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  1. nah fifa would have to send us the written reasons within a timely manner id suspect. Even the CAS may contact them to say hurry up.
  2. well he is going to say that, he wants to play in the EL final. If he says yeh im off to chelsea, Arsenal are not going to use him
  3. however long FIFA want to take to send it. I'd imagine itll be soon ish as it gives us chance to appeal during window
  4. probably in charge of scouting and recruitment, would maybe be involved in negotiations along with marina. Needed a new sporting director badly IMO
  5. appears we have not appealed yet as we are waiting for the written reasons off FIFA.
  6. If he goes (sacked) i dont think it was a sudden decision. I think it'd been planned for a good few months that he would leave this summer. (if true obviiously) I said before he saved his job by the skin of his teeth this year. Playing RLC and CHO was a result of the dogs abuse fans gave him, as was his temporary Barkley/Kova sub stopping I see a lot on twitter annoyed he may go, but i know those same accounts have been sarri out a lot, too. Fickle fans, worst of the lot
  7. interesting topic of conversation. Never. ever. happening
  8. to be honest, no one knows if we have or haven't. If the reports are saying CAS could do it anyway off their own back, then why would we even ask, if its going to be frozen regardless, potentially Could be that we are waiting until after the final, could be waiting for the international window to open on June 9th. The board must surely know we cannot go into a season with this squad plus loanees. My god I read matt laws piece and he seems to cover all bases, he is not sticking his neck out at all. Simon Johnson in the Standard just regurgitates other peoples news, very rarely gets his own info
  9. Well the immediate action re. CAS is to notify of the intention to appeal. Which we did via a public statement. Then under Rule R37 we'd ask for it to be frozen allowing us to buy this window (this seems to have not happened yet, my guess is that it will eventually). I suspect our main hope overall is to get the ban reduced to 1 window rather than 2 As @Old Shaggy we are not banned from buying players, we are banned from registering them.
  10. Slightly agree with you, however if you own a club who are you going to back with huge funds. Genuine question now. Sarri or Pep? Sarri style of play is nothing new, its been around for years. We don't see it right now with us because the EPL is so different to the Serie A in terms of time on the ball, space, pace, aggression. That's a fact. That is why Sarri has to adapt to the prem and change things up, alternate, because the EPL certainly won't be adapting to him. When we are losing and/ or playing poor; , swapping Giroud for Higuain, Barkley for Kova, or Willian for Pedro shows a lack of ideas IMO. Why not change the formation, go 2 up top, try wingbacks, try Kante in his role and rest Jorginho now and then. Just show some flexibility That is my main gripe with Sarri. And the treatment of Cahill Da Silva, Aina, James, Abraham (apart from Swansea, where their fans were never convinced) have never played properly in the EPL. Going from the champ to prem is quite a jump for some players. Plus i think DaSilva and Aina have options to buy which have been taken, apparently. Sadly, my instinct is that Villa will buy Abraham if they go up, too
  11. Yeh, winning the scudetto with Juve seemed a normal thing to do after a while. I would like to see Lampard if Sarri has to go. May be too soon and people say he needs to prove himself at Derby, but what can he prove at Derby to make himself good enough for Chelsea? Nothing.
  12. he probably would if they offered him enough money. Pedulla seems to think he is 70% gone, and Juve are in talks, as are Milan. I think IF he goes, its going to be Allegri coming in. Unless Bayern take him
  13. I also hope he wins us the Europa league, it would be nice to see him win something with us
  14. Sarriball is absolute bollocks, it does not exist. There is no special brand of football that comes with Sarri. Complete nonsense. I think his Napoli team played nice football but it is not as simple as "wait until he signs his players", because the EPL in general is a more physical and faster league. The football has been on the most part, rubbish this year, its no denial. Sarri could do ok here if he starts to alter his changes, switch systems, try something new every now and then. Until then, forget it. This sounds stupid but some managers are suited to certain leagues and pace of football. AVB's worked better in Portugal, Sarri in Italy, Scolari at National level. That Italian journo who is close to Sarri, Pedulla, thinks he is 70% out the door. I would not be surprised given the disconnect between Sarri and fans. On twitter there is a cult following of Sarri which is fair enough, but they never wanted him as manager this time last year. It was the term "sarriball" which got their knickers wet. But it doesn't exist..... When we lose it's the players mentality, lack of concentration etc. When we win its because the players have learnt 'his' way of playing. That is one of the reasons why fans are fed up of him slightly. We were warned of all this by that Napoli expert in his blog
  15. true. I think July is the date where we could get an answer to the entire appeal. I believe some people have got confused and think July is when we will find out if it is frozen or not

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