significantly improve Arsenal so why be mad at us selling to them? If anything he will be a liability there. Give the man the respect he deserves for the years he logged in for us and don´t expect every single player to have the same passion for the club as a JT or Frank had. Or keep on bickering, whichever way you like it.
  14. Taking bets on which player Arsenal are trying to loan despite the other clubs strict interest in selling tomorrow. Today it´s Rugani, he was linked with us aswell wasn´t he.
  15. Coming back on the same subject, Alex Ferguson said in his own book that you only need 2-3 players to play great on any given night to win. The rest of the players need to simply do their job. We need to find the players who are ready to step up consistently and fill the roster with players who can work as a team. Not everyone has to be a superstar. That´s why this transfer ban might work out best for us because CHO and Pulisic, throw in Tammy and Mount will get a chance to show if they can be that player. In recent history think of a Cahill or Bosingwa. They weren´t the best or the most talented players, but they backed up the Lampards and the Drogbas which led us to trophies.
  16. I´m just saying, I think we should ask our scouts to show their worth and find a player that won´t cost 100m that can improve our squad. I would rather go for a Federico Chiesa who would probably come in 50% cheaper but has the same upside. We´ll see what happens, but going for a Sancho is what United has been doing ever since Fergie left because they don´t really have a game plan of their own so they buy whoever has the most hype in the market and overpay for everything.
  17. Villa are preparing a straight swap offer of Dybala for Birkir Bjarnason.
  18. Villa are preparing a straight swap offer of Dybala for Birkir Bjarnason.
  19. I´d love to hear your thoughts as to how Sancho will make our attack better, take into account that he has been quoted to go for around 100m. I´d rather see us take our time and buy a striker that will suit the team, Giroud is a fantastic rotation player and I´m giving Tammy a clean slate to prove his worth, but if we want to challenge for a title we need a world-class striker, something we have been missing ever since we sold Costa.
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