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  1. Chelsea’s potential CL round of 16 opponents: PSG 🇫🇷 Bayern 🇩🇪 Juventus 🇮🇹 Barcelona 🇪🇸 RB Leipzig 🇩🇪 I’d personally swipe right for the Sarribowl #cfc
  2. My word. A 1 on 1 in the 91st min. Frank needs to sort this out.
  3. Really should not be this nervey. Ridiculous
  4. The best teams (I.e most in the prem) will punish you which is what we have seen. We’re not going to put score teams
  5. Top 4 has suddenly gone from being almost certain to being a risk with Spurs sacking Poch. It’s definitely going to be tight. Let’s not forget that spurs have the better squad and new manager bounce
  6. Absolutely. I don’t see us challenging for the title with Zouma, Tamori and Christensen as our centre backs. They are squad players.
  7. My fear for Lampard is that he will be too loyal to some of the youngsters or those he has put his trust in. Is he willing to upgrade Zouma, , Tamori, Mount or Abraham? I worry that he is not ruthless enough.
  8. United are going nowhere under Ole. Don’t let a few big wins deceive you. He’ll be gone by the end of this season.
  9. Its time that we accepted that Liverpool will be league champions. Brace yourself.
  10. Bar Kante and Kovacic, this team is too nice. It’s not nasty enough. Today we were out battled. Their quality was terrible but they wanted it more. Frank really needs to sort the defence out. We need Rudiger urgently back in the defence. Christensen is too soft and Zouma and Tamori are too error prone. We need some more maturity in there.
  11. Time to get Pulisic off. He’s done nothing
  12. We are playing well and dominating. Just need quality in a final third.
  13. We should enough quality to win this still. Everton is just all just huff and puff. Depends how much we want it.

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