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  1. Can we just square some of these opportunities for the easy goal? Everyone wants to score the winner. Just put the game to bed for god sake!
  2. Tuchel needs to do 3 on 3 and 2 on 2 drills everyday next week until week can consistently make the right decisions. We are shocking when it comes to the final ball/run
  3. Just shovelled down my dinner ready for the big game. Come on you Blues!
  4. Well that was rubbish. I think this is probably the right time to create our own break away league with no 0-0’s
  5. It reminds me of that delusional Iraqi general who was constantly reporting on wining battles and destroying planes and tanks, as the British and American tanks where rolling in in the background.
  6. Glad that’s all over. Back to the match day thread. Come on Chelsea!
  7. I don't know maybe its like the lady of your life who you've had many magical moments and experiences with does the dirty and leaves you for a wealthy fat American. You can move on and find someone else, or you could just follow her around saying thinks like 'you can change' and 'things could be like they used to be'.
  8. Getting back to the main issue here, the guy who made this clearly mixed up the Man Utd and Chelsea girls!
  9. So last year the league was nearly cancelled due to a pandemic with thousands dying and losing their jobs, the next year it's on the brink of collapse due to some rich guys trying to get richer by breaking away from the poor clubs. You can't write this stuff.
  10. It's okay, I feel like I might have gone a little too far with my team names earlier.
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