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  1. Fair call. Just doesn't bother me. As you said, the money doesn't mean much, which goes for wages too. I do think our current system keeps our options open over which players could make it here. Trouble is, there sometimes may be a wee too many options, i.e. 50-odd players on loan at a time.
  2. Personally, I like our loan system. If a player on loan is THAT good, we recall him. Simple. He's our player after all. If not, we sell for a profit. The way we go about it, it's very smart, bordering on genius, and it's a big reason we are successful. This club is not run by morons after all.
  3. Gotta love Stan Collymore having a go at Hazard and Rooney for not showing loyalty. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/590269/Stan-Collymore-Premier-League-Chelsea-Eden-Hazard-Man-United-Wayne-Rooney Here's a guy who played for 10 different clubs, not once making 100 or more appearances for any of them, talking about loyalty. Ha ha.
  4. http://outside90.com/how-chelsea-fans-reacted-to-the-shocking-diego-costa-to-china-news/ Wow, just look at all those meltdowns (!) If those are the "best" reactions from Chelsea fans on Twitter and if this 'news outlet' was trying to make us look like we are devastated, they really have failed. Proud of the way all Blues supporters have handled this so-called situation.
  5. Interesting to note this season that Mikel has played more Premier League games than Willian, Eto'o and Luiz. He's featured in more games in all competitions than Torres, Eto'o and Luiz too and the same amount of times as Schürrle. Granted, some appearances are to help kill the game off but they are appearances nonetheless and apart from Torres, none of those players have had lengthy injuries. It's also interesting to note that he's scored the same amount of goals in all competitions as Willian too and as many Premier League goals as Ramires, Just thought I'd share that.
  6. This is my absolute final word on this thread. The absolute last. I ask this question and I'm sure it's been asked before but: Would you rather have a 30/35 goal Torres and no trophies or a 10/15 goal Torres and win the league (or the European Cup like the other year)? I asked this question to a family member who supports Liverpool and he actually said he'd rather have a 30 goal striker, even if it meant no trophies. SMH
  7. "It all comes down to this...one kick of the ball...by Didier Drogba..."

    1. BellettiBullet



      "...and it's the greatest night in Chelsea's history! Champions of Europe at last!"

    2. jackmc_9
  8. He had limited space to work with and the defender just got there at the right time. I call that good defending rather than a bad miss. Not everything has to be so terrible, even when it's a player everyone likes to pick on (eg. Torres). As I said, at the end of the day, Torres put in a shift, we won and we're top. So whatever's happening, including in attack, is working.
  9. Zolaesque? Have I said anywhere that he is the greatest player to pull on a blue shirt? No. What I meant, which I figured was pretty easy to understand, was that his drawing defenders away from Hazard, Oscar, Schürrle and Willian helps them run further with the ball. It's not just Torres either. Eto'o does it, Ba when he gets a chance, the midfielders do it for each other. It's the game plan we have. No one individual stars week in week out, not even Hazard EVERY single game. The players work for each other...and the fact that we're top says it all.
  10. I'd rather have a striker who brings others into the game like Torres does and puts in a shift any day. The team comes first, which is the most important thing for Torres I feel...and if the goals are coming through midfield, so be it.
  11. No one else to do the job? Are you really suggesting Chelsea would not dip into the transfer budget and buy another central midfielder and offload Mikel if they didn't think he was good enough to play for the club?
  12. José played Mikel a fair bit in 06-07. He featured regularly under Guus too if I remember correctly. To name two big games off the top of my head, the semi-final first leg against Barça and FA Cup Final.I agree with ashwinv. The two most successful seasons in our club's history saw Mikel start regularly. Not the best argument there from you.
  13. @Lane and Jonty - Anyway, lads. I don't mean to force my opinions onto you, that's just what I think. Cheers for the debate. It's early in the morning here in Oz and I'm off to bed.
  14. Granted, we haven't had to play like that many times at all...but can you honestly say that Mikel is completely useless and doesn't offer us anything? Have managers like Mourinho, Hiddink, Ancelotti, RDM, Benítez and Mourinho again just simply 'got it wrong' by selecting him consistently in the team?My point is that Mikel offers Chelsea more than we think. Managers know his gift because they're experts and we, as much as you might disagree, are not.
  15. Whether you like it or not, Romeu provided competition when he was fit. You can't chop and choose.All I'll say is watch the Champions League Final and you'll see how dear he is to Chelsea. His game hasn't changed since then so there can be no "he's not as good now."
  16. Which he does... I was only mentioning goals because I can pretty much guarantee that if he scored the odd goal every now and then (instead of twice every seven years), people would rate him differently.
  17. Remember, for a good part of those two years, Chelsea had no one else. Sturridge was injured and had fallen out of favour and then Ba came and they rotated. Mikel had players like Ramires, Lampard, Luiz and Romeu and over the seven years (which is what I was referring to), he has kept his place. You can't really compare that, mate,
  18. If he is that bad, why has just about every single manager (bar AVB) had him in the team on a regular basis? I'm convinced the managers of this club down the years (true football managers and not armchair experts like us on here) have known something about his game and how dear it is to Chelsea. He would not be in the team if he was, as a lot of people say on this and many other forums, useless. He does what a good holding midfielder does...win the ball, pass it off and mark players. Do not say he doesn't mark...he does. Sometimes he's beaten but I think we can safely say that no footballer at Chelsea is without fault. In closing and I will say this to the day I die, if Mikel had scored two or three (maybe even just the one) goals a season since he joined, I think a lot of people would be singing a different tune about him.
  19. "Neuer to save Bayern...but Drogba sends Chelsea into ecstasy!"

  20. You can call me César...or you can call me Dave. You can call me César-Dave...but you don't-a have to call me Azpilicueta.

  21. "What telescope, officer?" - Arsene Wenger

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