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  1. I wish, my friend! I wish ... I pray.
  2. Liverpool, Napoli, Salzburg.
  3. Good job! The man deserves it!
  4. KDB has made 50 assists in the Premier League sofar!
  5. KRC is not a place, my friend. Krc is a part of the name Krc Genk. My football team! Genk is indeed a city not so far from Leuven. Westvleteren is still the best beer in the world! And Stella almost the second. Are you still trying ...?
  6. I'm a very happy man, Jezz! How are you? Where have you been all this time?
  7. Good news! Anyone can buy the best beer in the world right now! Discover 'overwhelmed-belgian-monks-enter-internet-age-to-sell-prized-beer'.
  8. I stay, Robdog! I will promote Maarten Vandevoordt the next years.
  9. No, my friend. Genk and a little bit Chelsea is enough.
  10. I still miss Droogba, Moi!

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