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  1. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has given his personal assurances that Frank Lampard “will be allowed at least two seasons to prove his worth” — or at least two (actual, non-transfer banned) transfer windows — once he officially takes over from Maurizio Sarri, which looks to be happening imminently.
  2. Frank Lampard AGREES to begin his Premier League managerial career at Chelsea after receiving assurances from Roman Abramovich. - @DuncanCastles Sunday Times
  3. Last of Us 2 apparently scheduled for February 2020. Gonna be mega.
  4. Derby in the Championship 2018/19 (ratio rankings): 9th - Shots 3rd - Shots on-target 18th - Shots in the box 19th - xG 16th - xG from open play 18th - Touches in the box 10th - Deep completions 22nd - Very deep completions 5th - Possession Should we pay any attention to these stats? We saw with Ole that the “feel good factor” wears off unless it is replaced with real quality coaching. Someone provide some reassurances..
  5. There were certain traits of Sarri that I liked - mainly his honesty. I liked us playing 4-3-3 again as well. However the main thing for me is that Sarri does not come across as a winner. Yes he may have won a trophy but in the pressured moments, you can see he loses it. I don’t want a Chelsea manager who is an unlucky loser.
  6. Is Cech still technically at Arsenal or has he joined us? Or is it still a rumour at this stage?
  7. Chelsea want to make a swift appointment now that Sarri’s situation has been resolved and Frank Lampard looks certain to make a dream return to west London, costing Chelsea £4 million in compensation. - The Evening Standard Looking like we will actually make a profit on this manager swap. Marina is incredible.
  8. Hopefully with the club being abit concerned that it’s a little early for Lampard, they will put some proper support and strategy in place. Having Cech come back as well should help. Im nervous for Frank - I just hope he doesn’t do an Ole.
  9. Knowing Marina, we’ll probably end up making a profit on this deal. I presume the compensation we get for Sarri will go on releasing Lampard which probably won’t be as money.
  10. Juventus sporting director Fabio Paratici is in London to resolve the last couple of stumbling blocks and finalise the release of #Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri. [Calciomercato]
  11. Juventus sporting director Fabio Paratici is in London to resolve the last couple of stumbling blocks and finalise the release of #Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri. [Calciomercato]
  12. No you’re right and Sarri is leaving while his stock his high. For him, the Juve job may never come round again and he probably knows that Chelsea will sack him at some point.
  13. I guess there is 2 aspects of football management: 1) Man Management 2) Tactical / Abilty to improve / change the quality of play With OGS, he clearly relied on his man management to get the players firing again. It worked for a period but he hasn’t improved them tactically. Even their win against PSG was down to United taking their 2 chances. It was not down to OGS tactics or United’s quality of play. Clearly from his time with derby, Frank has shown an ability to connect with players and motivate. I guess our and the clubs concern might be whether he is able to improve us tactically.
  14. Juventus-Sarri announcement expected by Thursday (tomorrow). [SportItalia] #CFC #Chelsea must first agree with Frank Lampard to free Maurizio Sarri - Juventus will pay compensation to free him from the Blues. [Di Marzio] #CFC
  15. It’s safe to say that whoever gets the job, it will be a tough job for them with the ban and poor/limited options.

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