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  1. Why the hell would it take CAS 2 months just to decide whether we should be deemed innocent until proven guilty?
  2. I doubt US-Russian trade is completely at a zero despite political relations.
  3. Wouldn't bode well for our transfer window closing first.
  4. You'd think there's some real backdoor shenanigans going on for it to take this long. On the other hand if Bruce Buck phoned the FIFA committee tomorrow and they were like "oh right that thing, we forgot all about it... yeah nah I guess we'll decline it f you" then threw the phone back to the side of the pool I wouldn't be surprised either.
  5. Think you guys are slightly misunderstanding, once FIFA have dealt with this appeal that's the end of their involvement completely, we then appeal to CAS who take over the matter and can independently force FIFA to suspend/reduce/cancel our ban. The decision for FIFA not to postpone the ban pending the outcome of our appeal to them has already been made, and their appeal process is about to be finished anyway.
  6. They've already rejected the opportunity to do that haven't they?
  7. Strange there's been no decision yet. I'd say that was a good thing if I thought there was a chance in hell FIFA would accept the appeal.
  8. Ref turns to the crowd to see his mom look shiftily away, her freshly showered hair spraying flecks of water onto the seats in front.
  9. After Zaha there was always that worrying suspicion that CHO may switch to Ghana, thank goodness we have such a talent playing for England for the next 15 years
  10. Considering we previously had a 2 window FIFA ban completely thrown away by CAS, FIFA are unlikely to want to run the risk of being sued for the sake of it.
  11. No worries, that's what all Chelsea fans are complaining about though... FIFA accepted the requests from Atletico, Real and Barcelona to postpone the bans while their appeals were processed, whereas they rejected Chelsea's.
  12. I think you're confusing the requests to simply to have the bans postponed while their appeals were processed by FIFA with the appeals themselves to have the bans removed. Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid were all able to sign players the summer window directly after FIFA had issued them their bans, as despite being supposed to be banned for that window the punishments were postponed for the duration of their appeals.

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