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  1. 2 hours ago, Malcolm9 said:

    I'm not going to be too hard on the team or Frank as there is still a lot of learning to do. I am frustrated that we seem to be the winning ticket for teams that are struggling and I really hope we can sort that out. Personally I just think it's a lack of  confidence rather than a lack of ability.

    We do need quality additions in January to give us that boost to push on. The Spurs game will be a huge test and it is vital we get the 3 points.

    Well put

  2. 19 hours ago, Dixons said:

    I remember going to Luton for the first time, losing my mates and ending up in the Luton fans end wearing my Chelsea shirt.  Height of hooligan era, so lucky i didn't get my head kicked in.                                                 Btw. What a sh*thole that place was. Just some flimsy cowsheds around the pitch.

    My local team,it's actually worse now

  3. 1 hour ago, hephzibah said:

    I cannot pardon Lampard for starting Alonso in our last match. why was he resting Emerson? with all the rest the guy had when he was injured, he came back and played against Watford, our defence looked so good in the game, then suddenly three days after against Ajax, Lampard didn't even put him in the entire squad.

    These things are showing me that Lampard is not a good coach. It is in big games that you know a top coach. During Mourinho's days, he will adjust his formation and team selection so that he can present a very good team to beat a top team. He will not use the same team he had been using to beat small teams against big team. you can use an average team to beat average teams in the premier league, but you must create and craft a very top team from your squad to beat the top teams in the champions league and in the premier league.

    I've not seen that from Lampard anytime we are playing the top teams this season, Liverpool, Man Utd (twice) and Leicester, have been poor matches for us because Lampard has had very poor big match management skills. And the problem is our midfield, and that is where Mourinho adjusts to win some of these matches. 

     At best, Jorginho is a physically weak player, and that is the reason he shouldn't be playing in that position against top teams. That position is expected to protect the back four, but can Jorginho protect the back four when we are playing against very good attackers and midfielders who move the ball very fast,  the answer is no. Reece James is bigger and stronger, he has played as a defensive midfielder before at Wigan, I was expecting that Lampard would develop that guy to play instead of Jorginho when we are playing against top teams.

    Against Ajax, we couldn't even get the ball at all in the midfield because nobody was strong enough to tackle Ajax players in the midfield and collect the ball. That was why Mourinho developed Mctominay at Man Utd, played Makalele at Chelsea, developed Mikel to replace Makalele at chelsea when Makalele left.

    He knows the importance of protecting the back four. 


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