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  1. Richard P

    Chelsea v Derby County August 1983.

    Watched this game from the benches. Pats run from the shed end towards the north stand was unbelievable at the time, especially when pitches weren’t conducive to dribbling with a ball. It’s just a shame that nothing happened at the end of the run. The game was fantastic and as Erskblue and others say, it really was a great season!!
  2. Richard P

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Everton (PL 2018)

    I was at the game and looking at the team sheet it’s really hard to pick someone that was head and shoulders above the rest.
  3. Disappointed with the result. It’s interesting that the starting midfield three divide opinions on here. I don’t mind any of them individually, the one thing the opposition won’t fear is they don’t score goals. The other thing today apart from not moving the ball quickly enough I thought our decision making was not good.
  4. Also know when a poor game you get to full time and the thread is only 8 pages!
  5. The positive is players that were totally rested and some used sparingly.
  6. Job done but made hard work of it!
  7. This back four can’t knock on Sarri’s door asking for more game time
  8. Good Cross good header! congratulations Olivier
  9. That player should have been booked for diving!!
  10. Sat with him for the home game. Loves Chelsea. Was probably meaning we can mix it up by using Giroud and feeding Hazard.
  11. I think there is a good mix. Back four Rested, Kante rested, Willian and Morata also. As someone already said midfield changes plus Odi on for Hazard.
  12. Richard P

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I was there as well just to left of the goal. Made up for the 4-0 at the Bridge!
  13. Richard P

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    The last away game before the ban!
  14. Richard P

    European Super League

    With no relegation for a start would be pointless. No Champions lge, F A cup or lge cup you are cutting down games to watch. No games for fringe players or youngsters to get game time. With all the Euro political issues, would we even be able to join! Also people talk about TV deals. How can all the games be on Saturday as they would all be top games. Also travel would be so expensive, you would end up with corporate fan base with no atmosphere. Apart from that it will be ok!!!