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  1. f**king sick of their defenders smothering everything
  2. This is what teams felt when they played us under Jose
  3. We were badly missing a playmaker, rlc is making a difference
  4. lol Christensen did exactly what I wanted to do
  5. How can you let them take the shot and then give advantage
  6. Dribnlers like Mount and Pulisic can unlock low blocks but we don't have them here
  7. That was hilarious from Kane, giving away the ball high up the pitch then tracking back and tackling the ball into Saka's path, it was like he started the move and completed the assist as well.
  8. And thus, the end of troll voting has begun
  9. Just tuned in, 12 attempts to 1 what the actual f**k
  10. The longer he waits the more money he'll get, he just needs to hope that he doesn't get injured. With us playing 3 CBs and Silva being 37, he doesn't have anything to worry about even if we sign Kounde.
  11. He started off fine under Sarri and now has a resurgence under Tuchel, you have to wonder if it was poor coaching under Lamps that led to his decline.
  12. Just wait for Pulisic to become fit and that will be the kick up the arse for him
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