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  1. JM7

    Random Rumours

    And generally speaking, players are better when they are young and on the upward curve than old and downward curve. There must be younger players who the club have identified.
  2. JM7

    Random Rumours

    I don’t understand..surely there must be 1 striker in the WHOLE WORLD who could improve us? Surely the scouts must have some up and coming players to get? How can we only be linked with Cavani and Dembele?
  3. It is very frustrating that even if we had won just 2 more games, we would 12 points ahead - 12 POINTS. Pick any game - West Ham, Brighton, Arsenal...any of them.
  4. Amazing that we’ve actually gained points on United from last night.
  5. As the red card, we didn’t control the game at all. In fact, we looked worse. We had no control or measure of the game. It showed that in the 88th min, we’re hoofing the ball around rather than kicking out. It looked inevitable that they would score unfortunately. Blaming individual players isn’t going to help though.
  6. The board need to come up with some signings if they want too 4. Things are unraveling quickly.
  7. How many times do the players need learn? Do they need to learn the hard way?
  8. Likely an 86th min equaliser with Arsenals first shot on target.
  9. I think the only possible way that you sell Kante is if it close to a maximum price as possible. Looking £100m MIN. secondly, you only sell Kante if you can use the money to buy a guaranteed, quality signing - think Augero for City or Lampard for us. of course, there’s no way to guarantee it. outside of them 2 reasons, forget it.
  10. JM7

    Random Rumours

    PSG confirmed that Cavani has handed in a transfer request. Rumours that Ath Madrid are in for him. Not convinced that club go for this deal either loan or permanent. Too old, high wages etc.
  11. JM7

    Next window

    I can kind of understand Lampard not playing Giroud as he’s slow but I don’t understand sliding Pedro who on his day is a good finisher and energetic.

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