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  1. sabin6912

    Alvaro Morata

    My main issue with Morata is he doesn’t seem to do anything with conviction. Everything he does seems to be half arsed, particularly his movement in and around the box. When do you seem him bust a gut and dart to the near post when someone is on the wing, pull off to the back post, or go next to a defender and get his body infront of them so he can be played in? Not sure I ever have. He so reminds me of the Chelsea Torres, but at least Torres seemed to give it his all, Morata ambles around the pitch whining every time he gets touched. Sell in January. Get us a poacher in the Aguero mould or a selfless workhorse like Firmino. I like Giroud and he offers something different but we don’t necessarily need our no.9 to be great in the air like we did with Conte and previous managers, we rarely play long balls and have a GK with excellent distribution who should rarely need to lump the ball to our centre forward. I’ll hapilly sacrifice aerial prowess for someone who will actually get us some goals.
  2. sabin6912

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    He has so many great attributes and with the right mindset he really could be an excellent centre half. Unfortunately he shows lapses in concentration a handful of times in just about every game he plays in, especially against teams we expect to beat. He doesn’t sense danger well enough, he could’ve easily been the cause of a Bournemouth goal today and should’ve attacked the ball to clear it at Newcastle last week.
  3. sabin6912

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    I think he’s played okay so far but hasn’t done enough to warrant a place in the starting 11, conversely I thought Kovacic was excellent when he came on, going forwards as well as when he came back towards his own goal to help the defence. Had we not signed Kovacic I’d have expected Barkley to get a long run in the team and time to build some momentum. Sadly Kovacic is a far superior player and I think once up to full speed he’ll be picked ahead of Barkley.
  4. Lovely wing play from Willian! Thunderbolt from Kante....
  5. Little/no conviction in our forward play so far, everything in and around the box needs to be so intricate for us to get in. Morata needs to play on the shoulder and try and get in behind from time to time. He wants everything to feet to play needless one-twos. Proving to be a difficult game so far today but hopefully we can grow into the game and keep it at 0-0 for now. Huddersfield looking far more threatening at the moment. Expect to see RLC and Hazard on not too long into the second half if it stays like this.
  6. sabin6912

    Mateo Kovacic

    Most Spanish sources seem to be suggesting we don’t have an option to buy which is a real shame, but nonetheless this is an excellent signing. I think he will really suit the premier league and expect him to start alongside Kante and Jorginho. Hopefully the fact that this is a loan rather than an outright purchase will mean that we can continue to develop RLC and Barkley in the sense that if Kovacic isn’t performing (can’t see him not doing) we don’t feel obliged to stick with him in the same way we have Bakayoko.
  7. sabin6912

    Anthony Martial

    Cannot see us letting Willian go and the possibility of a swap deal involving Martial seems even more unlikely. The hierarchy at United apparently rate him very highly, regardless of what Mourinho thinks. Would be our best piece of business in years but sadly it won’t happen.
  8. It was never going to be an easy game today, City were miles ahead of everyone last season and probably will be again this year. Hopeful that with time and once the full squad is back we will improve, both going forward and defensively.
  9. sabin6912


    This is the most stunning attacking Chelsea performances I’ve seen in years, albeit pre-season. CHO has been phenomenal from start to finish, we really need to make the most of this lad because he is special. Assesment of the game so far at half time would be similar to quite a lot of the comments which have already been made. We look great going forward but big gaps between the midfield and defence when we give the ball away. I assume Kante will start ahead of Fabregas which should help plug some of that gap when the season starts proper. Overall to say this is our 3rd game under a new manager with a completely new style of play and formation, we’ve been hugely impressive. The only positions I have concern over are left back, a third central midfielder and a striker. Morata is playing like the Chelsea Torres, either his mentality is weak or he doesn’t want to be here. If we can sort a couple of those problems I’ll be very optimistic for this season. This Sarriball stuff ain’t half bad!
  10. Utterly useless all over the pitch.
  11. You often hear the term “footballing brain”, I’m starting to wonder whether Bakayoko has A brain? What on earth is he doing fizzing that ball into Emerson from all of 5 yards away?! He really needs to improve quickly. Terrible decision making, composure and exeucution
  12. Disappointing response to the Saints changes by taking Willian off for Bakayoko. We really could do with a second goal before inviting Saints onto us for the last 25 minutes.
  13. sabin6912

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    For the first time that I can think of, we have a manager who doesn’t want to be here, a board who don’t want him here yet we are waiting to part with him? What exactly is it that we are waiting for? I’m not aware of any term in his contract that means it will be considerably more expensive to sack him now than when the season ends? Conte is determined to prove that he was right about the underinvestment in the squad and the board seem hell bent on hanging him out to dry. It really does seem like a perfect storm which is just circulling around us and won’t dissipate. For what its it’s worth I really rate Conte and I’m certain he will be a success wherever he goes next. Unfortunately for reasons unbeknown to us, we seem to have a deep rooted problem at board level with giving any of our managers freedom in the transfer market. Sadly whilever that is the case we won’t ever get a manager who can build a dynasty and bring through youth players, instead, we will hire coaches to get the best out of what they have, until such point that they want more and the board won’t sanction it. Irrespective of what happens in the last few weeks of this season, thanks for everything last year, Antonio and all the best for the future.
  14. And that’s the exact reason why we haven’t seen someone break through since JT. Other clubs are great at letting a youngster off of the leash when they’re playing well. Conversely we seem to reward them by letting them play a starring role in the reserves/youth team for the rest of the season.
  15. If Hudson Odoi doesn’t start the next game ahead of both Barkley and Pedro it’ll be an absolute disgrace.