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  1. If the Athletic are right, i think he was on his way out regardless. They dont paint a pretty picture of Lamps' reign
  2. For Tuchel to be sorted this quick, tells me he was almost given the job days/weeks ago. Lampard was never, ever seeing the season out. This quick appointmen of Tuchel proves it. And everyone who called Liam Twomey and Simon Johnson in the Athletic liars, and sh*t stirrers, made to look right mugs.
  3. most likely something covid related, as he is now "out of the bubble" so to speak
  4. Not reading anything into these fa cup games as opposition are generally, well, not great League games is where it matters.
  5. Frank just needs to ignore the media full stop. Because a loss to Wolves and the rumours of a dismissal will be back. Infact a loss to Wolves and i think id have to reluctantly agree he needs to go. Wolves H Burnley H Spurs A Sheff U A Newcastle H Soton A A. Madrid A Man Utd H Up until end of Feb. That's a bit of a rough ride
  6. Yeh that bash at Liam was weird. Because 2 mins prior he said he pays no attention to what the media say. Contradicted himself lol
  7. Believe it or not, a lot of managers wouldnt have taken the job with the ban in place.
  8. hopefully, but miguel delaney is sh*t. his pieces are total guesswork.
  9. itd have happened by now i think, if it was happening. We usually dont f**k about lol
  10. The job is too big for him. I mean, that cannot be argued. Surely? He is still a very inexperienced manager But yes, we all wish he would do well with us. And still hope he can.
  11. Roman doesnt act on sentiment, if he wants to sack Frank, he will. Legend or not. He sacked our greatest ever manager twice.
  12. IT's not just the results, the performances are sh*te, too That tonight was like those games where you know the players are not with the manager. Not saying thats what is happening here, but it reminded me of it
  13. I feel for Frank because he so badly needs/needed an experienced number 2. Jody Morris does f**k all
  14. totally get that, we'd all like him to do well. Surely. But I just fail to understand why many people on my Twitter timeline criticising Frank's management or perhaps thinking he isnt the man to take us forward, suddenly gets pelters like "never been to the bridge probably mate" "i was there in the 80s mate, us die hards are proper fans Frank in!" "I have been a fan 65 yrs, call yourself a fan? pfft" These are grown men too btw lol looking at the profile pics. But as you say "wanting" us to lose so he goes is f**king moronic, too. But still not worth
  15. Why do peope on social media get such a hard time for simply having the opinion that Frank is not the right man for the job. And let's be honest, if it was Grant on this run and not Lampard, there'd be many more "sack" calls. Seen it all over my Twitter feed. Embarrassing seeing people proclaim to be a better fan, or bigger fan than someone, simply because they dont like said persons opinion on Lampard Get a life, ffs
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