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    Surf reacted to Barry Bridges in Olivier Giroud to Chelsea   
    Think you hit the zero key by accident.  Club was mid-table about 2 seasons ago.
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    Surf reacted to Van Butsen in Olivier Giroud to Chelsea   
    You've more or less proved what I was saying, even though I wasn't directing it at you.

    The last two winners of the premier league haven't done so on the back of signing genuine top class players.  Granted Kante is a star, but he wasn't when Leicester signed him and I  think players like Moses and Alonso along with Conte's tactical changes were the hallmark of our title winning season.  The total disregard of coaching meaning anything and this lust for ready made stars to fill up our fantasy team is the point I'm making.  But how many times do big players underperform at new clubs as well? There's not guaranteed solution by investing in them. Yes you can't deny star players are going to be capable of more, but good players can become great players at a club like ours.  What are you complaining about? What's wrong with signing a genuine star every two seasons?

    People scream for more depth, so we spend all window trying to sign players that are not going to be picked every week but with great pedigree none the less to sure up our squad YET people complain. 

    I call BS on the fans seeing the squad regressing.  In what way shape or form is it regressing.  It's the total opposite, we are a younger playing squad with more years in the legs than the one last year or the one before. It's a myth and it's compounded by the fact people think a player with 10 goals, some bad misses and an injury concern is a flop.  If we shipped out every player that didn't hit the ground running we wouldn't have some of the players you'll look back on from yesteryear.
    Fail to secure Hazard long term? This is his sixth year at the club. Zola was here for 7.  In a world where supporters like you want to pull genuine stars from other teams (I won't even start on the hypocrisy of that) how many years will be deemed long enough for you?  How many titles?  Do you think he doesn't want to win the CL with us? 

    You're right about one thing though, I don't think anyone will stop supporting us because I don't think the signings we intend to make or will make represent a sign that we won't compete for trophies anymore.  So we will continue to do so but you'll never stop complaining.
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    Surf reacted to RMH in Diego "the guv'nor" Costa   
    One positive outcome from this "affaire" is that we now know that Conte can handle these situations in a very gentle manner in public, much better handled than it would have been with our previous long-term manager. There is the silver lining...
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    Surf reacted to Chelsbear in Diego "the guv'nor" Costa   
    On the other hand of the training picture...

    The team have a day off and maybe Diego is training to get fit for our next game and to prove to the staff he's going to work hard to get back in the side?

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    Surf reacted to Remodez in Diego "the guv'nor" Costa   
    I've not really been keeping much track of this situation so am I missing something? Why do most people seem to think he's going? I haven't seen anything to suggest this bar some gossip from less than reputable sources. 
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    Surf reacted to ForeverCarefree in Marcos Alonso   
    Didn't think he was that bad yesterday, was left isolated on a couple of occasions because players weren't getting across to support him. 
    He is what he is as a player, he's never going to be world class but at the same time I don't see him as a hindrance, he's been as much a part of the reason we've been conceding so few goals as anyone. 
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    Surf reacted to barak81 in Marcos Alonso   
    Alonso, defensively suffered yesterday but his supporting partners weren't great, this is a team game and dealing with KDB, aguero and navas will be tough for anyone.
    Paulo Maldini he's not, but he's solid enough, he wins a lot in the air for us and attacking wise he's much better then blind bola makes out. He is the best player we have at the moment for that position, and wing backs are not going to be that easy to come by these days
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    Surf reacted to havelschayes in Marcos Alonso   
    can we bring back kenedy? poor kid's rotting in watford's bench
    he got all the attributes to be an excellent wing back, maybe even better than alonso
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    Surf reacted to ForeverCarefree in César 'Dave' Azpilicueta   
    Dave looks pretty comfortable on the right side of the back three, I don't doubt he'll play at right wingback at some point... maybe against United depending on how confident Conte is feeling.
    But once again Dave seamlessly transitions to playing a new role, probably the best player in terms of versatility I've ever seen play for Chelsea. 
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    Surf reacted to DonAntonio in Victor Moses   
    He isn't very technical not so good at beating players however his work rate is second to none and most importantly he can defend I reckon he could play RB he looks that good right now but with his energy and his attaking abilities the wb position was made for him, he is such a big key to what we are doing right now and I'm thrilled for him, everybody likes tenacity he shows it on the pitch and in the way he played himself in as a starter after all these years being shipped about. Good for you Victor. 
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    Surf reacted to The Brit in Victor Moses   
    Wouldn't have got a look in if Cuadrado had stuck around like Conte wanted...thank goodness that bottler fcuked off back to Italy 
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    Surf reacted to 1905 in Marcos Alonso   
    Lad has potential.
    Am confident he will develop into a solid player for us shut up some of his doubters.
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    Surf reacted to JMaher94 in David Luiz back at Chelsea   
    Not a Conte type player, they said.
    Can't defend, they said.
    Liability, they said.
    4 clean sheets in 4 games, oh.
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    Surf reacted to Ernie_blue in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    Chelsea actually have a good collection of players. New additions was made in the summer to freshen up the squad who could all arguably make the first team, something which wasn't done the summer before.
    In my opinion Chelsea have a top Keeper, in Costa and Batman I don't think any other team in the premier league have a better collection of 2 forwards. Chelsea have the best DM. Top player in Hazard.
    On paper I do rate the Chelsea defence just as good as anything in the premier league barring Spurs. Big problem is having John Terry as your best CB. 
    For me most of the problems lay at Contes door, he has Chelsea playing this style of football. There has been no obvious changes from any other season. Look at Pep at City and the football they are playing.
    Cahill has been making mistakes for a while now. Conte could of easily of taken Cahill or Ivan out of the firing line against Arsenal.
    Alonso should be playing a minimum 10-15 games on the spin to at least give the guy a chance. Maybe look at playing Hazard with Costa, surely this would help both Fabregas and Costa. Hazard has great close control and is so quick with his feet and Fabregas would have an outball. With Hazard as number 10 he wouldn't need to track back as much.
    I don't think Pedro suits Chelsea, you put him in the Arsenal team and he will flourish. Pedro needs quick football, interchanging and one twos. Chelsea are too slow. Pedro also likes the ball through and without Fabregas he has no chance.
    I would give Moses a chance, something different on the right hand side who can run at defenders with pace and be direct.
    I would play Kante with Fabregas. Moses on the right with Hazard in the middle and Pedro on the left. I think the partnership of Pedro, Hazard, Fabregas and Costa could work with Moses adding something different on the right. 
    Oscar, William and Matic just don't do enough.
    I know f*** all though and just my opinion.
    Conte please sort out these set pieces.
    Maybe the Arsenal game opened Contes eyes and realised you can't keep playing the same old crap.
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    Surf reacted to timetowaste in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    I agree with Stim, people were talking about Klopp already being a dud within the first few months of him being at Liverpool. We need to give him time, Conte won't have got any sleep last night because he will do everything he can to turn this around and he genuinely cares, whereas most of our players would have forgotten about it after a shower. Conte definitely isn't blameless for our current form but pointing the finger firmly at the manager isn't going to help, we did that last season, changed managers and we still finished 10th. The board have been very very naive in thinking that we can turn this team of lazy underachievers, old men and bumbling idiots back into title challengers so he fact that Conte couldn't get his top targets already gave him a disadvantage.
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    Surf reacted to havelschayes in Tammy Abraham   
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    Surf reacted to magichat in David Luiz back at Chelsea   
    some of our fans would rather see Luiz plays bad but proven right, than to see Luiz plays good but proven wrong. true story
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    Surf reacted to ForeverCarefree in David Luiz back at Chelsea   
    Oh christ... I think I might need to continue my self enforced absence from match day threads tonight. 
    I think the forum will be in meltdown within the first 15 minutes. 
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    Surf reacted to Jonty in David Luiz back at Chelsea   
    If he makes a mistake that costs us a goal, I don't think I can ever return to this thread due to the sheer volume of smug I-told-you-so'ness that will envelope it.
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    Surf got a reaction from Bobbywoodhogan in What TV Show Are You Waarching?   
    I finished watching season 3 of brooklyn nine-nine last week. Best comedy show I've watched in a good while
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    Surf reacted to Stim in David Luiz back at Chelsea   
    95% chance you had no idea who bailly was before united bought him.
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    Surf reacted to Blueblur in What TV Show Are You Waarching?   
    6 episodes into the new season of Narcos. So good!
    And have just started Hannibal. Dark!
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    Surf reacted to charierre in What TV Show Are You Waarching?   
    Just watched first episode of season 2 Narcos. Carries in just were it left off. Good series.
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    Surf got a reaction from HappyDays in Marcos Alonso   
    Why does he have no lips?
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    Surf got a reaction from MissouriBlue in Marcos Alonso   
    Why does he have no lips?
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