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  1. The app keeps dropping out which is annoying
  2. Good night last night. Good atmosphere made by us travelling fans. Two different sides was obvious. A couple of players being looked at first half with mainly young and loanees coming on for the second half. surprised tickets went back to Bournemouth but looked like most were sold before K O. Apparently ticket numbers for next week game are poor with just over half the ground sold.
  3. Worked hard off the ball as well last night. Made a difference when coming on. second half team looked like those that will probably leave or go on loan.
  4. My fault was looking at Chris mears thinking it was Tommy!!
  5. Ray lewington Clive Walker Tommy Langley
  6. Bought my seat for the game. No away fans so hope it’s a good game.
  7. Thanks for your hard work. Looking forward to voting next season
  8. The Man will never be forgotten by many who were around at his time at Chelsea and for the rest of our lives.
  9. I think this is a top to match the range that Nike have out at the mega store. You can buy trainers like this and part with over 100£!!
  10. I think Winston Bogarde thought he was our number 4 left back for five years!!
  11. Good luck to him. Hard to be a number 3 goalkeeper. You train all week, travel home and away do the warm up and then sit in the stand and watch the game. Having to keep focus in case of injury or illness on day of the game.
  12. 2 minutes of old games about Chelsea and still all city on BT
  13. Well done Zeta thanks for your hard work welldone Erksblue for winning and to those who finished in the champions league places!!!
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