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  1. sorry, I should have used my [sarcasm] tags
  2. Taking part in the Chants & hearing Liquidator is good feeling as well - enjoy Hmm I wonder if @Spudulike will venture back onto The Shed End again - spuds had some some success the past couple of seasons, he might as well come back now
  3. robdog

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    On the Chelsea Subreddit there was a post saying that the Higuain transfer was made in part of Baka playing so well & as a good well gesture to Chelsea
  4. robdog

    Following our ex`s...

    so Ca$hley Cole has just joined SFL Derby County
  5. that match vs the gooners I was sure CFC would find the back of the net - even when I saw Giroud & CHO come on, but it wasn't meant to be - I hope getting Higuain can provide a boost for CFC to end out the season on a High
  6. not sure if this was covered here, but the gooners seem to have lost Bellerin for the rest of the season due to tearing his Left Knee ACL - IMHO he was the best gooner on the pitch
  7. robdog

    Following our ex`s...

    Did anyone see this gem of an interview?
  8. robdog


    where you asking for help bro? ok
  9. Not sure if you got this bit of news:
  10. what is worse? or Aubameyang's challenge? Aubameyang's studs did catch Hazard.
  11. This opportunity was simply crafted by Side Show Bob - also what about that PK shout in the first half? fuckin' lolpool would have gotten that call btw Aubameyang didn't get any of the ball
  12. fuckin wenger black magic made a David Luiz clone
  13. robdog


    You could argue that he was trash before he left Chelsea - I blame the CSL sides tapping him up - turned his head for a few million Yuan - tbh I would turn my head too - DC would have been an idol in the CSL
  14. well checkout this reaction from The BBC today about this latest dive
  15. robdog

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Maybe Emery borrowed a couple of Loco Bielsa's spies