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  1. Elliott

    Timo Werner

    Signing now confirmed on Sky & BBC. Well played, Chelsea.
  2. In which case, you are insinuating that no credit at all should go to the manager as one section of the team played by default....
  3. Clearly the biggest difference in the last week or so has been the attitude. Heated words were had after the Bournemouth game and we have seen a better level of intensity, aggression and focus since. How long it lasts is a different question however credit must go to Frank and the staff for making that happen, and long may it continue, as something had to change quickly.
  4. No, that is true, but his size will mean that he will lose a fair percentage of aerial duels and battles against more physically imposing players and much tougher tests are to come. I think that's why Barkley and Mount did so well in working with him as a collective force yesterday, as Frank pointed out.
  5. I think young Billy has played his way in... I can't see Kante being fit for another few weeks, and it would take some balls by Frank to change a winning team. He is simply a revelation and what he may lack in defensive attributes is made up elsewhere in the way he makes the team tick. In my opinion, in terms of natural ability and the confidence to back it up, I haven't seen a young player like it since Rooney, albeit perhaps not as explosive.
  6. You don't see players of that type too often... As Frank said, a real throwback. Can play a pass and mix it up when required. The best player in the middle by a country mile. Loved the way he flew into tackles, something we've sorely missed in midfield this season. Hoping he now gets a little run in the team given our injury/suspension issues. Thank you Rangers and well done Chelsea.
  7. Wow. What to say about last night other than congratulations to Bayern - all you can do is admire them. What a team and performance Based on that, I'd be amazed if they didn't make it to the final and really hope they give Liverpool a sound beating in the process. Regarding us, well, if ever there was evidence needed that we are light years away from competing at that level, there it was. So many players just not good enough. So much deadwood or so called 'young' players that are just not going to be good enough. Christensen & Barkley well out of their depth. I suppose that's what happens when you're not able to add to what is essentially a Europa League team playing in the last 16 of the CL. In my opinion, with everyone fit, we are about 3-4 top class players away from really being able to compete for the league title, and if we want to beat the likes of Bayern et al, maybe even 6-7. It just shows you how poor the standard of our league has been for us to still be sitting in 4th.
  8. Have to agree with the likes of @Davey Baby, @Brutos, @JM7.... We know there are shortcomings in the squad (large ones at that) however, he should be getting better results with the players at his disposal. This isn't a wobble... It's been going on since November. His performance should be viewed objectively just like any other manager that's been here (as he would expect) and recent results have been terrible. The same basic errors being made time and time again. The facts speak for themselves. I'm hoping that with Son also out, we might have a chance of beating Spurs on Saturday, but we don't seem able to defend properly. So called inferior teams have already scored two or three against us this season... Despite our tougher run in, I still believe we can finish 4th, but something has to give. If we keep setting up and playing the same way, I'm afraid nothing will change.
  9. Sorry, but I'm not sure I see your point. I agree regarding the support, but that doesn't mean we should blindly accept the fact that our football has been awful for three months and shows no obvious sign of improvement, or for that matter, attempts by the manager to change it. Afraid I disagree on the defensive point. I would argue that our defence is much worse than our attack. We have kept 7 league clean sheets this season and unless that is addressed first, results will not improve. Frank is paid (and will know full well) that it's his responsibility to come up with solutions, yet we see hardly any change on the pitch from week to week. It's not necessarily that it's easy to criticize rather, the only observation that can be made. Our defence is woeful! I don't think it's harsh to say that it's time he stopped trying to kid us all in his post-match interviews, and it's time we started seeing improvements rather than just talk.
  10. Agree, but in which case, you change the setup to provide the GK more protection. Doesn't seem willing to do that, though. Also, a bit of a moot point given he's now injured, but I would argue that if you are struggling defensively, you should also revert to basics and put a player such as Kante back into a holding role until things begin to settle down. There are alternatives.
  11. You can't help but love Frank, however last night for the first time I thought ''Oh Frank, give over!''. It's embarrassing, and unless he's constantly trying to shield the players, completely naive. The same post match press conference every week. ''Wasn't that sort of game. Can't score. Need to work and improve. Our season starts here''. I don't think trotting out the same old catchphrases each week really cuts it given we've not played well for about three months. You have to admire his ability to appear positive but he is starting to resemble a dodgy (and somewhat out of his depth) car salesman who uses the same old spiel on every poor punter that happens to stumble in. It's time for drastic change, either in attitude or approach. I accept the glaring holes in our squad, but he has to start telling the truth. The first thing any weak team/manager has to do is to stop leaking goals. Our defence is shambolic. Every chance that falls to any opposition player almost certainly ends up in our net. Teams have two shots on goal against us, and typically end up scoring both. He needs to address it fast. The current personnel/system is not working. There was a period of time when the partnership of Zouma/Tomori actually started to look like our best. Why has Tomori been completely frozen out, and why has the return of Rudiger actually made us worse!?... We even played 3-5-2 for a while and whilst it may not be Lampard's preferred system, we have to stop conceding every shot against us. Having such concern about not taking our chances is completely flawed unless you have a team strong enough up front to comfortably score two or three in every game - something which we are clearly not capable of right now. Start telling it like it is, Frank. We desperately need something new otherwise forget 4th (5th) place - we'll be lucky to finish in the top 10!
  12. Forget the attack for a moment - (as woeful as it is right now) - our defence is nothing short of disastrous. I love Frank, but what on earth are we doing in training?... 7 league clean sheets all season?!? SEVEN! Jesus.... And yet he continues to play Christensen. Sheer bloody insanity.
  13. For me, Frank needs to give Kepa a rocket for yet another dodgy decision, get Rudiger back in the team ASAP, & replace Christensen. Too weak to be a top defender & simply not good enough for Chelsea. I’d sell him in Jan. Though he denies it, Frank will be looking to add a defender or two in a month’s time.
  14. Great news. I'm sure Frank will be happy, as gives the opportunity to plug a couple of gaps, left back being the obvious weakness, whilst also keeping the rest on their toes. Chilwell would be amazing, but blowing half the budget (if £150m is to be believed) on a left back may be better spent elsewhere. I think he'll also recommend we get really strong competition for Tammy as will want to let Giroud leave. Sign Willian up for another year whilst we're at it!

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