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  1. Nothing new there Dean.You win some,you lose some .....UP THE CHELS !
  2. To ruin their title bid would be lovely.....COME ON YOU BLUES !
  3. There are racist people in society and many of them go to football all over the country.This problem has been there for 5 decades and needs to stop.
  4. Happy with the win now onto the dippers.....UP THE CHELS !
  5. Very good performance capped by a football genius.I do love to beat the pikeys ,horrible shower.Wouldnt it be nice to derail the dipper title dream.....UP THE CHELS !
  6. That is the team Mr Sarri ,now stick to it.Much quicker and more dynamic.Great goals,Girouds was so clever.Thoroughly entertained.....UP THE CHELS !
  7. Match day.Please play the best,in form players,regardless of age.The away fans had enough on Sunday,i dont blame them.Too slow and talk about sloppy passing.Kante is the best defenceive midfielder in Europe,CHO and RLC are ready and should get a run.Your stubborness will cost you.....COME ON YOU BLUES !
  8. Never in doubt LOL.Sarri must start picking our best 11 or he will be gone.Eden,RLC,Kante and CHO should start with Kante in his rightful position.Unfortunately i am quicker than Higuan and Giroud (im 63).The midfield trio were dire.What with a shaky defence and a mediocre keeper we look vulnerable,even against Wimbledon,sorry i meant Cardiff.Funny watching Warnock explode though.....UP THE CHELS !
  9. I dont normally crticise but wow that was awful.Strange team selection.
  10. Had some lively ones at Ninian Park back in the day.Shame its an early kick off but there should still be that edgy feel for you.Have a good day......UP THE CHELS !
  11. No birthday present for me then lol.What on earth was said in the half time team talk ? Might as well of boarded the coach and not come out in the second half.Oh well all the eggs in the Europa basket then,UP THE CHELS !

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