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  1. Just now, axman2526 said:

    Is it a surprise the nation's league final has a controversial winner that screws Chelsea players and this bumb was reffing the game? How does he get matches of such magnitude he is awful.

    Tbf it was the VAR team that made the decision. What sense does it make that the defender touched it to rule it onside? If Mbappe wasn't there then there is no pass and no interception, he was offside and affected the play.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Valpo said:

    We didn't struggle.  Game should have been 5 to 1.  Bad officiating kept Southampton in it.

    Chilly made an unfortunate mistake that allowed the penalty.  Dumb mistake but they did not break down the defense.

    We were also fielding players who havne't been playing much, it was no surprise that when the main men came on (Mount, Jorginho) the game changed so drastically

  3. 2 hours ago, jack_super_class said:

    Not sure what Chilwell did so wrong to be benched for as long as he has.

    Alonso was in great form since the start of the season and he had to pick 1 to play, he went with Alonso who is better in the wingback role.

    Don't forget he was putting in epic performances in the first few games, now it may be time to rotate and Chilwell will be up for it.

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