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  1. Everton? Although it used to be terrace paddock down the bottom.
  2. Reserve game. I used to ball boy during the school holidays, get to the ground early and ask. Used to get 50p and a can of coke for your troubles! Sometimes went in goal during the warm up which was good. Took my autograph book because there was always first team players playing either not getting a game or coming back from injury. Used to go west stand side to get the ball off the track or the benches.
  3. The building strike caused issues and materials came more expensive
  4. The knee went again against Oxford I think. I spoke to Eddie a couple years ago. He went up for a challenge came down, thought he was ok and took a goal kick. As he struck the ball his leg collapsed and that was it. He never played again.
  5. After Man U first game, If it ends like 2004/05 it will be great!
  6. I hope if Frank is brought in that five months down the line fans aren’t booing and asking for the sack. I want someone to come and stay and give the club stability and an identity. That we have a way of playing that we stick to, with the right players being able to play and understand. This will benefit the players as well. Also if we stick with a manager it means the players can’t throw tantrum and get them sacked.
  7. Saw Botham play up front in a testimonial late 70s at the Bridge.
  8. He was a midfielder with supposed promise but didn’t make it at Chelsea
  9. I won a penalty shootout pre season 83/84 against that goalkeeper, Grant Lunn was his name. Terry Howard is next left to him then Perry Baldacchino there were three black players Robin Beste Ian braithwaite and stockley sawyers. Martin Nolan is by the cup. One of them will be Bobby Isaccs who was stabbed at Millwall the following year. Not bad now I’m 51!!
  10. I get tickets that come up from people around me if anyone is ever interested
  11. Do most of us that post on here still go. Be great to catch up at the bridge one day. Re newed my season ticket for 2019/20.
  12. Remember how frustrating it was waiting for pre season, waiting for the fixtures to come out. Then counting down the days until that hot Saturday morning in North London!
  13. The only thing important about a transfer is to get as much money as possible to keep F F P restraints positive
  14. Too many!!!!! For me Bogarde , didn’t even live here for the last part of his contract. He was on 50,000£ for five years. I was in the canteen at harlington after training and he sat on his own eating not mixing with anyone.

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