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  1. First time I’ve checked in today so missed finishing the quiz!
  2. I think at the time they had the Stien brothers, Mal Donaghy, possibly Mick Hartford. They signed Tony Godden at some point so he might of played. May have got 3 out of 4
  3. If it’s the right intro I’m thinking of, its Colin Pates against Charlton
  4. There was one in the white wall, one in the middle and I think one more towards the west side. Usually a couple of old bill in each.
  5. https://www.retroclasico.co.uk/category/towels/premier-league-towels/ Great look for the beach this year!
  6. Was at this game and wondered at the time why Micky Droy was the only Chelsea player wearing Aston Villa Home shorts! I assume our shorts weren’t big enough for him.
  7. That North stand is not full of Fulham fans!!
  8. Cambridge United (0) 4 Chelsea (1) 3 Date: Friday, 1st May 1970 at 19:30 Competition: Friendly Venue: Abbey Stadium Attendance: 14,000 Referee: Cambridge United Scorers Boyle, Gomes, Smethurst, Cruickshank Manager Bill Leivers Chelsea Scorers Birchenall 1st, Baldwin, Baldwin Manager Dave Sexton Comment: 10 Chelsea youth players played for Cambridge in the second half
  9. Watford had pace every where and the dippers couldn’t handle it along with some poor defending
  10. I was at the game last night, and for me the big difference between the teams were speed of pass and legs. Bayern’s full backs were so high in our half, making it five across to our four in midfield. If they lost possession the full backs or midfield players managed to get back into a shape to deal with our attack. we can’t break forward in numbers because if we lose possession we don’t have enough pace to get back. We don’t have pace to attack and go around anyone. We will have to make sure we buy players with more pace than we have now.
  11. Everton! Unless you got near the wall at the back it was terrible. Especially as the first couple of rows were below pitch level.
  12. Blue is the colour was used. Rhapsody in blue was used when I started going 77/78. I remember for a period that Tina Turners simply the best being used!
  13. Yes agree with Oldham and Cambridge. Carlisle looked open and cold, but was in the seats and they were cold as well.
  14. I went by Mini Bus. Started snowing when we left London on the M1 at 7:30am. Got to the ground 6:50pm!! Left after the game and got back home the next morning.
  15. Took me all day to get there and froze!!

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