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  1. What about Vinnie home or away we started singing Vinnie Vinnie give us a song and he would start one man went to mow and then put fingers up of how many as the song went up to ten. Highbury was the best away game for how good and funny. Hope others remember!
  2. Would be great not to have to change keeper for 10 years. He could go on to have a great career here just like Petr Cech.
  3. Remember when I first started going in the late 70s if the away team came out and came down to warm up in front of the shed end they would loads of abuse!!!
  4. It must have been done before 80/81 season think that area was packed for the early game against spammers. Remember trouble over that way
  5. You can see by these pictures of the work being done during pre season
  6. They had to update the steps and the barriers before the start of the 78/79 season as the GLC would have closed the terraces on safety grounds. They left the sections by the floodlights and I think they did the tea bar during the season.
  7. Yes will catch up with you when we’re allowed back!
  8. Like you, I’ve been a season ticket holder for many years. Up in the M H U you get used to seeing everybody around where we sit as it’s all season ticket holders. A lot of people sat in the old west stand with me before transferring over when it was knocked down. Like you have been in contact with friends but it’s not the same as match day.
  9. I was 18/19 when that came out and was the first time I didn’t buy any kit. So pleased the decision was made to stop the label after one season!
  10. I really don’t understand why he gets so much negative comments.
  11. Remember him top of the stairs Shed main entrance, think he had a moustache. Mind you I think the bloke with the monkey nuts had one as well!!
  12. Chris Mears @ChrisMears1 · 24 Mar 2015 #Chelsea Fanatic Bob Bushell
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