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  1. The bounce from leg to arm already stopped the goal legally, the second touch was just a handball so pen and no red
  2. I wish we had the ref in the CL final, he understands the rules
  3. Think Lukaku should make way, not having the best of games
  4. fukcing bald c**t is wining this game for them all on his own
  5. If only Kante had an attacking brain, he'd be beyond world class and the greatest midfielder ever
  6. Victim FC thinks everything is a foul against them
  7. Why is Azpi always marking players taller than him, often 2 at a time
  8. f**k that should have gone to havertz and goal
  9. Ref is really taking care of Liverpool here isn't he
  10. One more goal conceded and Arse will be 20th with a -9 GD
  11. 2nd to Chels, Arsenal have given me the most joy over a period of some 15 years. Does that technically make them my 2nd team??
  12. Depends if we want to leave it till the final year, we should still be extending contracts when they have 2 years left instead of just 1. Cahill extended at 29 to go into his 30s so it's not really that we want to offer 1 year deals only for 30 year olds. Jorginho doesn't rely on physicality so we should be looking to give him a new deal after or during this season imo.
  13. I think his contract renewal will be more expensive after winning this accolade.
  14. That was crazy, he was linked to City and then Utd rumours only just surfaced and 1 day later he's signed for them instead. It's hard to say how good this will be for them but it will give them goals and they will at least be a strong cup threat.
  15. All 3 Uefa cups this time + the Club WC. be the first club to do something again.
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