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  1. Awesome. I’m jealous it must have been incredible.
  2. Something a bit more recent. Myles Kennedy 2 for the price of one.
  3. Only just discovered this part of the forum. Some great songs here. Feel I need to contribute. This is a song thats been stuck in my head for the last few days.
  4. It would be quite funny if Marina manages to buy Sancho for around £90 million next season, making Woodward look even more of a clueless prat.
  5. Wait a minute there’s an ignore list?! Tell me how this magic works? Well that’s if you can see this, and I’m not on your substantially large sounding ignore list.
  6. To be honest I'm a little surprised by the direction this thread has taken. I noticed the large amount of posts on here expecting lots of praise for Mason, but it turns out not to be the case. What has the lad done wrong? I mean if you had to pick your player of the season right now who would it be? For me it has to be Mount. Why is he being replaced with players who have done nothing to deserve his spot? Havertz has only shown small glimpses of what he's apparently capable of and Ziyech has never kicked a ball in the Premier League, how are they automatically ahead of Mount, because th
  7. To be honest I didn't know anything about the extension period, I only looked it up after it was mentioned on here. Strange rule, I'm guessing it might help the EFL clubs in some way.
  8. Premier League clubs will only be able to trade with EFL clubs, either loans or permanent registrations during the additional period.
  9. I'm convinced, playing for Ireland has done it for me. Stuff Declan Rice lets stick with someone who is patriotic and loyal like our very own Brazilian - Jorginho.
  10. Yeah I’m sick to death of footballers all a bunch of greedy bastards Werner - Could have stayed at Leipzig, had an opportunity to win the Champions League. He turned it down to come to Chelsea early, why? Because he would get paid more - GREED! CHO - Could have taken the first contract offer he was given, but no he waited for better offers forcing the club to give him more money - GREED Mount - Born and bred in Portsmouth should be playing for them right now, but no at a young age he was already plotting he’s future of gluttony, ideas of playing for a big club that paid BIG wages. W
  11. Remember Jean Michaël Seri plenty going mad for him a couple of seasons ago? Probably could get him now for around £2.50 nowadays.... anyone.... no?
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