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  1. JM7

    Timo Werner

    I suspect it’s a little more complex than simply just putting £50m on the table. He will be negotiating with a lot of clubs trying to secure the best deal. He may very well have said no to us. I mean, at this stage, we’re not favourites for any elite trophies and we’re pushing 4th. Compare us to the current Liverpool team, there’s no comparison unfortunately It’s amazing how quickly you can fall down the pecking order.
  2. Anyone seen the gameplay for Last of Us 2? Looks incredible.
  3. Yeah that’s it - you find this item 1, then you need find item 2 to build item 3. It’s just goes on. My last few games haven’t really worked out. Zombie trilogy and NMS have been disappointing. Desperately need something new to play
  4. I’m a few hours into No Mans Sky. It’s a massive game and they’ve done it well. The only downside is that you literally have to build everything- nothing is automatic so there’s a lot of crafting and collecting. It becomes quite tiresome in the end. Not sure that I really be bothered to continue with it unfortunately
  5. Only disappointment was the landscape could have been a lot more interesting. It was all very bland and samey.
  6. That moment you throw a napalm bomb is the moment it all kicks off. Boom. I tried to replay but always struggle to replay games.
  7. How did you get on with the Sawmill horde? That was an unbelievable horde. So scary. Only sad thing was that the hordes got a lot easier the more stamina you had. It’s all about the running.
  8. The hordes in Days Gone were intense battles !
  9. Days Gone was fantastic, same with Spiderman.
  10. Anyone seen the trailer for Ghost of Tsushima? Looks incredible.
  11. Whilst i understand playing behind closed doors, i don’t understand the reasoning for neutral venues. Only reason is that they can control things better with neutral venues? If not, just let clubs play in their stadium and give strict cleaning instructions
  12. Just started playing No Man’s Sky. Decent so far
  13. If anyone has kids, Lego ninjago is currently free on PS store
  14. That 3 logo really is ugly. A poor sponsor logo really ruin a shirt
  15. I presume that’s not official?

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