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  1. The Haaland saga to continue next summer.
  2. Does leaving by mutual consent mean he doesn't get his big payoff?
  3. When a team has top defenders like Juve and play that defensive it's difficult for any team to break down. Reminds me how we played with 10 men against Liverpool when one of the best attacks in Europe didn't make a single chance to score, at least last night we did create a couple. The main issue was the defensive lapse in concentration for their goal, other than that a draw away wouldn't have been too bad given Juves tactics. It just wasn't our night and we didn't play well, but these things happen.
  4. Meanwhile Bayern score another truck load of goals once again. Even create enough Coupo Moting is scoring.
  5. So late to the party guys, have I’ve I missed all the Alex Sandro jokes?
  6. Don’t worry it’s Saul Goodman
  7. I’ve always liked Saul from the limited amount of time I’ve seen of him, but I always assumed he had a decent goals/assist record relative to the position he plays. However after checking it’s not much better than what we currently have in centre mid. Good luck Saul
  8. So not full dodo yet then
  9. Saul may have kidney issues but how’s Drinkwaters liver holding up?
  10. Don’t worry he’s cuming
  11. Just imagine paying all that just to find out you've bought the Norwegian Andrej Kramarić (20 BL goals last season) and his stats are all padded out by the Bundesliga. Paying nearly £1 million a week for the next Henrikh Mkhitaryan would hurt. I'm happy with Lukaku now thanks.
  12. I feel like these comparison images are getting more and more extreme.
  13. You can tell lockdowns over all the dickheads are loose.
  14. All we need now is his fantasy football price.
  15. Just when I thought Kepa couldn’t get any worse…
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