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  1. Gotta say, I don’t miss Tibo one bit. Not the signing we thought we were getting.
  2. The race for top 4 is certainly interesting and starting to take shape now. Given Uniteds and Chelsea’s situation, You would think that Spurs and Arsenal would be nailed on this year for top 4 but so far, it’s not looking like that. Long way to go yet. Hopefully Leicester will fall away soon.
  3. United playing well so far. Got the goal. I’m sure loserpool will come back into it though.
  4. Predictions for the United v Liverpool game? I think it could be a painful day for united fans.
  5. Never gonna happen. You can’t say he would fit Franks profile of a player either. next.
  6. PS5 officially confirmed for Christmas 2020. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-49978577
  7. In someways, his situation is quite similar to Batsyhui. While the The goals and assists matter, it’s about his overall contribution to the team over 90 mins that’s important. Look at Mount and Willian the way the way they press. I’m guessing though..Frank knows the real reason.
  8. Ole really needed a win today to relive abit of pressure. Unfortunately it has heaped it on more. It’s getting worse and worse for him and United. I would think that United would want Poch but would be hesitant to pay the fee for him. Allegri would be great I think but I’m not sure if they would go for a “defensive manager” after Jose. Outside of that, I’m not sure who else there is.
  9. The Last of Us Remastered is free this month on PS Plus. Good free game.
  10. Fantastic finish by PEA. He’s the striker we should have signed instead of Morata.
  11. I started a new game on Hard++ but I’ve lost the motivation to replay the whole story. As you said, it’s really long!

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