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  1. Probably out for 3 months. Guy is made of glass
  2. PGMOL now confirmed that VAR did check it and waved it away. Surprising, to say the least. #CFC #MUNCHE
  3. United look so comfortable and dangerous when counter attacking
  4. A goal is there for us. Just need abit of quality
  5. We really could do with a win after our slowish start
  6. I don’t mind G Nev. He’s always honest about how he views the game.
  7. Fancy Werner vs Maguire. I hope Frank has warned them about their tackling in the box with United getting so many penalties
  8. I like line up. United got James and Rashford up front - clearly wanting to just counter attack with their pace.
  9. Really hope we beat these. They annoy me with their constant penalties
  10. Hopefully the cleans sheets when Mendy and Sliva are playing are a thing to come. In the 3 times they have played together, we have kept 3 clean sheets. This seems to be a positive move forward.
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