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  1. Given our poor run of form alongside lack of results from top 6 teams, this really is a must win game. We need to start catching teams above us up.
  2. Felt like we got lucky with the red card. Not convinced we would have won otherwise.
  3. Gonna be a Chelsea legend.
  4. Must say, he’s been very disappointing this season. Quality is clearly there but he’s not doing it. I can understand why Lampard is playing him as he has that spark that could turn a game. Needs to show more.
  5. Mendy does look dodgy. A touch of the Kepa’s.
  6. Giroud missed a sitter. Thank goodness it was offside.
  7. You watch Fulham put a Nou Camp performance now.
  8. I think everyone is focused on this game being “blooming” boring.
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