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  1. I just realized when SFL scored that wonder goal vs Barca, Pedro tried to block his shot
  2. Super Frank on the virtues of playing Jorginho
  3. one thing is for sure - Bayscum won't give up trying to sign CHO
  4. Redan has been sold to Herta Berlin
  5. The Chelsea Loan Army is playing against Stade Rennais today - here is the starting line-up for Chelsea
  6. I like seeing Super Frankie imparting knowledge to Ross Da Boss I really hope Super Frankie will make Barkley a better player
  7. Looks like their fans are about to revolt btw I just realized that Arsenal Fan TV has recently returned - the youtube site shutdown after their Baku failure
  8. my wife told me I could use Die when there is multiple Panzers involved. Since there is only one in this case, Der is the proper identifer.
  9. Guy does have skills & I can see why he was the Captain of PSV, who won the Eredivisie that season. I remember MvG looking great for Milan as well. I was shocked they didn't buy him from us.
  10. where did you get this intel from? I have scoured the internet for any details & yours is the only one that has anything of substance
  11. I haven't heard or seen Marco van Ginkel this preseason. Where is he at?
  12. Der Panzer is getting his gears realigned & soon will be back on the pitch crushing those limp dick strikers

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