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  1. Unfortunately I think we will still see a strongish line up. can’t see Sarri making whole sale changes.
  2. JM7

    Eden Hazard

    Think it’s likely that this will be his last season with us unless Real decide not to make a move in the summer. In someways, as much I will miss him, it will be nice when it’s over as it’s like a constant cloud hanging over the club like Courtious. When they move, it feels fresh and everyone moves on. The only thing that I am bothered about is what sort of price we get. Rumours that the club are looking for £170m. Would we get that with a player who has 1 year left on his contract? I guess if average players like Richarlison are going for £50m then it’s possible. Be interesting to see what happens if Real are priced out of a move as well.
  3. JM7

    That Sterling Incident

    Love how no-one reminds Rio of his racist remarks to Ashley Cole - pure hypocrite. The media have immediately jumped on the racism narrative. The 3 guys look embarrassing shouting abuse at a player like that and should be banned if it is racist.
  4. JM7

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Great to see him finally proving his quality and forcing his way into the team. Previously he was given minutes because he was “youth” and a great prospect, now he’s getting minutes because he’s earning them.
  5. Wow, Morata not even on the bench. Serves him right.
  6. WE actually played well but this team cannot finish. Mortata scores that tap in after 45 mins then it’s game over. Willian scores his 2 chances, it’s game over. The lack of a quality striker is hurting us badly and has proved so tonight.
  7. Thing is, Sarri’s plan Is largely working. Morata buries that chance after HT and it’s game over.
  8. True. We should lost a few games. Honeymoon period definitely over for Sarri. Time for him to show how good he actually is.
  9. Why give the foul away Alonso. Absolutely stupid.
  10. Gone to pot since the goals. So frustrating.
  11. Willian can’t complain about that. Wasn’t a foul.
  12. Disgraceful. This game should be over by now. We’ve let them back in.
  13. Wolves on a tight rope with their yellows
  14. I don’t like being critical but....Morata.