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  1. This exactly sums up my feelings too. Too much too soon for him. He'll be a better manager for this and hopefully he will come back one day and deliver us some trophies.
  2. This guy is so bad he just got our club legend manager sacked and you seem happy about. Is it so you can hopefully prove a point to me? Wow.
  3. Do you just blindly love ever player Chelsea has ever signed and hate any fan with a differing opinion than yours? Do you even watch the matches? Werner played about 5-6 league matches on the wing while we had injuries to our wingers but yes that is the reason for all of his problems and not scoring in near odd 15 games now. He was put on the wing to help his team win, he should be so grateful to get that opportunity. Instead he sulks, doesn't complete key passes, can't beat a man, misses shots off target constantly, can't convert penalties. The 1 goal he scored in this horrendous run was
  4. Lol. Drogba had a strike rate of almost 1 in 2 during his Chelsea career. Please don't compare our greatest ever striker to Timo Werner.
  5. How much time do you want to give Werner and Havertz? I guess if they get us promoted out of the Championship next season they will come good!? Yes, that's a joke but our current run of form (which started 3 months ago) is relegation material. We have no one with leadership, bite or courage in the locker room so the Germans' awful form has totally ruined the team. Timo looks like about as bad of a signing as Sebastian Haller and only slightly better than Joelinton. We should try to include him in a deal for Haaland so we can get 20-30 million off the fee. And sell Havertz too or put him o
  6. I am guessing you haven't watch a game all season?
  7. The sooner we get rid of him the better. His low confidence and sh*t play has infected the entire team like Kepa with the defense last season.
  8. We are so obviously lacking any quality in midfield. We are being overrun. I would replace all three of Kante, Mount and Kovacic at half time. Mount and Kovacic are anonymous. Kante is absolutely horrendous. I am not sure how he has kept his place in the team this season - is it a lack of other options? He's been at fault for all three goals today. He doesn't track back, he gets lost and doesn't mark anyone, he loses the ball when he has possession. It's criminal. Same things he did against Aston Villa, Wolves, and Arsenal recently that cost us. Watching Chelsea right now is a nightmare
  9. Great. But he can't even do very simple things like complete a 3 yard pass to his teammate's feet when there is no pressure or slightly more difficult skills like winning a 50/50 ball or beating a player. I get it takes time to adapt to the EPL, I've heard this for 20 years now, but I think these are pretty basic skills that players in the Bundesliga have too. I really hope he becomes a success for us in the future as he is an exciting talent that I wanted at the Bridge but I don't want to see him anywhere near the starting XI until we play Morecambe and Fulham in a month.
  10. Take Conor Gallgher back from WBA loan and send Havertz there to replace him so he can learn how to deal with pace and power of PL 🙄
  11. You can hide behind the fact that Werner is not being played in his primary position but I thought his nickname was Turbo Timo? The guy can't beat a single opposition player for pace. Don't even get me started on Kai. I understand it takes time to adapt to the Prem but he's horrible and sulks around the field. I can do that for Chelsea for much less money. This system is not working.
  12. what a goal. Never given a fair shot here. Such a player. He's been superb all season.
  13. Our defense hasn't learned a single thing all season. There's never any suggestion that the mistakes the players make in 1 game will be improved upon in the next. I think that is what upsets and shocks me the most.
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