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  1. Thanks to the negotiating team and Mourinho for finally bringing this to an end. This is a player who cost the club 3 managers, including a double champion and a club legend, to be fired. He had his way and got the club to appoint the fat one, which will permanently leave a blemish on this club. On the night we won the Champions League thanks to Drogba, and not Fernando "corner" Torres, he had the nerve to go and moan to the media. It's no surprise why Drogba didn't bother to negotiate a new contract. Torres' demands also cost the club a good, young striker in Sturridge. Regarding his "highlights" here, there were none. Yes, he won the corner that led to Drogba's goal. But you can trace back every incident that led us to win that competition or even be in the final. Ashley Cole's clearance off the line against Napoli, Terry's goal against Napoli, Lampard's perfect passes in both legs against Barca that led to goals. Torres is getting cheap praise. We did not challenge for a league title under him. A 50m player, let alone a striker, should be able to lead his team to a title. Aguero won it for City, RVP won it for United, In 2010 Drogba for us. Yes, he did score in the Europa league final, but that is not our level. Chelsea is an elite club. Torres has been an abject failure. One of the worst players to wear this shirt. Take his price out of the equation, he still failed to do his one job on the pitch. The likes of Mata, Willian, Hazard, Oscar were all brought in to help. They excelled but he didn't. He summed up how he felt about this club by refusing to score against liverpool and passing the ball to Willian. Good riddance. The club can finally go upwards now.
  2. I know, and the league cup win did give the team a first taste of success and possibly helped them mentally to carry through the second half of the season. okay.
  3. It is a historic prize to win, however, it is not bigger than the league and/or the champions league. Any top club's ambition in the modern era will always be to win their domestic league and try to win the CL. They are, but some are not as important as others.
  4. I disagree about the CL and I don't consider the Europa to have been something great. I'm sure other fans will disagree with me on that last point and it's understandable. Anyway, if I came across as an angry **** in my replies, it's just mis-directed anger so I apologise.
  5. So what big trophy did he he help Chelsea win? There are only two big trophies the club competes for, the league title, and the champions league. Everything else is minor.
  6. No, he didn't win us the CL. If anything, it was RDM because he was the one who brought him on. We can also say, if Torres was not brought on maybe we would have still scored. Trying to give Torres cheap credit is not right. He cost us Drogba who could have given us at least two more years and probably a few more league titles, he cost us a bright young talent in Sturridge, he also played his part in a club legend like Di Matteo getting fired, and lastly, he got that big fat waiter to work for this club. If Torres gave anything to this club, it was mostly negative. But if it's a transfer to another club with a transfer fee being paid, then I don't think the club has to pay anything.
  7. What's all this talk about a severance/pay off? Surely it's just sensationalised gossip by the media? I can't imagine Torres or his representatives having the dignity to ask for something like that when he gave nothing to this club.
  8. Before we got the likes of Mata, Hazard, Oscar, Willian, and Schurrle, Chelsea fans were saying that Torres didn't get enough service from players of Malouda, Anelka, and Kalou's quality. Even Lampard was made a scape goat. I do agree that sometimes our players run too much with the ball and we end up going nowhere, but perhaps these players had little faith in the strikers? Why should they create abundant chances for an unreliable striker to miss goal scoring opportunities when they think they have a chance of doing something better? Maybe that's their thinking. But we could also look at other teams with talented midfields. For example, Madrid have a talented midfield and Benzema gets 25+ goals, same for Bayern, and City.
  9. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x22xn5y_john-terry-new-season-hd_sport Terry speaking on the new season.
  10. Maybe he needs to play in the middle to show all his qualities? Defenders are starting to double up even more on him and he was taken out of games last season when he was on the left.
  11. No one wants him, so he's here to stay for a couple of years. I can't see him being frozen out of the squad like Anelka, Alex, and Malouda, however.
  12. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x22duw7_didier-drogba-exclusive-first-interview-hd_sport
  13. He had some sort of heart defect when he signed for Marseille. It's probably that again, or could be something else.
  14. Going by his words, it seems Drogba will be 3rd choice. I don't know if Mourinho considers Torres 2nd choice. Hopefully this means Torres is off, even though it's not a big possibility.
  15. Torres has been a failure at the one thing he has to do on the pitch. Even when we are winning, he's terrible and misses an open goal. He's not a scapegoat.
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