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  1. Do you mean having a bad first touch and losing the ball and not completing passes? If you like his energy, then as has been said before in this thread, we could have found a much cheaper option in the Championship or even someone for free from this forum to lace up their boots!
  2. I think you are actually Werner and are tweeting during the game. Maybe that could explain why he never scores.
  3. lol. So is there a good excuse for every one on one he has missed this season? What about this past one just a second ago?
  4. I don't see Timo scoring another goal all season. Put Oli or Tammy up top please.
  5. I can't wait to use Werner and Havertz as bargaining chips in a deal for Haaland
  6. He is anonymous/loses the ball/fluffs his lines when players pick out those runs though.
  7. Werner's next few practices should just be kicking the ball against the wall to work on trapping/first touch. I don't know what anyone sees in him. We bought another winger in him when we thought we were getting a predatory goal scorer and Lampard got sacked for playing him as a winger. ugh. 😪
  8. i don't remember the last time we had multiple good shots on goal in a single game
  9. I'd bet on John Obi Mikel scoring before Werner does again.
  10. I guess Werner's best position is as a winger? Jeez - the one position we didn't need any more players in.
  11. Well I Didn't Know He Was Injured But My Point Remains The Same. It Is A Stupid Decision And Can't End Well. We Have All Seen A Lot Of Kepa In Goal.
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