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  1. As others have alluded to, last nights game left a sour taste after the VAR controversy. Zouma's goal should've stood and Maguire should've been off. Those things do affect the momentum of the game as well as the scoreboard and the obvious numerical advantage of 11v10. In terms of the game itself, I didn't think we played particularly well against what looked to be a really poor United team. I thought Batshuayi was by far the worst player on the pitch, closely followed by Pedro. A lot of dribbling in the middle of the pitch from Kovacic, which always looks nice, but as usual his final ball was often poor. Very little creativity again in midfield, even when Mason Mount came on. I noticed a few times that Mount seemed to want to wait for the ball to run across his body before taking it forward, he got caught out a few times by not collecting the ball first and then turning. At the back we were typically vulnerable to crosses/set pieces. We must've conceded more goals from crosses this season than most teams in the league? At the point Maguire heads the ball I don't think Rudiger's feet have even left the floor. I think Christensen was a little unfortunate given he'd only just got back on after his injury, but it's not unusual for him to be too lightweight in those situations. Once again Reece James looked like our most creative player (which is pleasing in a sense and worrying in another). I was pleasantly surprised to see Azpi stay on his left foot a couple of times as well and go on the outside, rather than turn back and play the ball infield like he often does when he plays LB. Giroud offered considerably more than Batshuayi when he came on too - he surely has to start against them at the weekend?! Just about the only 3 positives I can gleam from the game. Onwards and upwards for Spuds at the weekend!
  2. Exactly the team I would go with, only perhaps with the exception of Tomori for Zouma. Although for some reason Tomori can't get a game at the moment - not sure if that's injury related or what? Really hope the crowd get behind the team and create a hostile atmosphere, similar to the 2-2 in the "Battle of the Bridge". Hopefully at least one of Abraham, Pulisic or CHO is able to make the bench (going to assume Kante and RLC are definitely ruled out) - I think that'd really help to lift the crowd. Failing that I do wonder if it might be the game to re-introduce Kepa? We need a spark from somewhere!
  3. Might seem ridiculous but that pressure from Leicester all comes from our inability to play out from the back. Rudiger has a chance to bring it out from the back and release Azpilicueta, the ball to him isn’t hit with any pace and is behind him, Azpilicueta has to give it back to Caballero who belts it out for a Leicester throw. Dismal.
  4. The minute we went 1-0 up we collapsed. We’re doomed at the minute. Go a goal up and the intensity completely disappears, go a goal down and we never look like recovering. Man we need RLC.
  5. Rudiger and CHO haven’t looked great but despite that we’re playing some good stuff. Pedro’s having an excellent game.
  6. CHO scores, Willy keeps a clean sheet and Chelsea win 2-0. KTBFFH
  7. Personally think Alonso is lacking a lot more than just pace. As a left wing back he isn't as exposed but we've played with a back 4 more often than not this year. In my opinion he's an upgrade on Emerson and a better left back than Alonso, so does in fact make us stronger.
  8. Just been reading online that a number of clubs are in for him. I think the best thing that can happen for Lamptey is him seeing Azpi moved into CB/LB so that he can see the opportunity to play as back up to Reece James. Knowing that Reece James' recent injury record isn't the best he could fancy the challenge for the RB spot. Hopefully the club see his potential and Azpilicueta's decline (at least going forwards) and say all of the right things to keep him. He looks a very talented player.
  9. This is by no means a rumour but I'm wondering if we've considered a move for Danny Rose? In my opinion he's a better left back than Alonso and anything is an upgrade on Emerson. Would Levy sell/loan to a rival for one of the Champions League spots?
  10. 3 shots faced, 3 goals conceded. Thankfully 1 of them was offside. Sell him.
  11. I agree to an extent but surely it would be a worth a bid for him? Offer him the no.1 spot in place of Kepa and we’re set for the next 15 years. You’d think De Gea has their no.1 spot for the next 5 years at least? He’s having a great game against City at the moment... let’s get him!
  12. The more I watch Kepa the worse he seems to get. To think he cost more than Alisson and Ederson it’s mind blowing. There’s at least 10 keepers in the Premier League better than him - the stats suggest it’s even more than that!
  13. Right now I think Isco is exactly the signing we need. In an ideal world we would have a left back in a similar mould to Reece James, and we would create an abundance of chances from our full backs in a similar mould to Liverpool. Right now we don’t have that and our only creativity is coming from Reece at full back. We need someone who can play in front of a 2 in midfield, I think for now Isco would be exactly what we need. Sign him.
  14. I’m starting to get really worried about Kepa. Someone showed me a stat earlier in the season that he has the worst shots faced to goals conceded ratio in the entire league. Granted, you can argue that of those shots faced some may have been closer to the goal with lack of defensive cover etc etc. His distribution is ok but he doesn’t command his area and in comparison to someone like De Gea his reflexes are slow and shot stopping average at best.

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