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  1. Jeez I thought we’d bought Grealish or something by the amount of posts here. Probably sums up our transfer window so far that the most active posts are on Jack Grealish to City. I couldn’t care less to be honest.
  2. This is how I see the 3 French lads signed this window Konaté - Only played a couple of months of football. Scouser's think they got Upamecano Varane - Carried by Sergio Ramos for Years. Premier League is going to hit him hard! Koundé - Carried Sevilla single handedly by himself in defence and attack. All the pros of a young David Luiz without the flaws. Turn down Spurs, world class already.
  3. Come on guys we need even more pessimism to get this transfer over the line keep it coming. I just want to add Spurs will probably reveal him as a Kane replacement when he signs for City. Oh and don't forget Andy Carroll is a free agent at the moment, I mean he looks similar to Giroud I suppose... Well if you threw he down six flight of stairs, I guess?
  4. It can't be all coincidence Too many things are evident You tell me you're an unbeliever Spiritualist? Well, me I'm neither But wouldn't you like to know the truth? Of what's out there, to have the proof? And find out just which side he's on Where would he end up at Dortmund or he'll be here?
  5. So Dortmund will now reject our first bid, and wait patiently for the £20 million add ons to be included. Roman won’t be happy, Mr leaker will be swimming with the fish’s tonight
  6. It's all part of the Shed end transfer cycle. Phase 1 - We need to identify proven world class talent in the areas we need to most, if we can't get them then wait until the next window. Don't waste money on dross. Phase 2 - Linked with World class talent. Most agree he will be tremendous, we'll win the quadruple. Phase 3 - This comes in 2 variations - No chance we'll sign said world class talent, or why spend £300 million on him when we can get unknown one season wonder for half the price (stats graph supplied) Phase 4 - JUST SIGN SOMEBODY!! If we don't sign anyone right now the seasons over, we're relegated. Phase 5 - After finally signing some random blokes off eBay, excellent signing (obligatory stats table showing he's somehow better than the original world class guy attached) this guy is going to win us the league. Amazing job stealing him from under the noses of QPR and West Brom. He's turns out World class on FIFA. Phase 6 - This one is usually mid season when the bloke bought from eBay is rumoured to be going out on loan in January. Why do we keep buying randoms off eBay! I keep saying only buy world class talent. Then the cycle begins once again.
  7. I completely agree. Absolutely no chance. Come on Chelsea put a ****ing bid in for the giant ****er. Plessseee! Lets do this!! Yeah, absolute no chance. Not in a million years mate.
  8. It amazes me how fans are surprised when it always seems to always end in a penalty shoot out like its some kind of curse, its because we basically play for them every time. Every big game is the same we end up watching the opposition play football knowing penalties are looming and do nothing about it. I bet all the players feel like they should have gone for it, that they could have done more to win the game, to take more risks, just like every England player in the last 20 years has thought on the way out of a tournament. At least in 96' and 98' we went out swinging. Disappointed, but not surprised.
  9. Not a fan of a Backa-yardo?
  10. The shirt sales paying for a player is a common misconception probably create by Real Madrid back in the Galacticos days to cover their overspending. Nike pays us a set amount up front to make our kits say £80 million then takes virtually all the profit per shirt sale, leaving us with a small percentage. Furthermore, signing a star player doesn’t lead to as many new kits being sold as you think. No doubt there will be a small increase in shirts sold, but it's more likely those who were already planning on purchasing a shirt will choose to get the new player’s name on the back, rather than an existing player. I'm pretty sure Haalands wages would eat up those profits in a couple of months. If I can remember correctly I'm sure we had similar small/sparse rumours on the Havertz signing last year with many doubting we'd sign him. We only got him at the start of September so plenty of time yet.
  11. Cudicini and Di Matteo not make your list? I'd have to reluctantly add Di Canio too.
  12. I going to go one step further and say we are going to stump up the money for Haaland and off set the cost by signing Mbappe on a free next season, essentially getting them both for a combined bargain price of £150m! Source - My fantastical imagination
  13. My question is which team is going to follow the age old tradition of buying a duff player just off their summer tournament performance? .....Denzel Dumfries anyone!?!
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