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  1. Great pictures. Love the spikes on the fence by the white wall!! They had gone by the time I started going 77/78. At least I saw the old terrace bars and the open ends before all the work done in the summer of 78/79
  2. VAR took so long because if it’s a deflection off defender it would still be offside but they thought the touch was deliberate
  3. Like to see something different out wide right put a ball in the box for Giroud or Werner to head
  4. Definitely can’t play Zouma as the middle of back three. Needs to be someone comfortable with the ball being able to bring it out and look left and right. Also need to keep an eye on Dracula’s movement, making sure he doesn’t find or create gaps at the back.
  5. Missed the game on Saturday but interesting that Ziyech did less on the pitch than CHO so does he have the same conversation with him. These next set of fixtures will definitely show what difference he has made to the squad and his coaching.
  6. Early game for Erland Johnson, had a mare and was at fault for the winner I think. A chip over Beseant by Ian Wright? Half the homesdale and half the terrace and seats in the Arthur Wait stand. With the crowd we always took that ground over up until all seater. They would rather leave seats empty than sell to opposition
  7. The team from Conte’s second year to now have had the same issues and that is with four different managers. There are still 9 players from the Conte squad still here, 10 if you count Willian being here until last season. The managers have similar philosophy’s when playing a front three playing them narrow with fullbacks overlapping, maybe this is not working for the players we have. Something needs to change going forward.
  8. Great support in the background! It was tough seeing this pen from the other end. Look at the usually bad baseball ground surface!!
  9. I thought it was snowing when there centre back scored from over twenty yards in the top corner, down our end? We also played with a white ball!
  10. These set of fixtures were perfect for Tuchel taking over and they have been hard to get points in all them. Take away pens and defenders goals where are we going as an attacking team. you can’t play 5 at the back and another 2 defensive players against a team in such bad form. You can keep possession with more forward talented players and put them under pressure and score two or three goals. These next set of fixtures will be very interesting for everyone. Inside the club, us supporters and the media. This will be when Tuchel will be judged on whether he has made a difference.
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