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  1. Richard P

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    Frustrating that one of the transfers that has caused the trouble is a player who can’t get near the first team !!
  2. Pedro is struggling with illness
  3. Missed why yorkley was banned
  4. Really hope the crowd didn’t boo Jorginho
  5. Willy not comfortable with the ball at his feet, so we should make sure we are close to Giroud for knock downs
  6. Too open in front of the back four on the break
  7. I think age comes into how you feel. If you started supporting the club in the premier league era, from 94 onwards was a gradual upward spike to when Roman took over. Then it went to a different level. Me personally I started going 77/78 as a ten year old, missed the swinging sixties and the cup sides of the early seventies. For me personally this at the moment is nothing like what I endured coming to the Bridge for 5-6 years. So this situation is really different to how long the individual has been supporting the club.
  8. Richard P

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Not many players after handing in a transfer request and refusing to sign a new contract are going to start games regularly, let alone an 18 year old with his career all in front of him with no experience.
  9. Richard P

    Match Going Fans

    Agree, with anything to do with Mourinho was sung by Manure. Some of the Sarri chants were bad but if people want to sing it’s their choice. Personally I don’t like booing our own and it didn’t really happen years ago, but people have their right to do as they wish. Doesn’t give the team any confidence, so is counterproductive.
  10. Richard P

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Don’t understand if they are Cardiff. The open end is Chelsea. I was in the seats at the side with the terrace in front again that was all Chelsea. This picture is taken from the covered home end which Chelsea entered and cleared about 20 minutes from the end
  11. Richard P

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    The game was on itv. I was in the seats above the terrace. Great following, train windows got smashed coming out of Edge Hill after the game.
  12. Was at the game and find it tough to give a man of the match award when we end up with another result like this.
  13. Richard P

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    If you watch the game on YouTube half the team don’t have the badge or logo on their shirts. Kit wasn’t used that often, the white shirts were worn more often
  14. Richard P

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Got my ticket stubs somewhere. Laughed reading through the letter from the programme about the trouble at eastville, where it states about trying to have pay on the day and not All ticket games!! It’s just the norm now, no just turning up last minute and paying to get in.