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  1. What year was the and Leicester escort picture? 84/85 the train I was on broke through escort as they wanted to hold us on dual carriageway as they needed to open more terrace pens. A lot of us had seat tickets above and to the side and didn’t want to wait. The messages over the radio were funny, as the old bill were describing what was happening!
  2. I missed about 10 mins of first half and into the second as I couldn’t see and struggled to breathe as one of the CS canisters landed near by. whilst on the way home on the plane the CS gas incident came up with the stewardesses as people were still asking for water. They reported it to the pilot as the poisons in the gas would effect the cabin and it would need to be fumigated and taken out of service!! Message back to Gatwick was obviously wrong as we were met by armed police coming down the gangway of the plane thinking there was trouble. We explained what had happened and we got off the plane. Forgot to mention that if you got the official buses to the ground you were put into an abattoir 2 1/2 hours before the game next to the ground!! Good thing was there were English plain clothes police there observing but had no jurisdiction. Not the best trip
  3. Those two games destroyed his confidence. He was only 5 10 or 11 so he wasn’t the best at crosses and looked small in the goal.
  4. I think you have to be of a certain age!! I was only 10 in 1978 when I started going, but you still have to learn your history on and off the pitch. My history teacher was quite impressed when I chose to do a project on the club!! saw the above at Marseille in 1999 with a Second World War gas mask when the cs gas canisters were raining in from the military!!
  5. Waiting to see what crowd noise sky use for Gooners first home game!!
  6. This must have been when the motorbility scheme started so disabled people could drive ant car
  7. Noel Brotherston played for Blackburn up front with Simon Garner, both were ok in the second division
  8. Had a 9 ft by 6ft St George’s cross flag with Chelsea through the middle made about 20 years ago by a Flag company in Bolton. Can’t remember the cost but it was under 100£
  9. Chelsea Xmas party in my mates night club 2002 or 03
  10. Thought Sulley made it on the bench. 9 wasn’t bad without looking it up! Spoke to a couple people from that era. They say that Jimmy Clare was a better player than Micky Fillery. Another example that talent alone is not enough, you got to have physical and mental attributes as well. Don't know why he didn’t make that tournament, but Timmy Elmes was in that age group and he made several appearances
  11. Times were bad 78/79 ten of these would at least get a debut in the first team that season or 79/80 if my memory is right.
  12. Get there for 1pm for a 3pm ko £3.75 an hour!! Get in for the half price drinks in the MHU
  13. Yes realised after I posted. Just looks so different. I park off Lots Road for home games and got it into my head it was the wrong way round because I pass it on my left.

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