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  1. Good to see Rudiger back tonight
  2. Players playing away from home aren’t expected to walk past home support for fear of abuse or objects being thrown
  3. Defensively all over the place second half. Zouma and christianson were getting pulled out of position because fullbacks not there. Still early season and think most injured players will get starts. Off the field, can’t believe fans booed at full time. I sit MHU it seemed all parts of the ground. Most wanted Frank, young players playing and with the ban we knew it would be difficult. Give it time!
  4. I had the Adidas Blue red and White velour tracksuit from 84 olympics
  5. Great Goalkeeper, great person. Been in Eddies company a few times and reminisced about the old days.
  6. That game we were everywhere as usual. As Kerry came out to warm up there was a big cheer followed by One Kerry Dixon from the home end. Kerry looked over abit surprised and then acknowledged the fans when he realised it wasn’t a piss take!
  7. I think he played in the blues vs yellows but was gone the next week when we played QPR the following week
  8. Rare picture of Micky Thomas in the 85/86 kit. Didn’t play a game in that kit as his last game was against Norwich the previous season.
  9. People need to be patient, we have a new manager and young players all that people wanted. We knew it would take time and that we might not be as competitive, judging by where people think we will finish this season on this site. Second game in we’ve controlled large parts of a game against a team that finished runners up in the league and won the champions league. We played well in parts on Sunday, so learn from mistakes and take our chances and I think we could have a good season.
  10. Oxford United (0) 1 Chelsea (0) 1 Date: Saturday, 7th February 1976 at 15:00 Cutting Table Competition: Football League Division 2 Position 12 Venue: Manor Ground Attendance: 11,162 Referee: Brian Martin (Keyworth) Oxford United Burton, Taylor, Shuker, Lowe, C Clarke, Briggs, Houseman, Foley, D Clarke, McCulloch, Tait Scorer Tait 72 Manager Mike Brown Chelsea 1 Peter Bonetti, 2 Gary Locke, 3 Graham Wilkins, 4 Charlie Cooke, 5 Steve Wicks, 6 Ron Harris, 7 Ian Britton, 8 Ray Wilkins, 9 Teddy Maybank, 10 Ken Swain, 11 Bill Garner Scorer Garner 57 Booked Harris 72 Sub Not Used 12 Garry Stanley Manager Eddie McCreadie
  11. I thought it was Kenny Swain going for the ball, Bill Garner between the arm and leg of the other guy and Teddy Maybank.
  12. What a morning! Remember queuing up around 9am, the queue went up the hill and round the corner. The team bus came down the hill to be welcomed by thousands of boys in blue! I stood halfway up the clock end, practically in line where Kerry shot from for his goal. The thing that made me laugh was when the first fan appeared on the North Bank a big cheer went up from the already packed Clock end! I think I would have been a bit self conscious in that situation with thousands taking the P&£s out of you. i remember it being very hot and we were packed in really tight! When Kerry scored I went dizzy from shouting! What a adrenaline rush, we had arrived and were ready for the first division
  13. Another missed penalty! The ending was happy though

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