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  1. Torres would do ok out wide or behind the striker. His build up play is pretty good and his dribbling is pretty decent too. Its when he gets in the box that it all goes wrong. Like Jose said, low self esteem in front of goal. Keep him out of the box and you get good stuff from Torres. I know hes been a MASSIVE disappointment but he has shown flashes of brilliance and some good performances.
  2. The clickers are just so annoying. You're right, the storyline really grabs your attention.
  3. Loving The Last of Us. I never played it on the PS3 so I'm really enjoying it on the PS4. I can see why its won so many awards. I reckon Fifa or PES (haven't made my mind up yet) will be my next purchase in September.
  4. Just completed Watchdogs. Quite impressed by the ending, very dramatic. Though the whole story does seem short given there's only 4 chapters. Gonna trade it in for Last of Us.
  5. Looks like Torres is here to stay. He's not going anywhere.
  6. Anyone going to get Oddworld:New and Tasty? It looks brilliant.
  7. He doesn't look very happy.
  8. It would have been interesting if Lampard and Fabregas were both a Chelsea. Fireworks? Nah Lamps is a model professional and would have straightened it out.
  9. Can't wait to see him play. I think hes a great signing. HG as well which makes it even better. Credit where credits due - the board have been fantastic this summer. Real good work. Dare I say it, best transfer window ever?
  10. Yeah Dying Light looks good. Dead island 2 looks interesting as well. Seems like we will have to wait a while for a Zombie game on the PS4. Is The Last of Us a proper zombie game or partially one?
  11. Anyone looking forward to a couple of zomboe games on the PS4? Theres Dead Island 2 and Daylight coming out which look good. Shame they are first person though.
  12. Sniper 3 is quality. Its so frustrating and challenging.
  13. Yeah although I criticse Watchdogs, it is still a well made game that is enjoyable to play. I put Sniper 3 last night. Only played 15 mins but I'm liking it so far. So challenging.
  14. Yeah AC3 was abit overcooked. Black Flag was great though. Thw problem with Watchdogs is that its exactly like AC - just a modern twist. You have to unlock towers, trail people..even the profiling is like using eagle vision. Theres nothing new or original.
  15. Black flag is incredible. Really enjoyed it. Watchdogs is abit disappointing but still a well made, interesting game. Hoping to pick Sniper 3 up on my way home from work. I found Sniper 2 really good. Definitely one of the most challenging and frustrating games I've ever played. Games these days aren't difficult..especially games like Watchdogs and GTA. Makes a change to actually have to use some skil and precision. Its not a "polished" like GTA but its definitely fun and challenging.
  16. Anyone getting Sniper Elite 3? I really enjoyed the SE 2, really good fun. Hoping to pick it up in the next few days.
  17. Still can't get into Watchdogs. Its not a bad game but it jusy doesn't excite me that much. It feels like GTA but abit more serious - and less fun. I'm gonna carry on playing it though and go through the storyline. Sniper 3 looks quite good.
  18. Really surprised by Barca slating Cesc on their website. Hes something of a boyhood hero for them and they're ripping into him. Anyone else concerned by his second half of the season form?
  19. How can a fee and personal terms not been made? Is it case of the club verbally agreeing a price but not actually sending the money through?
  20. Nothing new but the Daily Mail saying Jose wants Fabregas announced by Friday before Spain kick off. Apparently a fee and personal terms have been agreed.
  21. Might have been the "so called" deal to exclude Arsenal from any profits that have delayed things. How amazing would it be for the club to announce Costa and Cesc at the same time. Hopefully it will be today but I very much doubt it. If its not today,I can't see them announcing it during the tournament..or would they?
  22. Yeah disappointing that the club aren't rushing it through. Increases the risk of other clubs getting him. I was hoping they could get it done.
  23. Still shocked that United haven't gone all out for him. They are crying out for a CM. Crazy. I would be fumming if I was a United fan.
  24. Sounds like it's coming. I reckon it will be tomorrow.
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