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  1. Having only ever watched this lad in the final the other night what I would say is if Willan had given the ball away half as much and delivered similar sloppy set pieces as Benrahma did he would have been hung drawn and quartered. He hid for most of he match then when he did get involved he was selfish and wasteful. Maybe this was a bad day for him however this was against Fulham who are likely to be next seasons wiping boys. I'd rather give more opportunities to CHO and Anjorin.
  2. Hopefully Man Utd balls up this transfer and we buy him at a cut price next season.
  3. Heres hoping this guy will be the next bargain Spanish fullback after Dave and if he has half the impact Azpi did then we'll have a good player.
  4. I don’t like the idea of selling Kante. Imagine selling him to a rival like Man U that would be a disaster.
  5. Honestly someone just tw@t this ref in the face I don’t care how long the ban is.
  6. Come on someone just blast it into the top corner. One even this nob ref can rule out.
  7. The problem we have is asking too much for these players. Its a list of failed transfers and youth players that haven't made the cut they aren't going to magically increase in value the longer we keep them. I would prefer it if we take a bit less just to reduce the squad size and endlessly loaning out players we have no intention of using. I fear some of these are going to run down their contacts and leave for nothing anyway so best to just cash in while we can. Having said that from that list we shouldn't have too much problem selling Bakayoko and Emerson, a few rumours of interest flying about them two. Bats and Barkley should be easy sells if we choose to cash in. Thats possibly £80-100m we could spend on a couple of good players.
  8. Yeah I find it hard to make an opinion on goalkeepers without seeing them week in and week out. Sometimes not noticing the goalkeeper is sometimes a good think and means they're doing their job correctly. Wild punches and rushing out at the wrong time is not the kind of goalkeeper I would like, reliable and dependable please.
  9. In all honesty is this guy any good or is he just a young keeper who comes good in FIFA? He had a lot of hype around him because of the age he was when he made the first team which I admit was impressive, but that seems to have died down. Just thinking if a young Italian goalkeeper who was as talented as some say he is came on the scene Juve would have already signed him up? Has anyone watched him regularly to give an opinion on his strengths and weakness and anyone you would compare him to?
  10. I don't know how reliable whoscored are with their stats but they're saying he not good at catching crosses and long passing. Now I've not seen much of Onana so I can only really go off what others say, but if that's true then I'm not sure if he's the goalkeeper for us. Our current defence needs a keeper that will command the box and claim every ball that they can.
  11. Bayer 04 Leverkusen
  12. Does anybody know if theres anything in the rules which will allow us to tie a dead body to the frame of the goal?
  13. Let's be honest why would West Ham who are apparently struggling money wise want 2 high earners and a small fee for Rice? They want cash. Two highly payed players is the last think they need.

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