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  1. 1 hour ago, Dean said:

    I feel like a broken record but am still seeing too much pessimism and this glaring disconnect between the patience most were willing to show at the beginning of the season and the current petulance. It’s not everyone of course. Also, the players and team are by no means beyond reproach. After all, they get paid sickening amounts of money to do what they do and should be held to a high standard. But the performances, while not great, aren’t nearly as bad as many think, including yesterday. Hull away in the FA cup isn’t an easy fixture. Their coach saw what they needed to do at halftime, got them fired up for the second half, they played their hearts out and we were caught flat-footed. Happens. Credit to them and their coach. We still won.

    Big picture, Lampard is doing a good job under the circumstances. He knows what the problems are and couldn’t be more frank (sorry!) about them. The players are learning. The defence was our big problem at the beginning of the season, but this area has shown significant improvement in recent weeks to the extent that the need to sign a top centre half is no longer a hot topic on here. Yes, cracks have appeared elsewhere. That’s just the way it goes with a new manager in a new job with a bunch of young, inexperienced players. It’s just teething problems, nothing worse.

    I have faith that things will start to click for the balance of the season. This is based on a combination of faith in Lampard, faith in the players and a somewhat less rational faith in seasonality. I tell you what though - if this is our winter slump and the usual seasonality plays out for the rest of the season, this will prove to have been a relatively mild slump and we could be in for a treat. Keep the faith! 

    Saved me the bother,bravo

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