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  1. The interesting thing for me in the picture is there doesn’t seem to be much depth from front to back out side the white wall to the east. Top of steps from main entrance was only about 6 or 7 rows forward of the undercover part, yet it looks so small.
  2. Would still start him in front of anyone we have at the moment. He might frustrate at times but still runs with the ball and takes people on better than everyone in the squad. He also works back when we need to defend.
  3. 88 minutes and Christiansen wins a header
  4. Unbelievable! Even when we give it away we can’t tackle
  5. I’m in the seats in the background. That is the home end which ended up being emptied and occupied by Chelsea for the last 20 minutes of the game!!
  6. What is that hat behind the guy on the left with the leather jacket!! Looks like a rubber tit with a big nipple!!
  7. Richard P


    Poppy.org sell them all year round if you lose or want one
  8. Wasn’t there a spell of industrial action with the tv company’s around that time. Nothing to do with the Ken Bates issue he had for a time with BBC & ITV
  9. Remember Ian Rush had a chance to score late in the game, one on one with the Eddie. He missed and at the time thought his record of scoring and Scousers not losing would have gone.
  10. Yes it is. Footage on this thread and on YouTube
  11. Was taking my exams at the time, luckily I was free that day to go to the game! Left Stamford Bridge at Lunch time by coach. Unbelievably only just made KO!!
  12. Great day out. Had the whole end terrace and seats. Was a great atmosphere and must have had 10,000 there no problem. That official attendance is laughable, the shelf was packed and no building work had started.

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