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  1. Anyone who’s got the Bolton programme will have a rare item. It was the first game of the famous ban that never worked!
  2. They had slept in the referee’s room and went on the pitch at night. The best story from Micky T was about when he and Joey wore stocking masks and pretended to rob the box office!!
  3. There were some bad ones late 70s early 80’s 7-2 Boro (Ossie’s first goal back at Chelsea) 78-79 Forest away 78-79 6-0 at Everton 77-78 6-2 at City 77-78 We had others mentioned like Rotherham and the 7-0 Forest For me aged 20 at the time would be Boro playoff final 1988 The thing I liked though was just to keep going to the games however we were doing. I dread to think what the early 80’s players would have thought about Matchday threads if they existed back then!!!!!
  4. Was at the Wigan game. Freezing cold and hard pitch. Can’t remember which way round, but a shot which was touched on the line was disallowed for offside involving Pat Nevin and Micky Thomas. We won the replay 5-0!!
  5. Looks like the lull before the storm against the scousers 1982
  6. Happy New Year to everyone on here!
  7. Richard P


    Good work Jezz. Will be interesting to see what we sold our own youth products for and what we got for selling on our signings.
  8. Merry Xmas everyone on this thread. Great remembering those times Home and away. Although I’ve had a season ticket since 1988, the period of the late 70s and 80s were a great time going to football
  9. Today shows why I’m glad to defend him. He does these things regularly but maybe not all in one performance.
  10. Great performance without scoring. From the super cup and first part of the season his hold up play and layoffs were his weak points. Today shows he is learning and working hard to become a better player.
  11. To play Alonso you need three centre backs so 3 4 3 is ok for me. If played well it’s not a defensive lineup, it’s actually quite expansive whether going forward or getting back.

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