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  1. Not getting too complacent, but we can still put all our efforts into top 4 qualification without having to go full on in the EL for now and more games for CHO and RLC. Couldn't have gone better.
  2. I'm struggling to motivate myself to watch the remainder of this match
  3. Say what you will about Sarri's tactics or inability to motivate the players, but the players alone in the 2nd half gave up on the game after their 2nd went in. There is nothing the manager can say at that point to motivate them, it was up to them to up the intensity and drive on to come back and not take losing as a possibility. It look to me like the players rolled over instead. Maybe they aren't confident with the tactics, struggling to make them work. Not enough creativity and directness, no one make runs/movement, too much stopping, slowing down and backwards passing. Clearly this isn't what Sarri wants. From Sarri's time at Napoli they were described as playing beautiful fast attacking football far from what we are playing now. That's what 'Sarriball' is suppose to be. I just don't know if the players aren't capable of adapting to it or the style isn't working in the Premier League. Hopefully it just needs more time for both to adapt.
  4. Not sure who it was but I remember some pundit saying the Chelsea players only seem up for it if the league title is within our grasp. I'm starting to think there is something in this, at the start of the season when we were a couple of points from the top we played some great stuff and looked motivated, now there is no chance we look disinterested. It's funny how we suddenly get a better performance in the cup games after looking flat in the league. Maybe Sarri has a point.
  5. I'm thinking this is a made up story. How does anyone know Bayern have guaranteed him first team football (if thats even a thing) if they are not allowed to speak to him? If it is true the offer will still be there come the summer so stick it out and see how it goes, he must have some love for the club to give it at least another 6 months. In Rashfords breakout season he made 18 appearances according to wiki, and that was mainly down to a striker injury crisis at Utd. CHO has 10 appearances so far and most of them have come recently. So I'd say there is a positive progression there. I think the club is in a difficult position, it needs to get CL football for all kinds of reasons including convincing Eden to stay, but also give game time and gamble on a lad who's just turned 18. We may be able to do both but its risky and I think the club would take the CL money and resign Hazard over CHO.
  6. The 3 Champions/Europa League winners above.
  7. Yossi Benayoun, Raul Meireles, Torres? Liverpool have sold us many of their best players.
  8. Eddie Howe just said no one has contacted them about any of their players this window. Seems this is a load nonsense. Makes you think who came up with the £50-75 Million?
  9. DarkMata


    I can't see how we could possibly do any better than this with the current situation and players available. I'm happy. It might not work, but every transfer has its risks. In all honesty I think don't think Sarri wants an all out striker I think he would prefer more a number 10/forward in the mould of a Griezmann or Dybala. Probably not going to get them so who would be the next big players in this type of role? I don't think Hazard is the answer and I think Sarris now in agreement.
  10. Thats right. I remember hoping for him to score every week. Reminds me of the current situation, but unlike Morata he just didn't get to the point where I'd completely given up hope.
  11. Surprised no ones mentioned Casiraghi. Scored the legendary goal that crushed Phil Babbs manhood.
  12. No Thanks we don't need your unwanted crap. We will take £50m in the summer for him no swaps. Pulisic is his replacement. We don't need another teams reject clogging up our squad again. We can then use the money to buy a player we actually want/need.
  13. Just thinking does the Guinness guy come round with a certificate when you break the world record transfer fee? Or at least a certificate in the post? Ha that made me think wouldn't it be funny if Liverpools Guinness world record certificate just turned up in the post today.
  14. Seems we've had no good loans at all, although we can claim we once had a ballon d'or winner play for us. Hopefully this will be the first. Good luck Mateo.

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