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  1. Spot on. Jorginho, much like the manager who signed him, is far too one dimensional for the very top tier.
  2. Lampard played nearly every game in a West Ham side that finished 5th in the Prem and Harry Kane scored one-in-three at Championship Millwall. CHO plays for one of the strongest teams in the country and still produces nothing. I couldn’t name you a single game where I came away thinking he really improved us. Maybe he will improve in future or maybe he’s just not that good.
  3. Ah yes, because no player can actually make an impact before they reach 20, right? Billy Gilmour’s in the same team, played one fifth of the games Callum has and been infinitely better. CHO is average, wise up.
  4. A Chelsea manager is hardly going to go into a presser and say he’s sh*t, are they? It’s all fluff. He’s been “potential” for 4 years now. If he really was such a big talent there’d have been more interest than just Bayern for a single summer.
  5. How about ANYTHING. Lost count of the many times people here moan that he should be starting, only for him to come on and do absolutely f**k all. He’s average. We should cash him in (along with a few others) this summer and buy a real top quality forward.
  6. Dare I tempt fate and say shades of the 2011/12 campaign? Change of manager mid-season. An FA cup final. Solid performances in Europe followed by bafflingly average PL results. It couldn’t happen again, could it?
  7. Hopefully not. It’s beggars belief Billy Gilmour hasn’t had a kick in weeks while Jorginho pulls a consistent 5/10 performance.
  8. What is going on this last 10 minutes? We’ve been all over the place making basic mistakes. Has to be one of the worst halves all season.
  9. Where has this Havertz been all season? That was ridiculous technique and deserved a goal.
  10. That’s a cracking goal from West Brom tbf. Oh well, no points today. Tuchel has big questions to answer.
  11. Not a chance. I recall Morata having a run of ~10 one-on-ones with the keeper and scoring no goals. Werner is clumsier but I can’t see him doing that.
  12. Behave, he’s not even the worst finisher of the last 3 years. Morata had me tearing my hair out.
  13. Truth is this has been a long time coming. People keep praising our squad depth but really we have a lot of players who give 6/10 performances and rarely any more. Jorginho, Kepa, Alonso, CHO and Tammy are not good enough to be starting for Chelsea and the summer signings haven’t set the world alight either. How Jorginho is still on the park after that first 45 I will never know.
  14. You are joking, aren’t you? Jorginho f**ked him with 2 horrendous passes to put us under pressure.
  15. Can’t wait to hear Gol15’s damage control of Jorginho’s performance. He’s been absolutely stinking.
  16. He has to have dirt on Steve Clarke. There can be no other explanation.
  17. A Scotland regular, no less. Shows how rotten we are outside of LB and CM.
  18. When are people going to wise up to the fact that CHO just isn’t that good?
  19. Thick, useless c**t. Can’t believe he’s back in our starting XI. Was only a matter of time before he cost us.
  20. The fact we have to point out when he contributes to an attack tells you everything.
  21. You must’ve selectively forgotten the entire 18/19 season under a certain Italian chimney.
  22. You think Havertz is the main oreason Lamps was sacked? lol.
  23. He’s the biggest wet wipe of a central midfielder I’ve ever seen. Takes the easy sideways option every single time. Makelele played forward more than he does.
  24. Two quality first time passes from Billy to set that up. Class.
  25. Can’t believe people are still biting for one of the most obvious trolls in years.
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