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  1. Thought I was mistaken seeing this programme cover. I knew I saw Hutch’s Testimonial during the 78/79 season. Looked it up to see I was right, he had two in the space of three years. The one I went to was against QPR a 2-2 draw.
  2. Still laughing!!! But we make 4 million profit!!
  3. Went to the 83/84 fixture but have no recollection of this one! I must have missed this. Does anyone know the score? This game you can see who as going to start against Arsenal, where as the year before it was mixed up more.
  4. I’ve mentioned before Alonso is ok when you play 3 central defenders. Then as a wing back if he gets caught up the pitch the extra defender doesn’t up set the shape as much when they come out wide to cover. Feel sorry for Tomori being so young and having to one out wide to deal with Alonsos absence.
  5. Got in late for this game and missed all three goals! Stuck in traffic along the embankment that night.
  6. Sad about the man that had a heart attack at the MHU turnstiles tonight. Was told after the game he passed away.
  7. Some of the pens over the last couple of weeks some given some overturned or looked at and not given by VAR is too inconsistent which is why people are Angry and frustrated. My gripe is Dave’s Penalty not given at Norwich where it didn’t meet the criteria! A big kick in the shin whilst on the run with the ball.
  8. Running down the line and crossing isn’t the only positive thing needed. Watch Willian with diagonal or sideways runs using others for wall passes or spreading play to the other side of the pitch. Also look at his position when we are out of possession.
  9. Remember being behind the goal in the pouring rain and getting a 2-2 draw. 84/85 was a crazy calendar of fixtures than I can remember! If you look on the bounder friardale site and look how little we rotated players it’s amazing. We had weeks where we played Saturday, Monday, Wednesday then Saturday!! Modern footballers would have a big shock.
  10. I would hope that no one would boo any player let alone a young player. I do think he needs to be more positive with the ball. There are lots of people that don’t like Willian but he goes at people takes them on and is quick when doing this. Watch the next few games to see if this improves
  11. A lot of secondary school kids bunked off school that day!
  12. Southampton used a car park at the school. Loads were giving it large behind the fence. People back then took offence (pun intended!) The mesh fence started to sway and Southampton scattered!

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