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  1. No point debating whether Lampard is being fully backed when he's yet to make a transfer. I wouldn't be making any transfers anyway given the options available and that could well be Lampard opinion. If we are going to drag up past mangers as a forecast for future transfer backing then using the most recent manager as an example would be most logical and Sarri was well backed in my opinion.
  2. What I don't understand is in that game the first Arsenal goal was a one on one with the goal keeper surely that on its own is more than 0.39 chance of a goal.
  3. I'm not really a stats man but this expected points table is interesting. Shows we are expected to be doing better than we are, less silly mistakes and more clinical in front of goal and we can easily achieve these stats. Importantly also shows Liverpool have been very lucky this season.
  4. Guy that Scouted Bakayoko straight swap for Messi and Griezmann
  5. It must be a 'Real rumour' he plays for Real.
  6. So he did, you must be a bigger fan of Willian than me!
  7. Come on Putin Shakhtar Donetsk is Ukrainian. Anyway who doesn't like Willian?
  8. Where's Tom we need a daily update?
  9. Rumours that Frank wants David Alba. Maybe a summer transfer though after the Bayern coach said they won't sell him in January. Not seen much of him recently but when I have he looks a quality player and only 18 months left on his contract apparently.
  10. I understand the Spurs thing, but I was meaning more of every past Mourinho move is constantly talked about unlike any manager before.
  11. To be honest Mangers never have the same loyalty/relationship as players, especially now a days they're never at clubs long enough. Name 1 manager we've had in the Roman era apart from maybe Di Matteo (maybe cause he was a player) that wouldn't take the Spurs job if it was the best option they had? His appointment as Spurs manager doesn't really bother me, I still have great memories of Mourinho's time here, but I don't need him to love Chelsea I've moved on. Maybe at the end of his career he may realise that Chelsea was the greatest club he managed, but again that doesn't really bother me either. Move on people you all sound like that guy who keeps talking about their ex.
  12. Just a little tongue in cheek really, they are all new individual players with their own future to create. It's looking very bright at the moment, but I'm still not getting carried away. We have a long season ahead for dips in form and the initial new manager boost to maybe fade.
  13. Bakayoko only has 1 yellow card in 6 matches! We've made a big mistake loaning him out. Lampard out.

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