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  1. BellettiBullet

    Random Rumours

    http://www.espn.co.uk/football/soccer-transfers/story/3356831/chelsea-consider-move-for-west-hams-marko-arnautovic-sources Absolutely inevitable Arnautović would get linked with us. Wouldn't be the worst signing but I'm now almost 100 per cent convinced the media is just making half of these stories up. I predicted he would be next and wouldn't you know it, a couple of hours later, we were 'in' for him!
  2. So that’s why we got rid of Matić... http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/11217148/chelsea-express-interest-in-burnleys-ashley-barnes
  3. BellettiBullet

    Most misused player?

    Not really misused, rather unused but I'm going for Schürrle. Still think his failure to run with Milner for Lamps' equaliser at the Etihad (2014-15) ended his career, albeit harshly as he had just scored minutes earlier. I reckon Mourinho either never forgave or trusted him again...and he was off in January. He just seemed to never play as much after that. Shame because the missus loved him and we had just started dating that season. Anyway, back on topic: I would say Mikel probably was misused. Agree with wallosh that he basically sacrificed his career to play the deeper role with us. Kalou, Sturridge, Meireles, Diarra, Geremi could also fit that category. The likes of Fàbregas, Essien, Azpilicueta, Ballack, while all may have been technically misused, all played/play as if every position was natural to them.
  4. BellettiBullet

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    That was a concern I had. If things turn sour here, would he pull the same, I wondered? However, it's Arsenal. Way different club. I think he'll be happy here.
  5. BellettiBullet

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    For me, his performance against Liverpool showed the situation for what it is. He's sick to death of playing for Arsenal and cannot find it in him to give 110 per cent. Not ideal for clubs scouting him but, for me, totally understandable. Whilst it doesn't excuse him, you have to say there is a reason why he didn't play well. His head looks focused elsewhere and who can blame him? What excuse do the other players have? Blaming the likes of Ox for that performance, as some in the media did, is expected and the easy thing to do but, for me, wide of the mark. There are bigger problems at that club, which is why, it seems, Ox wants out.
  6. Not sure whether the club was sending a cheeky dig back to Jon Walters after his comments following the Burnley game but this is pretty funny http://www.chelseafc.com/news/blogs/inside-blue/inside-blue/unlikely-two-goal-heroes.html
  7. BellettiBullet

    Chelsea TV commentators

    Just wondering what the opinions on Chelsea TV commentators are on here. This does not include pundits like Cundy, Langley, Chivers, Walker, etc. but those who actually call the game. My favourite is Ben Andrews. Has a real way with words and is good enough to commentate for one of the big companies. I also like Matt Davies, Trevor Harris and Gary Taphouse. Other commentators who have called games for us over the years have been Mark Tompkins, Dan Roebuck, Will Cope. Let me know if I've missed anyone. Understand that some may not know the commentators by names. Ha ha.
  8. Oh, deary, deary me. Those clever pundits jumping on the crisis bandwagon may have to rethink their narrative...again. Gutsy performance, lads. Morata was right in his tweet after the Burnley game. This is just the beginning.
  9. BellettiBullet

    MOTM Vs Burnley PL Sat 12th Aug 2017

    Forgot to do it after the Burnley game. I'm in a much better mood posting about this than anyone else as we've just beaten the Spuds I went for Morata. HM to Kanté and Luiz.
  10. BellettiBullet

    Marcos Alonso

    Think it's pretty much official now. We have a gem at left back.
  11. http://www.chelseafc.com/news/latest-news/2017/08/team-news--tottenham-v-chelsea.html
  12. He is listed one place above Dave so it could be a mistake... ...or not...
  13. Website has Christensen as captain.
  14. BellettiBullet

    Danny Rose

    My uncle has still never forgiven him.
  15. BellettiBullet

    MOTM vs Arsenal (N) (CS)

    Went for Cahill. HMs to Luiz, Fàbregas and Kanté.