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  1. one could make the argument that Chelsea are in a better situation at the moment that Real Madrid. More points earned in a stronger league & two cup finals. I know, that doesn't jive with the narrative.
  2. he is right you know - good rant by that guy - I hope someone gifted him a pint or two for that rant
  3. I know many people will chant & rave about May 19th, 2012 (& rightfully so), but we did have a nice day on May 19th 2018. Starting with the Tribute to Butch to start the match & the celebration to end the match. This FA Cup win cements the notion that May 19th is a Chelsea FC Day Around The Globe!!!
  4. If you need a translation, it says that Giroud will remain at Chelsea next season
  5. Real Madrid 0-2 Real Betis Maybe there is still a chance The Mighty Eden remains at Chelsea
  6. Barca has a sh*t manager. He has been playing Coutinho on the left wing and as a result he is not getting the best out of him. Instead of trying him in the attacking midfield position, Valverde kept on playing him on the left wing hoping that Coutinho will suddenly get back his form. Talk about sh*t managers that can't get the best out of there team, he is up there. He has been doing the same with Dembele too.
  7. maybe Don Antonio will treat Mauro & Wanda the same way he treated DC - I am sure Don Antonio will not work w/ that guy
  8. If KD doesn't comeback, then Da Bucks will win the Title. You read it hear first!!!
  9. wrong - The Greek Freak decided to Freakout!!!
  10. I was talking about sitting on it - not sure what you are referring to - creep
  11. bro there are always streams 😉 BTW the match will be shown Nationwide here in the States. I can enjoy an cold after work brew, destroy my couch & watch Chelsea. Good way to end a day for me
  12. from the pictures & videos that I have seen coming for Bean-Town, it's been a very good showing by the club. Also it seems the lads are having fun, which is good for moral. Too bad they couldn't goto a NBA Playoff game & Da Bruins are on the road. Maybe the lads can catch a Saux game
  13. talking about a provider of fake news, that is what this guy is. Remember this rumor that he put forth?

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