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  1. I trust Lukaku and I have no complaints so far, but for does who have, I think maybe we should wait until the end of the season before drawing any conclusions. A lot can happen during a season and let's say he will explode during March-May when we need his goals the most and we end up winning major trophies. We would look like complete fools for knocking him down back in October, wouldn't we?! Best is yet to come from Lukaku IMHO.
  2. Chelsea match was on just as I arrived to one of my friends' birthday party, so after we won I had one extra reason to celebrate, my night was already a good one, turned into a great one. Massive 3 points after the intl break in a potential banana skin type of match against a very good club. Beat Arsenal, Wolves, West Ham, drew Liverpool and their only loss this season was a last minute goal by Brighton at their only decent attempt on goal in that match. We had to win this, we did it, kept a clean sheet and we move on to the next one, there is Norwich, Newcaste and Burnley coming up, we need to make those 9/9 before the Leicester & United matches.
  3. Win this, which is by no means an easy one, and I truly believe we will go on an eight match winning streak before facing Leicester, Juventus and United.
  4. Agents play a massive role in nowadays football and we all know they are pricks of the highest order. The most influential ones are going to come around like the hungry vultures they are and unfortunately for NUFC fans, who probably have sky high expectations, the board will fall for their (agent's) shenanigans and build a team full of so called big names that have never lived up to their potential and have flopped massively. With the endless amounts of money they have, a top manager and smart recruitment, they will be a force. But with signings that are way past their peak, looking for a last huge paycheck like Icardi, Coutinho, Dembele, Martial etc. they will probably hang around 6th-7th place and get knocked out of the Cup competitions everytime they face a top team.
  5. Watching Torino v Juventus atm, Juventus look like a pub team, can barely leave their own half and can't string three passes together. What happened it Turin mid week was totally an accident and if we'd play Juventus 10 times in the next two months we'd concede no goal and probably win 10/10. We need to win at Brentford at all costs and then the next three (more than winnable) matches at home and the good vibes will come back.
  6. Important win this. Now it is intl football time and to be honest it is the first time I am happy about a NT moment, Chelsea needed a break and some time away from the spotlights. There is a lot of pressure on Tuchel and the guys to deliver the league title this season and I can feel them a bit mentally tired after the bad results v City & Juventus. Tuchel has raised the bar so high after the UCL KO rounds performances that everybody now expects Chelsea to play like that every week and if they don't the media will be all over it.
  7. Walker Peters did not even appeal for a foul, he was up and started chasing Azpilicueta after being disspossed...
  8. Watching paint dry is more entertaining than watching this United team. Literally the worst of all the so called big clubs in Europe. And the luckiest of them all. Villarreal should have put at least four past them mid week, now Everton at least three w/o their two best players, although I really don't understand why Tom Davies did not go for the goal himself.
  9. Lots of teams have proven me for numerous years that the September form means jack sh*te, you can be like City and go on a 14-15 match winning streak all autumn long and then get dumped out in the spring by Spurs and Lyon, or you can be like Zidane's Madrid and look like relegation fodder in the first part of the season and then end up winning all the major trophies come May. It is all about the way you peak in the most important part of the season. Personally I take this last two matches as a blip in form and a wake up call, too - afterall maybe we are not that three headed dragon some thought we are before the season. Adjustments can be made and thankfully we have a more than capable manager to do so. A period like this had to come for Tuchel's Chelsea, too, a team can't simply go from strenght to strenght forever, dips in form are inevitable.
  10. No, he won't... Tuchel was due a loss v Guardiola at some point and City have one of the best squads in Europe. He is human and it is a normal thing to make mistakes from time to time. He got it wrong today. So what? Some you win, some you lose. It was clear from the start his primary goal was not to lose the match. It backfired - it happens to the very best all the time. Time to move on from this. Mourinho used to play like this v Burnley and Palace with a team full of internationals and Roman only pulled the trigger when it was all beyond repair, not after some meaningless games in September, having just come off a Champions League win some months ago, his favourite competition. I know Chelsea did not look good today, but come on, Tuchel deserves more respect for what he's done in such a short time. We've been spoilt with some tactical wizardry from Tuchel in all the big matches we've played under him some far, now give the guy a break, it is madness to think we were going to now have Guardiola and City's number everytime we play them.
  11. For sure they are not and most probably we won't win 36 points of those other 12 matches, but my point is there is a decent schedule ahead of us and thankfully we've had a solid start of this PL season.
  12. Think Tuchel set up for a draw, but in the end fair play to City, even though it was a deflected shot, they were the better team. Thankfully it's early in the season and it is a loss that does not mean that much in the grand scheme of things IMHO, we've had the worst schedule a club could have asked for in the first 6 rounds and we've done ok if you ask me. United at home and Leicester away in the next 14 PL matches are the only two tricky fixtures for us - think we are just alright as things stand. Oh and Villa beat United and that rat face Fernandes missed a pen at the very end. Ha ha. The so called title contenders with the easiest schedule of all could not even go at least one point ahead of other competitors after six rounds.
  13. Kepa - James, Christensen, Chalobah - CHO, Saul, RLC, Chilwell - Mount, Werner, Ziyech
  14. Thought Chilwell would be the undisputed left full back this season, but in this current form Marcos Alonso is simply undropable, this formation plays to his strenghts and to be fair I cannot think of a better left wing back in Europe atm. Better left full backs in a back four? Yes, theres plenty better than him. Better wing backs? None I can think of to be fair.
  15. Spuds and Arsenal can sing about who's the better of the two in the North, the truth is nobody cares, they are dog sh*te and London is Chelsea blue. The fact that we are improving week after week under one of world's finest managers and they (Spuds and Arsenal) fall into mediocrity faster than they can run it is just perfect.
  16. After arriving in France, the Tuchel family quickly moved into a beautiful house in the 92nd department, and hired a Filipino cleaning lady. So far, nothing out of the ordinary, you might say. This lady works a lot for the German family and often overtime without problem. Logically enough, a bond is created over time and Thomas Tuchel and his wife learn with amazement that this woman is doing the three 8s, primarily to finance a major heart operation on one of his children. Without even asking the slightest question, Thomas takes his pen and signs a cheque to cover all the medical costs. A noble gesture that does not stop there. While the lady's child is recovering and can look forward to the rest of his life with optimism, Thomas feels his place on the Parisian bench is increasingly threatened.Among their last discussions, Thomas and his cleaning lady talk about their dreams. If TT's dreams have already been fulfilled and are mainly concerned with football, the lady's is more modest: to be able to return to the Philippines one day and build a house where she would spend her old age with her family, who miss her time there. Water has passed under the bridge since then. TT went to England, but before he left, he remembered to give a set of keys to his now former cleaning lady. She is now the proud owner of a sumptuous villa in the Philippines.
  17. Would love us to get two good results in the upcoming fixtures against Spurs and City, with Lukaku on the scoresheet in both matches. United fans were already a bad bunch, now with Ronaldo's arrival they have truly become unbearable, they are so salty in regards to Lukaku, the way they talk about him you would think he is the skinnier version of Akinfenwa.
  18. Always a tricky match after an international break and Villa is a quality side. Happy with the win given we've rested half of the starters (Azpi and Jorginho came from the bench) and James was suspended. I am happy for Lukaku, it is now 3 in 3 for the big man. Not the best of debuts for Saul, but he will come good, the season is long and we need a player of his quality. Just needs another month or so to get used to the PL pace.
  19. 131M spent on transfers, the most in the league, yet none of those Arsenal players would have a place at Chelsea, City, United or Liverpool. 50M on Ben White is mental - a decent player in a well drilled defence with others as leaders, but to have him as the chief commander in an already poor setup that does not have the best protection from the midfielders either - recipe for a very poor signing. Arsenal really are a mess.
  20. This is Tuchel's first full season here and he is well known to rotate a lot and come up with different line ups during the season. It is going to be a long campaign and we also have a Club WC to play as well, I am sure CHO is going to play a part, too, maybe not a big one, but I can see Tuchel have him as an attacking asset at wing back against the likes of Norwich, Watford, Brentford, Burnley, Malmo, teams that will probably defend for most of the time, plus the Carabao/FA Cup fixtures.
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