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  1. Premier League: 4th Champions League: 1/4 final FA Cup: Final League Cup: 4th round Super Cup: Winners Biggest win: 5-0 Sheffield United Heaviest defeat: 3-1 Bournemouth Top Scorer: Abraham - 18 goals Most Assists: Pulisic - 12 Assists Player of the season: Pulisic Young Player of the Season: Hudson-Odoi Suprise package: Abraham Dissapointment: Batshuayi
  2. No excuses for some of our behaviour but shows the agenda against Chelsea. I dont re-call any news stories about other teams racism being highlighted as much as is about our fans.
  3. Apart from Hazard leaving our squad actually improves this season with the return of zouma over Cahill, James over Zappa, Tammy and Bats over Higuain and Mount over Kova. When RLC and CHO return we will have a healthy looking squad. Players like Emerson and Jorginho have had time to get used to the demands of the Prem and will be the better for the experience. Plus the addition of Pulisic. Hopefully goals will be shared around a bit more. Im going for 3rd again but if it is Lamps and we finish 8th in his 1st season i for one will still be supporting him to be our manager next season
  4. Add Morata, Moses and Alonso and we will have over £300m to put towards any future stadium plans
  5. I would like Sarri to stay if we could get the transfer ban lifted but if we dont I would love to see Lamps and Morris lead us in a new direction of playing our talented youth and having a go at teams. Something i have wanted to see for years We now actually have a golden chance with the young players at our disposal and realisticaly With Lamps and Morris it is the best chance our youths will ever get to break in to our team. What ever happens KTBFFH!!!
  6. With Cahill going, CHO and RLC now out to possibly xmas or beyond and possible departure of Drinkwater we could be losing 2 permanent and 2 for at least the 1st half of next season Homegrown players to register in our squad. If we do get the ban lifted then will it have to be Homegrown players that we sign or do we still have enough in our squad to mean we can sign anyone?
  7. Hazard is the obvious choice but RLC has turned our season around for me. Despite coming into the team late in the season he is my pick. I seriously think we would not have made top 4 if it wasnt for him.
  8. I wasnt overly excited although never been to madrid.
  9. Thanks for sharing lol oh well im not overly dissapointed
  10. My wife just won 2 VIP tickets to the champions league final with flights and 2 nights hotel and £250 spending. We are both Chelsea fans but you cant change the names on the tickets. I Hate Liverpool and Spurs, what do i do?
  11. In every clip there he is in 5-10 yards of space when he receives the ball which is something he was not doing before Sarri coached him. His work rate and ability to find space have improved more than i ever thought he would manage. If he stays fit he will be our most important player for years to come.
  12. Cahill is gone Hazard probably gone Time to go - Willian been a good servant but time to move on. Alonso this summer will be the last time he has much transfer value. Zappacosta and Drinkwater off the wage bill. Kovacic and Higauin thanks for your contribution but no way should either be considered in front of Tammy or Mason going forward.
  13. Despite being a very frustrating season we have achieved what was expected and integrated home grown players so this has been a successful season. Obviously losing Hazard with an embargo could set us back next season and if that is the case we will be lucky to finish top 4 and get anywhere close to winning a trophy. We need to be able to allow Sarri to build a team while we can attract elite level players so fingers crossed the embargo is lifted for the summer.
  14. Blessing in disguise if you ask me. We need things to change. Player recruitment has declined in recent years and of all these young players we have signed and shipped out on loan not one of them is worthy of a place at chelsea so hopefully this will change things for the better and i for one would be over the moon to have CHO, Ruben, Mount, Abraham, Christiensen, Ampadu as our squad players next year. Cash in on some of the squad players and start building a squad of quality rather than quantity after the ban is lifted.

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