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  1. sabin6912

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Sarri wages war on the players. We all know how this one will end. Is Sam Allardyce still available?
  2. Totally fed up with our performances of late. Watching us against Newcastle last week felt like an ordeal. I thought we couldn’t possibly play as poorly again. Wrong. I’d echo most of the comments already made here on the match itself, we had more of the ball and managed to never look like scoring, whereas Arsenal seemed to create 4 or 5 real quality chances. Even in stoppage time at 2-0 down everything we did was sidewards. What can we change? I think we have to give up on Hazard as false 9, it worked against Man City and hasn’t worked since. I desperately hope Higuain comes in and changes things for us. Our full backs lack intent going forward and we hardly ever get in behind teams. The only time we do is the odd diagonal ball from David Luiz. We have to move the ball quicker and we have to move the ball with intent. I want to see Alonso and Azpilicueta busting a gut to get past our wide players, not ambling into the box trying to play one-twos through 4 players. If we start the same 11 against Spurs on Thursday and play the same way then Sarri unfortunately deserves whatever comes to him.
  3. I might be in a minority here but Azpilicueta, Alonso, Pedro all showing more concern for Bellerin’s injury than the scoreline? His own teammates nowwhere near him but our dejected lot stood round feeling sorry for themselves!! I completely understand their concern but surely a quick check and then get in a huddle and try and rally the team a bit.
  4. Another entirely ineffective 60 minutes from Kovacic. I really struggle to see what he brings to this team
  5. Utter garbage from the first minute. Not a prayer if we carry on like this. Our attacking strategy seems to be to walk the ball across the front of their box and then pass it back to Kepa. The half summed up by Willian shooting one out for a throw in.
  6. Awful from Jorginho to give the ball away earlier in the play and then his awful wayward shot when we’re starting to build up some sustained pressure. Completely kills our rhythm and lifts the Spurs crowd. We look neat and tidy with the ball but we really aren’t penetrating and looking like scoring. We need a striker. What I’d give to get a Drogba in this team, even an Anelka.
  7. I really do worry about Barkley sometimes. He has all the tools to be a great player but he seems to lack a football brain. He has absolutely no sense of danger and his decision making is poor at times, particularly when playing in his own half facing his own goal.
  8. The whole “clear and obvious” thing doesn’t apply for offsides. Similar to the goal line technology. It’s either offside or not/over the line or not.
  9. Not sure what Kepa was doing both clattering into Kane and then on the penalty. Can’t argue with either the offside decision or the penalty itself. It’s a shame as I think we’d had the better of the game to that point. Don’t concede again before half time and then let’s come on strong in the second half and shut the whining spurs fans up who are bemoaning every single decision the ref makes
  10. Really impressive start from us. Spurs are a clinical side with Son and Kane both on form so hopefully we can keep it tight at the back and keep getting at them with CHO on the right wing.
  11. Brilliant forward play by Hudson Odoi. One of my issues with Willian is he often feels like more of a traditional right sided midfield player who would be better suited in a 4-4-2, whereas CHO seems a perfect fit for the wide forward/4-3-3 winger role. Keep getting the ball into CHO and let him attack their full back. PLEASE KEEP HIM.
  12. The team I’d like to see Bulka Zappacosta Christensen Cahill Emerson Barkley Ampadu RLC CHO Morata Pedro I expect we’ll see the midfield trio of RLC Fabregas Kovacic and a front three of Willian Giroud and Pedro. I’m starting to become increasingly worried about the opportunities afforded to our younger players, games like tonight should be essential in their development. Hopefully we see at least two of RLC/Ampadu/CHO start the game. Team selection aside I expect a victory to nil by a narrow margin. Uninspired at the moment!
  13. sabin6912

    Alvaro Morata

    My main issue with Morata is he doesn’t seem to do anything with conviction. Everything he does seems to be half arsed, particularly his movement in and around the box. When do you seem him bust a gut and dart to the near post when someone is on the wing, pull off to the back post, or go next to a defender and get his body infront of them so he can be played in? Not sure I ever have. He so reminds me of the Chelsea Torres, but at least Torres seemed to give it his all, Morata ambles around the pitch whining every time he gets touched. Sell in January. Get us a poacher in the Aguero mould or a selfless workhorse like Firmino. I like Giroud and he offers something different but we don’t necessarily need our no.9 to be great in the air like we did with Conte and previous managers, we rarely play long balls and have a GK with excellent distribution who should rarely need to lump the ball to our centre forward. I’ll hapilly sacrifice aerial prowess for someone who will actually get us some goals.
  14. sabin6912

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    He has so many great attributes and with the right mindset he really could be an excellent centre half. Unfortunately he shows lapses in concentration a handful of times in just about every game he plays in, especially against teams we expect to beat. He doesn’t sense danger well enough, he could’ve easily been the cause of a Bournemouth goal today and should’ve attacked the ball to clear it at Newcastle last week.
  15. sabin6912

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    I think he’s played okay so far but hasn’t done enough to warrant a place in the starting 11, conversely I thought Kovacic was excellent when he came on, going forwards as well as when he came back towards his own goal to help the defence. Had we not signed Kovacic I’d have expected Barkley to get a long run in the team and time to build some momentum. Sadly Kovacic is a far superior player and I think once up to full speed he’ll be picked ahead of Barkley.