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  1. I just think we're too easy to play against right now, the lack of attacking threat and slow passing gives the opposition confidence to commit more players knowing we won't punish them with a quick counter, theres no fear factor. It amazes me how a team with such pace up top doesn't have any counter attacking ability at all, I can't remember how many times the counter attack is on and we don't commit any players to support the player in possession and we just end up passing backwards to the centre backs. Most players are standing still or just jogging when receiving the ball, its possession
  2. Footballs rubbish anyway, I’m watching worlds strongest man instead
  3. I think mainly because we end up with a set front 3 with no real movement or rotation, apart from the out of ideas swapping of wingers. If we are to play with Giroud surely Werner needs to be close by to collect flick ons and play 1-2's, rather than playing really wide and isolated. I mean isn't this one of Girouds main strengths on top of heading from crosses?
  4. I think the main issue is we're not playing to his strengths. I've noticed many times when Werner would make a good run in behind and no-one would even noticed it, currently we just seem to recycle the ball until a crossing opportunity occurs then aim for Girouds head. I distinctively remember him last night swivelling in behind and James just turning back and passing backwards like as if the cross to Giroud isn't on we must try the opposite flank. I maybe wrong but didn't we mix up our play more earlier in the season? It seems since Girouds 4 goals all we do is cross to Giroud no matter w
  5. Interesting. Well Liverpool always getting an easy draw every year! Jammy Scouser's.
  6. Well that's a relief. We all know how Morata can change a game in an instant.
  7. I think the only think we need to worry about really is if Morata brings his A game, then we're in deep trouble.
  8. I have to say I'm starting to fall in love with Thiago Silva, who said he was too old!?
  9. Awesome. I’m jealous it must have been incredible.
  10. Something a bit more recent. Myles Kennedy 2 for the price of one.
  11. Only just discovered this part of the forum. Some great songs here. Feel I need to contribute. This is a song thats been stuck in my head for the last few days.
  12. It would be quite funny if Marina manages to buy Sancho for around £90 million next season, making Woodward look even more of a clueless prat.
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