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  1. Good performance,Willie mom.All these great kids,love it.....UP THE CHELS !
  2. Kovacic mom,Foster immense.Good performance deserved more goals.Always nice to beat the yellow scum.....UP THE CHELS !
  3. Big game for me being Chelsea with a family all Luton,I hope we stuff em.....COME ON YOU BLUES !
  4. I wanted the strongest team and blow them away,but hey ho.Strange competition now and a chance to try out more youngsters it seems.Back to the serious stuff.....UP THE CHELS !
  5. Agreed,strongest possible team and really go at them from the off.
  6. Match day and a tough one.Lots of mates and relatives gone out for this one,none with tickets.Hope the result is kind for them all,no doubt they will have fun anyway lol.....UP THE CHELS !
  7. Match day,tough game but I like the team.....COME ON YOU BLUES !
  8. Well put and I totally agree,nice touch with the bong lol. UP THE CHELS !

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