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  1. DarkMata

    Callum Wilson

    Eddie Howe just said no one has contacted them about any of their players this window. Seems this is a load nonsense. Makes you think who came up with the £50-75 Million?
  2. DarkMata


    I can't see how we could possibly do any better than this with the current situation and players available. I'm happy. It might not work, but every transfer has its risks. In all honesty I think don't think Sarri wants an all out striker I think he would prefer more a number 10/forward in the mould of a Griezmann or Dybala. Probably not going to get them so who would be the next big players in this type of role? I don't think Hazard is the answer and I think Sarris now in agreement.
  3. DarkMata

    Will we sign a striker?

    Thats right. I remember hoping for him to score every week. Reminds me of the current situation, but unlike Morata he just didn't get to the point where I'd completely given up hope.
  4. DarkMata

    Will we sign a striker?

    Surprised no ones mentioned Casiraghi. Scored the legendary goal that crushed Phil Babbs manhood.
  5. DarkMata

    Malcolm in the Middle...of a Transfer Rumour

    No Thanks we don't need your unwanted crap. We will take £50m in the summer for him no swaps. Pulisic is his replacement. We don't need another teams reject clogging up our squad again. We can then use the money to buy a player we actually want/need.
  6. DarkMata

    Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Just thinking does the Guinness guy come round with a certificate when you break the world record transfer fee? Or at least a certificate in the post? Ha that made me think wouldn't it be funny if Liverpools Guinness world record certificate just turned up in the post today.
  7. DarkMata

    Mateo Kovacic

    Seems we've had no good loans at all, although we can claim we once had a ballon d'or winner play for us. Hopefully this will be the first. Good luck Mateo.
  8. DarkMata

    Mateo Kovacic

    Forgot about those 2. I was thinking back to the mighty Ricardo Quaresma, pretty sure that was a loan.
  9. DarkMata

    Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Never watched him play but even in his highlights reel he seems to spill the ball a lot. Is he good with his feet? For the price quoted I'd throw in the extra and get Oblak
  10. DarkMata

    Little Fekir

    I think we need to add another goal scorer to the team. Kovacic isn't the man for that. Worryingly at the moment I can only see Hazard getting double figures, hopefully Sarri can get Michy playing like he did at Dortmund.
  11. DarkMata

    Little Fekir

    Rumours Gathering on this, probably down to him being left out of the friendly tonight or panic due to the impending transfer window slamming shut. Seems a popular choice on this forum and doesn't seem like a difficult transfer to pull off.
  12. DarkMata


    I'm a fan of Willian, unstoppable on his day and yes I agree he's inconsistent, but he's put in a great service for the club over the years. Sad if this is going through, however I think this is the right time to sell given his age and the rumoured transfer fee. I do think this will drag on though, and that we will be trying to secure a replacement before this goes through. Its been along time since we've bought a young fast tricky player, the kind that gets you excited for the match in the way Hazard does.
  13. DarkMata

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Finally starting to get excited for the new season. Looking forward to us playing some fearless Pep/Klopp style attacking football with splashes of Dutch total football and 1970's Brazilian Samba thrown in for good measure.
  14. DarkMata

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I don't have a problem with his lack of trophies. Actually I find his pathway to the top of management from amateur level a success all on it's own, and while sticking to beautiful football too. An achievement greater than the odd trophy won with a team that should be winning them regardless of who's in charge. How many managers have moved so high up the managerial ladder in such a short period of time? Klopp, Pep, Pochettino etc all got their first management role for established teams in the top divisions without questioning their trophy collection. Maybe the drive to win his first trophy will be a great motivation for him.
  15. DarkMata

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Felt a little sad for Conte watching that video. Sorry it didn't work out and thanks for the trophies Antonio.