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  1. Kepa James Christensen Zouma Alonso Jorginho Kante Mount Havertz Werner Giroud I think this is how we will start the game against Brighton. Hopefully Pulisic will be ready for Liverpool as he tore them apart last season, then i would put him in for Giroud and play Werner up top, Kovacic in for Jorginho and Silva in for Christensen
  2. I bet Liverpool fans were underwhelmed when they got Henderson, Rice would be good in both boxes for set pieces which is something our team really lacks at the moment and is responsible for a fair few points a season.
  3. Has anyone set up a Premier League Fantasy league?
  4. Not a reliable source but in the Suns rumours, being reported he may have to have surgery on his heel
  5. Kepa 10m fee for 2 year loan if we're lucky Zappacosta 5m Moses 5m Bakayoko10m Drinkwater - No takers Emerson 15m Barkley 20m Jorginho 35m Batshuyi 15m Rudiger 15m
  6. Any Manager who achieves top 4 with Kepa in goal should be regarded as great, we basically played without a GK for most of the season, i really think if we had a competent GK we would have bettered our points and goals conceded return, he really has been the worst Keeper i have ever seen. The board are the ones now responsible for getting Lamps a Keeper and a couple of new defenders as a reward for getting champions league football with 10 men
  7. John Stones would be a good signing, he has made mistakes throughout his career as do most defenders in their early years, he has also played a part in City winning back to back titles and other cups along the way, whoever signs him would be buying him for the peak of his career
  8. Always enjoy this topic, thanks for setting it up
  9. Roman has invested alot in to the academy and it is at last looking like money well spent. The coaching staff in our academy must be some of if not the best in the world. At last we are really seeing the benefits and i would just like to say keep it up, you are doing a fantastic job and long may it continue. KTBFFH!
  10. Was solid today, suits him playing wing back, another one who is developing under Frank, still has a lot to learn and will if given time.
  11. Tammy still has a massive part to play next season, we are battling on a lot of fronts and the expeeience he has gained this year will be beneficial to him and the team, he is our top scorer in his 1st full season with us at a young age and hopefully will be learning from Giroud and enhance his game. Had a great season and helped fire us to Champions league
  12. No links as of yet but young and an upgrade on Kepa, Milan not making Champions league Worth a punt?
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