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  1. Did Tuchel extend his contract in the summer…or did I imagine that?
  2. The good news is that it looks like United will stick by Ole. We should be very thankful to Roman and the board who seems to have a good sense of when to sack a manager and also who to replace them with. Under Roman, they have rarely got it wrong.
  3. Thankfully I think the United board will consider Conte too toxic. They’ve had their fingers burned with Jose so it might put them off. Zidaine might interesting.
  4. Thankfully, the United board have no idea what they’re doing and believe in the “United” way…whatever that is. That means they won’t hire Conte and will either give Ole time or hire someone rubbish. Neville makes me laugh sticking up for his mate, he’s so biased. Everyone can see Ole is poor apart from him.
  5. Thinking about upgrading my gaming headset as I’ve only got cheap ones. Anyone recommend any? I was looking into the Sony 3D pulse set? Anyone got any experience of that?
  6. Ah I thought it was all week. Skiing is good. It does feel like a PS5 version of Steep. Seems like a decent game, prob one I’ll pick up when it’s cheap
  7. Riders Republic has a free trial/open beta week (21st - 27th). Plays pretty well, much better than Steep which I could never get into.
  8. Thought the team looked brilliant last night. Looked they upped their game in the final third. Granted, Malmö made it very easy but it was nice to see an attacking display.
  9. Not sure I can cope with another endless Torres or Shevchenko debate.
  10. Chelsea = where good strikers are ruined. Seems to be happening again. Hopefully Tuchel can work on our attack to get him going again.
  11. I never noticed that Trev ran to cover the line. That is fantastic awareness and he’s contributing a lot. Obviously Saturday was a tough game and the makeshift defence wasn’t ideal but they did survive the onslaught.
  12. It is really intense. Match making is a little disappointing, can struggle to find games. Can you explain…if I select “campaign” and players join me, are the players helping me progress my storyline? Whereas, if I select “quickplay”, am I helping progress there? I don’t understand the difference between the 2 modes
  13. Werner always looks like hesitant to shoot. So annoying
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