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  1. Everton! Unless you got near the wall at the back it was terrible. Especially as the first couple of rows were below pitch level.
  2. Blue is the colour was used. Rhapsody in blue was used when I started going 77/78. I remember for a period that Tina Turners simply the best being used!
  3. Yes agree with Oldham and Cambridge. Carlisle looked open and cold, but was in the seats and they were cold as well.
  4. I went by Mini Bus. Started snowing when we left London on the M1 at 7:30am. Got to the ground 6:50pm!! Left after the game and got back home the next morning.
  5. Took me all day to get there and froze!!
  6. That is the club photographer Hugh Hastings! Became a season ticket holder after he finished working for the club. His book of Chelsea pictures is brilliant
  7. Just looked on google maps and we went to New Clee station. Looked at the image of the station and brought all the memories back!!
  8. The three specials went to a station down the road from the ground. It had no roof on either platform.I remember the three specials as when we got to I think St Pancras you had to board the train with the right coloured ticket. There were also normal trains going up to Grimsby. Ken Bates mentioned that he’d never seen so many coaches on the motorway. I did a few games by coach that season, with coaches going from the bridge and all the various supporters clubs a lot of games there were as many as 40 coaches. They used to hold everyone at the motorway exit and give a police escort to and from the ground. After game there were a few fans on the platform throwing coins at Grimsby fans giving it large behind a fence. A copper was telling the local kids to pick the money up! All of a sudden it was raining money in a nice way with fans laughing at these kids running round picking it up!
  9. Don’t remember the stoppage! I was at the side terrace with seats high up behind. Having seen the video vaguely remember people coming to the side terrace. So many got in paying a tenner cash on the turnstile. cant remember the price on my ticket but it must of been around 3£ so it was a good payday for the turnstile operators! Always laugh at the official attendances for that season because they were so wrong. We had in excess of 10,000 up there that day.
  10. I Feel sorry for Frank in some ways. He was brought in to get the fans onside, also a lot of established managers might have swerved the appointment due to the transfer ban. All the effort to overturn the ban looks a waste of time with the vibes coming from the club. We will see what happens in the summer window. The last thing that is apparent looking at match threads, not one player has a majority vote of being a starter let alone any being 100%!! Then people blame Frank for selection and missing top 4 when they don’t think the squad is good enough.
  11. First shirt with a diamond on I think was the kit worn 75-77 I posted before about a documentary that was on tv a couple of years ago about players shirts and replica shirts. I sure it will be on YouTube, it was left to a group of women at admiral to come up with colours and trim. There are mentions of Umbro and Adidas, but you get an idea that around 1977 was when shirt manufacturers started putting their logos on shirts
  12. At least we have taken our first chance!
  13. Taken from the Leeds game. Waiting for the final whistle to celebrate promotion back to Div 1!
  14. Fourth round used to be a set Saturday, so as we hadn’t got through we played it on that day. A lot of bad weather during Dec-Feb
  15. Anyone who’s got the Bolton programme will have a rare item. It was the first game of the famous ban that never worked!

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