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  1. We don’t deserve to win we have been poor all around
  2. Looking at there goal Abraham could have easily cleared the ball off the line why was he falling back
  3. Need to step it up 2nd half as I feel we could drop points here. I was worried before this game and it looks like we are struggling
  4. Think we need to bring on Barkley, or kova To help bolster our midfield
  5. Chance to rest a few players caba james zouma christensen Emerson kovacic jorginho Ruben pedro Abraham mount
  6. Easily our best player for the last 2 games. I don’t see a problem with Werner arriving. It gives us different options, quality in depth, competition etc I would be intrigued to see a front 3 of pulisic Werner Ziyech
  7. Pulisic is turning into a special player. cant wait for next season to see a front three of pulisic Werner Ziyech

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