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  1. Huge for Spurs if he does. Can’t see many takers unfortunately. His price tag will be too much for age.
  2. Need more from Havertz. Haven’t seen much from him at all
  3. Forgotten how annoying Courtious face is. Screwed us over big time.
  4. Anyone know how Porto play? Are they a park the bus type of team or will they go for it? While they did beat Juventus, I think Juve are a poor team this year under Pirlo.
  5. Some big performances needed to secure 4th. I can’t see Spurs or Everton getting 4th. However Liverpool and West Ham are the main threats. Based on where we were under Frank, we’ve done well to be in with a shout. We now need a huge effort over the next 8 games to get 4th.
  6. Rice out for a month. Hopefully that will dent West Ham’s top 4 chances.
  7. Some of the numbers being banded around for Haaland are ridiculous. Honestly can’t see any club being able to pay it apart from City. Especially can’t see Chelsea paying it with Marina is charge of the £.
  8. I guess we’ll see whether the new manager bounce is over or not.
  9. Let’s hope Wolves can get something tomorrow. If they do, our loss won’t be quite so bad. Liverpool have gained ground and look quite solid at the minute..but the rest all dropped points.
  10. Spurs in top 4 as it stands on goal difference. The draw v Leeds and loss against WBA has really hurt us - just when it looked like we were making 4th our own.
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