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  1. The first half was a good watch. Batshuayi looked strong and looks really up for the fight of being our no9 this season. The second half was really poor. I think it’s time the likes of Brown, Baker, Piazon and Ugbo all moved on. No idea how we spent all that money on Bakayoko, he looked just as bad as I remember. I find it quite amusing that some people genuinely think he has a chance of playing for us this year.
  2. I’ve just learnt that on Thursday 16th May we have a fixture in the US, playing New England Revolution at 1.15am UK time. What on earth is going on here? We’ll have played Leicester only days earlier. Surely this is shocking preparation for the final against Arsenal?
  3. How Olivier Giroud has managed to stay on the pitch for 90 minutes is beyond me. He’s been absolutely awful once again.
  4. The outright disrespect some of our fanbase show to great servants like Cahill is really disappointing. An excellent defender who put his body in the way of everything, particularly on our way to the Champions League trophy. I think he’ll make an excellent signing for a PL side. All the best, Gaz.
  5. Jorginho has greatly improved in these last few games. A post above points to Jorginho being more aggressive which I think we’ve certainly seen in the last few games. Hopefully he keeps up this good form and, alongside RLC in midfield, delivers some silverware for us this season.
  6. Christensen really really scares me. He struggles to play the ball out from the back and seems to be targeted by teams as a weak link when he plays. I thought we looked far worse when he came on against Liverpool and we look equally shaky tonight. Don’t get me wrong, we haven’t looked great at the back all season but we’re worse than ever at the moment.
  7. How on Earth are we going to score next season without Hazard?
  8. A very disappointing first half, hardly surprising given our line-up. That said, I think it’s the right decision to go with this team tonight and keep the first 11 fresh for Liverpool on Sunday. Alonso looking like our weakest link once again, can hardly believe he got that 5-year contract earlier this season. I have a feeling Higuain may come on and score in the second half... here’s to hoping.
  9. Really disappointing first half from us, this doesn’t look like a great spurs performance so far but we’ve been even worse than they have. We’ve needlessly given the ball away time and time again. As usual, Alonso has managed to negate just about all of our threat down the left by slowing the game to walking pace. If it continues like this, Spurs will win. Kovacic and Pedro for RLC (probably Barkley) and CHO (probably Willian).
  10. Caballero Alonso Kovacic all start. My level of optimism has plummeted.
  11. Sarri will leave tomorrow one way or another and the mess that is Chelsea at managerial and board level will continue. I feel sorry for Sarri after that, the players executed the game plan perfectly and he made the subs we’d all been crying out for. Just when it looked like we were turning things around, Arrizabalaga undermines him and causes further fractures in an already broken team. Who backs Sarri? Who backs Kepa? Pathetic.
  12. What a disaster. Arrizabalaga should’ve been spoken to by all of his teammates and told to leave the field. Willian giggling away with Guardiola just after we’ve lost a cup final shows everything that’s wrong with us. We’ve lost our identity and we have no direction. What a way to undo one of our performances of the season.
  13. I think I’m in a minority here but I actually like our starting 11 today. Let’s see what happens. #KTBFFH
  14. Terrible start from us. Caballero and playing it out from the back are a recipe for disaster. I’ve seen enough in the last few weeks to be confident that Sarri isn’t getting us out of this mess unfortunately.
  15. For me we ought to strengthen our core of players, who should provide us a platform for the next 10 years and build a team that, as fans, we can really get behind. Keeper - I’m not completely convinced by Kepa but the fact we paid £70m means there’s no viable alternative. Full back - I think both Chilwell and Wan Bissaka have enormous potential, and would give us more dynamism which we really miss from our current selection. Keep Dave but let the others go, they offer little in a back 4. Alternatively we stick with Azpi and bring Reece James back as cover. A top quality left back at both ends of the pitch then becomes essential with Azpi’s limited pace and also skill in the final third of the pitch. Centre back - No major overhaul needed here IMO. Allow David Luiz to move on and work on a starting partnership of Rudiger and Christensen with Azpi and Zouma to provide the cover as well as Ampadu as a rotating CB/CM option Centre mid - Keep Kante, RLC, Barkley, Ampadu. Allow Kovacic’s loan to expire and sell Jorginho and replace him with someone more suited to the way we all want to see Chelsea play, ie more aggressive. Along with the full back area I think someone to play alongside Kante who is strong, aggressive, can pass and can put a foot in would be ideal. Perhaps look to blood in a youth midfielder to provide cover or maybe one of the loan brigade to return ie Pasalic? Wingers - It seems inevitable that Hazard will leave. Allow Pedro to follow him out of the door, keep hold of Willian and, for me, the most important deal of the summer, keep hold of CHO. Rotate Willian CHO and Pulisic - again, can one of the loan brigade come back as additional cover, or maybe deploy RLC as cover for the wing? Striker - Unconvinced by Higuain so far, he seems a classy striker but not sure if his lack of pace might hinder him in the PL. Higuain or a capable replacement, ideally a young striker with a rising stock, rather than one in the twilight of his career for once. Abraham seems like he would be capable of being 2nd/3rd cover, would be happy to keep Giroud alongside but not sure how keen he’d be to benchwarm for another season. 4-3-3 with 2 holding midfielders and a “free role” behind the striker for RLC, please!

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