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  1. Yeah lots of reports saying “proposed personal terms” have been agreed. Basically we’ve spoken with him but we haven’t agreed with a deal with Inter yet.
  2. Where do you think this leaves the academy? I know Tuchel said he’s a fan of younger players but do we think that’s the end of it for now? Reece, Mount and CHO are in the first team, we’re likely to see Tammy sold and Gilmour May go out on loan. Outside of that, I don’t really see many other opportunities for youth products to come through. The “pathway” that Frank and Jody built seems to have been dissembled.
  3. Spurs still no closer to signing a manager. No idea where they go after Conte said no.
  4. Generally speaking, the signings that work out well are the £30-50m signings. Alot of the £100m signings have flopped. We did really well last year to sign young hungry players. I hope we don’t go money crazy.
  5. Seems like a huge amount of figures. Given Kante is our top earner on £290 p/w, how do the club justify £500 p/w? Probably a matter of time that he would want to go to Real as well. Also, given our record of ruining strikers, i don’t have much confidence
  6. I always thought Eddie Howe would be a good fit for Spurs. I know he’s not a glamorous manager like Jose, Conte that Spurs desire but thought he could do well there.
  7. Surely Tuchel can use Tammy. He’s shown enough over 2 seasons that he’s got a few goals in him. Just needs to be taught how to play Tuchel’s system. He’s still young. I would rather try to use Tammy than buy an average striker.
  8. Deals off, Conte not going to Spurs. Phew. Apparently Conte refused to work with the younger players. Not sure where Spurs go from here. Martinez maybe after the Euros? Really can’t think of anyone else.
  9. Really hope he doesn’t go there but there’s strong rumours it’s close. Strange thing is that Levy wrote a couple of weeks ago that he was looking for an attacking manager. Doesn’t seem right.
  10. Really pleased for Apzi as club captain. It’s felt like there’s been a lot of criticism about his captaincy and this team not having a winning mentality
  11. Ha - yes I’ve collected 2 of those so far. What I liked was having to search for them and they’re hidden. Nice quirk.
  12. I’m still very early on so my fighting abilities are still very limited. Odyssey was very good but the flaws were very easy to spot. Seems they’ve fixed them.
  13. @Blueblur loving AC Valhalla. So much more polished than Odyssey and the world seems incredible and massive. Plus it feels like you’re playing Games of Thrones!
  14. Fantastic game and they’ve kept it going by adding lots of content. I played when it was first out and it’s a shame I’ve missed the newer content (never fancy replaying games). I just wish it was 3rd person as I’m not a fan of first person games generally
  15. I think it’s Lukaku all the way. I don’t see the other strikers leaving or they will overpriced. Haaland will want ridiculous wages. I don’t see the club paying £60m for Lewy either. Lukaku is 27-28 and is proven in the PL. Inter apparently want £100m for him but I reckon we can get him for £80m-ish.
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