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  1. f**k off you are sacked i work for the board,, goes to mandem called Slojo kunt
  2. Roma conned us by selling Rudiger to us.
  3. Can anyone here remembers when was the last time we lost in the UCL by 3/0 Gutless mercenaries
  4. I am also bigger brain & Bigger body & bigger money So choose your pick
  5. The trouble is we will not even qualify to Europa as best third and CarrierBag deserve this league tbh.
  6. Told some sad knob heads here it will be 5/0
  7. f**k off will you? My knob is bigger than you and him combined?
  8. I thought to let you know : there are tow gooners in Chelsea’s side : Fabregas + Rudiger f**k off
  9. hahahahaha it is written
  10. turned off the match on tv switched to watch other PSG + Byern Ruddiger should have been subbed before start of this second half Conte is too relaxed
  11. the way rudiger is playing , it is 5/0 to Roma second half score is 5/0 you have been warned
  12. Take f**king ruidiger off now it does not matter if we concede 5 goals just take her off for fcuk sake