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  1. JM7

    Random Rumours

    £20m? Doubt we would get him for that price and I’m not sure he would be much of an upgrade.
  2. Someone tell Bayern to chill out and relax. I don’t think they have much to worry about.
  3. To be fair, not sure I’d fancy playing in this game.
  4. Barcelona await us in the next round once we’ve got this match out of the way.
  5. Honestly, What is Bale on at Real. What a waste of a career. I get that he might not want to give up his salary but he would get a payoff and is undoubtedly set for life. Him and Zidiane are both childish.
  6. Anyone played Fall Guys yet? I tried to get on last night but servers were full. Also, has anyone played Ghost of Tsushima yet?
  7. In some ways, it was how realistic it was. Not many bullets, the puzzles etc. Proper tough.
  8. Real Madrid left-back Sergio Reguilon is in talks to join Chelsea, with discussions already at an advanced stage. - @RodrigoFaez/@alexkirkland
  9. I played RE 2. I’d forgotten how hard it was. Hardest game ever.
  10. Slowly making my way through The Last of Us 2. Been abit slow for me so far. Not really enjoyed it.
  11. The first and away kit aren’t too bad this year - it’s just the awful sponsor. Having the 3 on there really does ruin it. I always thought Man United’s kit were ruined by the Chevrolet logo. Doesn’t look right. You need a logo that looks clean and not too stand out.
  12. I find the whole Emerson a strange situation. Seems to be highly rated back in Italy with a number of clubs looking at him. Admittedly, he hasn’t been fantastic with us but then he hasn’t been awful. Odd one.
  13. Frank should just have a quiet word with the manager and say we’ll settle for a boring 0-0 draw.

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