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  1. I was in the seats down by the home end. If you watch the game on you tube at the start of the game it’s full of Cardiff. By the time Spackers scores the penalty it’s just Chelsea! There was trouble in our seats because Cardiff were in them as well. I remember people seeing Batesy and complaining and in the end we had to convince them to leave our section!
  2. Great game at Cardiff! 3-0 down seven minutes to go and draw 3-3. Also a lot of trouble during and after.
  3. Remember waiting for it to come out. Not many sports shops around that were sellers of Kit back then. No internet! Think my brother rang the club to find out when the famous porter cabin would have it in stock. It was so futuristic in style and material, along way in 7/8 years from a long sleeve blue top with a badge sewn on!
  4. Great game to be at. Finally got our first win at home 78/79. The first of only three!! Tough first full season for me personally as a 10-11 year old. After this game had to wait for home games against Birmingham and Boro for the other wins. Only missed Derby at home, re-arranged to a night game and couldn’t go because of school!
  5. Is that the old bloke who used to walk round with a over coat folded over his arm!
  6. Southampton away was carnage! Going past the school after the game was like riot.
  7. Was in the shed that day. Still laughing at the attendance!
  8. It’s Gary Chivers nearest the ball and Colin Pates in the background
  9. Wonder how many would get the two Chelsea players in the picture?
  10. I have but not about the game! Brother had a petrol can in the boot with petrol in it and it leaked over my girlfriends coat! She wasn’t happy
  11. Got to be happy with the score line. Just got to improve positioning of both centre halves and decision making. Zouma has to clear with his left foot and Tomori has to decide when to play and when to clear.

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