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  1. Its the business end of the season and every win is hard fought, i would have snapped your hands off if you offered me the position we are in with 4 games to go, Frank and Jody are doing an amazing job with the squad they inherited, you can't turn our defence around until we recruit better players and we have the worst goalkeeper in the division. Its nerve wracking and exciting, scoring loads of goals and shipping too many but what a season this has been.
  2. Got the better of Klopp, Ancelotti and Pep in 3 of our last 4 games, not to shabby
  3. Willy R James Zouma Tomori Emerson Gilmour jorginho Barkley Pedro Abraham Pulisic
  4. So many positives to take from the weekend, all our rivals dropping points apart from Wolves has given us a massive boost. RLC first competetive game in a year, played awful but to be expected and got some important minutes under his belt and came out unscathed. Dave was everywhere today, i was one who thought it was time for R James to be given a chance but when he came on he was looking a bit rusty so good call by Frank on that one. Mount looked really sharp and we need him to keep that up for the rest of the season. Pulisic changed the game, also great to see him back after what seemed like an eternity he was out for, he took the goal really well. Giroud is a leader and so good to have in our squad, so underated and took his goal well. Our squad is really looking strong at the moment, we seem to have strength in depth in every position except Left back but Alonso played okay. We could field a whole other starting 11 with the players that didnt start and our team wouldnt look much worse than the team that started.
  5. We seem to have a clear vision of what is happening at the club for the the first time for a good few years at the moment because it seems the fans, board and manager are working together for the first time since Jose.2. We are building a squad to contend with anyone and everyone and long may it continue.
  6. That's the only reason i would consider it, he is picking up injuries too much for my liking, as you mentioned Essien comes to mind, if we were offered upwards of 50m for a player of his age then it would be hard to say no, i think we have seen the best of Kante and what a player he's been since he came to the Premier league, but i think if we decide to keep hold of him, his price will decrease as will his contribution as time goes by.
  7. Massive chance now to build a bit of a gap, must take this oppurtunity, if we take 3 points on Sunday we will take a massive step to getting top 4. Ktbffh
  8. Future Chelsea Captain material!!! Going to be a big player and big character He has had the stand out midfield performance of all our players so far this season and if he is good enough he is old enough, we need to throw him in from now to then end of the season.

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