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  1. Lollichon is in charge of the academy keepers
  2. I think a cup tie between Arsenal and the dippers was played at Coventry after 3 replays
  3. We lack pace which is so important in the modern game to break forward, press to get possession and recover to defend
  4. Red card for Christensen and a fine from the government for breaking social distancing rules!!
  5. Can’t include goalkeeper as a defender so it was the right decision
  6. 39 players registered on the club website. I cut 14 players not including Kepa! From the list.A lot of negotiations still to do. If they all went our F F P would be great as we have only spent a little over the Eden and Morata money.
  7. Top picture. Didn’t realise Arthur Daley had a spot midweek!!
  8. Can’t believe the kick off time. I was there!! Don’t remember it being on T V. 84/85 I was on the terrace but glad I went in the seats above. Remember it being the usual good turnout. Don’t remember much about the game.
  9. I don’t see the need for the kit. If you can’t wear blue you won’t wear that
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