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  1. not enough extra content for it to be worth £40 in my opinion. £25 maximum
  2. considering they had a summer of football and a few weeks off before pre season its pretty scary how quickly they let themselves go!
  3. my favourite player for sure, a long with zola. Used to do eidurs celebration when i scored Having said that, Eden isnt our greatest ever player, definitely not higher than zola
  4. oh i was unaware he was asked. I thought he just randomly made a statement
  5. I dont like when players come out publicly like that and undermine the club. Having said that he deserves another contract
  6. only way ivan wont play is if hes injured/suspended. He's too important as an out ball from goal kicks etc to knock the ball on
  7. just from that video youve got a strong argument for Emre Can being sent off and thats just for fouls on Eden!
  8. got to laugh at the Bellamy quote. Didnt bellamy wrap a golf club around somebodies head?
  9. are a team that could potentially be tital rivals in the not so distant future going to want to help us out though by loaning Van Ginkel if that was an option? I doubt it
  10. Baker loan is good. He's exactly what wednesday need so should get quite a bit of game time. Todd Kane loan is terrible. Pearce will probably lose his job soon and then god knows what will happen with Kane. Cant see him getting much time though
  11. JT retired from international football when he was found not guilty by law, but guilty by the FA of racism
  12. The loan will do him good. From what i saw in pre season he's definitely chelsea calibre
  13. @milanello: agreements reached with chelsea and torres. No severance package [sky]
  14. Torres, if he goes will be gone monday. We'll probably have him on the bench saturday due to costas injury, medical and personal terms sunday, done deal on monday
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