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  1. Spot on. Jose has always been about himself, and that is what makes him successful, but ultimately, it's also his undoing. He acts like a child, and then expects blind loyalty. As you say, it works both ways.
  2. True. Although the Morata deal did make sense; European pedigree, good age etc. I can't help but think it's coming to the end of the road now, though. Chelsea find themselves in a tricky situation.... - Keep playing Morata, and without dramatic improvement (which doesn't look likely) we could miss out on top four again. - Confirm Giroud as no1 choice, and Morata's confidence takes another knock, not to mention his value. - Cut your losses and attempt to sell in January, but then who would be available that is good enough and without costing big money? - Take a chance and bring back Batshuayi? Is that even possible under the terms of the loan? Abraham doesn't look like a realistic option right now, and I don't think Sarri would consider a 'false 9' system. I expect they will stick with the rotation for the rest of the season and hope for the best before spending big again in the summer.
  3. I'm not one for pining for a Drogba, or a Costa, as what's done is done, but it's clear we need a better option. If we're talking about past players, Crespo, Gudjohnsen or even Tore Andre Flo would be excelling in this team right now.
  4. Not the best we've played this season, but it can happen after an International break, and United, despite their recent struggles remain a decent side. All in all, to remain unbeaten at this stage and to be playing as well as we have (for the most part), there are lots of reasons to be optimisitc. The massive negative is obviously Morata. I hope Sarri has now seen enough. Either the penny still hasn't dropped (in which case he should go anyway) or at this stage of his career, he's simply unable to change his game, which means he's not suited to our football. He's had more than one season in the premiership now, and still goes to ground every two minutes looking for fouls that aren't there. He's not leading the line or making forward runs and his hold up play is abysmal. If we had someone reliable up front, we could well be sitting at the top of the league right now.
  5. I must admit, he's got us playing well (perhaps the best attacking football in the league right now?) sooner than I expected. When teams sit off, as Southampton did, for the first time in a long while, we look like we know what we are doing. We move the ball quickly. We press high. We move the ball fast from side to side. Neat interchanges and triangles. Good off the ball movement. All things we haven't seen as supporters for a long, long time. Still conceding too many silly chances at the back, but the manager seems to be fully aware of that. Very promising indeed....
  6. Why has Sarri not realised that Luiz is a liability yet? He thinks he can play in a back four. He’s wrong.
  7. Bang on. Thought exactly the same thing. He looks a different level to the rest already, and you have to feel for RLC/Barkley.... Mateo looks a real talent.
  8. Elliott

    Mateo Kovačić

    If he’s the difference between finishing in a CL place or not, I don’t think it’s a bad bit of business at all.
  9. Elliott

    Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Not saying this out of any kind of biterness, but as good as Courtois is, he is by no means as good as hype would suggest. I've never been confident, for example, that he would save a crucial penalty, or save a match deciding one on one. Yes, it has happened, but I'm never confident in those situations. He's also very susceptible at his near post for someone of his experience. By contrast, Big Pete for example, always made you feel like it was a guaranteed clean sheet every game, and that he was one of us, albeit I accept our defence as a whole was better during his time. It's felt like Tibo has looked for a way out of Chelsea ever since he joined, which is a shame. I don't think I've ever fully taken to him, and it's disappointing that we haven't been able to get more money, if indeed it is £35m. Yes, it's a lot of dosh, but this kid looks brilliant for his age. I really hope he delivers (his track record to date suggests he will) and more importantly, is willing to stick around for more than a few years.
  10. I can't remember another recent pre-season where we look so disorganised with such little time left. Scandalous management (or lack of) by the board in taking so long to dump Conte and bring in Sarri, who is charged with implemeting a whole new way of playing, and not only that, has been left with a squad that is pretty mediocre, barring one or two stand-out players. I hate to be the harbinger of doom, but we are in for a pretty frustrating season if we dont add quality to the squad. Not to mention the prospect of watching Luiz in a back four every week. Christ.....
  11. A week to go before the season starts, and we are an absolute shambles.
  12. Elliott


    I have no doubt about Jorginho being a class player. Take the time to check his stats from last season - they are not to be sniffed at. Further, if Pep wants him, it says alot, as City are now only looking at players that can make a real difference to their squad. The interesting thing for me will be to see how Sarri uses Jorginho (if he comes) and Kante, as they effectively play in the same posiiton.
  13. It was backs against the wall in the second half and we got lucky to not concede. That said, big performances from Kante, Cesc, Hazard and Rudi, who has looked stronger as the season has gone on. It doesn’t make up for the way we have performed in the league, but great to get one over Jose, and to finish on a positive note. Cheers fellow blues.
  14. Elliott

    RIP Ray Wilkins

    I really expected him to pull through.... How sad. Feel gutted for his family and all those that knew him. RIP Ray. Always came across as a gent. Far too young to die.
  15. Elliott

    Andreas Christensen

    Davey, I agree with you to a point, and usually, we'd be in position to throw someone else in at times. This season, our credible alternatives have been a Gary Cahill whose legs are gone, and the best centre back in the league last season, who is now not wanted anywhere near the first team.