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  1. Let me think back to when I was 19. However this time I had my own home where I could do what I wanted, my Dad wasn't sending me out on my bike knocking round for jobs, and rather than the Kays catalogue I had a magical device that could deliver hot women to my door step like a pizza delivery service - yeah I think I may have broken lockdown - a few times - a week Just to be clear if there's any hint of rape or battery then it doesn't matter how old you are you should know better, that's not a mistake, thats being a nasty little sh*t.
  2. This is the point we might as well be completely out of lockdown the way people are carrying on. Mostly idiots that have been trusted to act sensibly or people misinterpreting the confusing rules from the government. If anything this is a good precursor to how people will act if football is played at the stadiums, and that is they cannot be trusted one bit. No doubt in my mind the same prats at the beaches will be outside the stadiums every game.
  3. The thing that annoys me the most is the UK had a heads up of what was coming from other countries, we had the opportunity to take action early and close the country down before things got too serious. However we listened to the money and refused to do anything until it was too late. Now we are opening up too quickly and listening to the money yet again. The irony is that listening to the money men in the end is probably going to cost more in the long run, and it is us the general public who are going to end up paying back the money after the governments screw up.
  4. 'Small, carefully measured, step-wise approaches to see what can be achieved safely' - Then cram 30 matches in every week. Sounds like a well thought out and safe plan.
  5. Is that next seasons home kit? Where the urban camo effect?
  6. I wonder if this includes full team training?
  7. Apparently Clubs will be presented with proposals to test players and officials at least twice a week, if the government approves plans for them to return to full training. This could be 20,000+ testing kits just to finish the season! This is the most ridiculous selfish nonsense I've heard so far. Surely we should have enough to test all NHS staff, Care home workers, teachers, shop workers, and anyone else who's at risk before we even think about testing footballers. Oh don't worry though 'The tests will be paid for by the Premier League and privately sourced, so it does not take any resources from public health needs', BOLLOCKS the premier League should source those 20,000 kits and give them to the needed, bunch of twats.
  8. I've been ok with the Jorginho deep lying playmaker experiment, but I think its time to give the defence some help and stick Kante back in at defensive midfield. We don't have a pair of centre backs that can keep a clean sheet regularly and that's not going to change this season, but we do have the best defensive midfielder in the world why not use him. When he's fit Frank needs to stick him in his best position and tighten up our defence, we've conceded too many preventable goals. On the up side we are 1 point closer to 3rd.
  9. I thought we went for Oblak before Kepa, but he wanted to stay at Atletico.
  10. If we are to play that system we have the worlds best in Kante.
  11. Who would we be competing with for his signature? Assuming we are willing to pay the transfer fee and his wages Man Utd - If he is a Chelsea fan and good mates with CHO I can't see him choosing them over us. Man City - This ban is probably going to put a lot of big players off. Liverpool - I don't think they are looking for another winger, but I could be wrong. Real Madrid & Barca - If they have the money they are both an option. PSG - If the lad has any ambition he should stay clear, but they do have the money to make the transfer happen. Bayern - I don't think they will spend the money Juve - Could be a good option given the new competition from Inter. Inter - An outside chance but I don't they would be in the race. For me Real, Barca, and PSG will be the main competition that could beat us to his signature.
  12. Maguire knew exactly what he was doing. You don’t purposely straighten your leg when someone is falling on you unless you want to hurt them. The kick out from Son was less dangerous and was deemed a red card.
  13. Good lesson for the kids out there, kick someone in the balls and you can still score the winning goal.
  14. The Sun in my opinion is very reliable, it rises and sets at the predicted time everyday for as long as I've known, and even before that I've been told.

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