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  1. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/teams/player/frank-lampard scroll down to bottom
  2. leave them to it, they need a power w**k over cocu, thing is, he isnt even the man their fans wanted, they wanted Hughton lol ?
  3. bloody hell, someone been feeding the Rams lemons. they're awfully bitter that Super Frank chose to come home. Bless x Still well done on Cocu, failed miserably in Turkey and won the Dutch league, just like Steve Mclaren
  4. Management section on our website has been rinsed. All of Sarri's staff removed along with Zola. Cudicini, Hilario, Biosca and Scott McLachlan all that remain
  5. I am almost at the stage where Lampards announcement will be a case of "thank f**k for that" rather than "welcome home frank!"
  6. I reckon Lampard and the club "informally" agreed things weeks ago. via representatives or in the supposed meeting at st tropez. I have no doubt that via a 3rd party, he was told we wanted him and Sarri was off to Juventus. Derby giving him permission to speak to us last week does not mean we paid his compo that day, if anything id suspect we told them we will be paying it for sure, and therefore could we speak to Frank beforehand. Officially getting permission to speak is the endgame, its not done first like yrs ago (due to secret talks or whatever you want to call it) The FFP theory was bollocks. As Mel Morris said, he didnt return from holiday until Friday so id assume Monday was the earliest he had talks with us, formally. Hence Derby excusing him from training. But in reality, Lampard is already our manager and has been for at least a fortnight IMO Frank Lampard is our manager, he is sat at home now with a copy of his Chelsea FC contract. We just haven't announced it yet.
  7. Little off topic but said yesterday how carefree youth is full of sh*t and about as ITK as me, mentioned absolutely f**k all about RLC new deal; then as soon as Matt Law's article comes out this was his tweet The guy is so full of sh*t, he's hilarious. "Told i couldnt share it at the time" lol. like he was "told July 1st Frank announced due to FFP" absolute cretin
  8. i wouldnt believe the express on anything. We start pre season tomorrow dont we i thought? and Derby want a new manager in place by the time they fly to USA on Thursday. The whole announcement is due soon.
  9. Baffles me how that Carefree youth gets this rep as an ITK. He really isnt. I pointed out a few of his cock ups before and he just blocked me without defending himself. Take note, believe f**k all he says So ITK he had no idea Castilio was staying, no idea Kovacic was being signed, didnt mention one thing about Zola being offered ambassador role until it was in the media. "i can confirm Frank has signed the contract" nice of you to tweet that AFTER someone else already has Insisted Lampard's announcement would be last week, and even hinted at stadium tours potentially being cancelled... all totally wrong. He's a tool
  10. it would be a little weird. But he is 100% due back tomorrow with his staff. Why plan a pre season program knowing you're off
  11. well Frank is due back at Derby tomorrow for backroom staff preparations ahead of pre-season training on Monday. I kinda thought we'd have announced him by now. Many scenarios. If he turns up tomorrow is he just doing his duties, as we know he is a decent guy Will he be that arsed if he knows he is coming to us in a few days Would it even be worth him planning anything, really? I suspect both he and Jody know whats happening Will he even turn up?
  12. Nah he isn't turning us down, unless he genuinely doesnt think he is ready. But i doubt that Welcome home, Super Frank
  13. Thinking about it more, i think Lampard is a done deal in regards to him and the club. And i think once he gets back from St. Tropez, and is in the UK, it'll become more formal and Derby will get their pay off
  14. ability and skill, Zola easily. Alongside Bergkamp I think he is the best foreigner to play in the prem. Cantona just behind although still quality. I rated Ginola, too Just a magician, and i voted for him simply because i adored him. But I suppose it'd have to be Lampard really, record breaking goalscorer for club and premier league (from midfield)
  15. much as she sometimes drives me nuts, I would do unspeakable things to Marina. Never seen her hubby though, maybe shes single. hmmm

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