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  1. Something needs to change from now on we are in trouble
  2. That has been the story every game
  3. That has been the story every game
  4. What a joke the usual crap. sh*t defensively and sh*t creating
  5. Though sarri has to take the blame of the tactics defensively. We can not defend at all.
  6. Kepa tbf could have done better
  7. Even though man utd have hardly dominated they score 2 goals. That’s why possession football is bollocks
  8. Game over and we will concede even more.
  9. Our defense has been like this all season tbh. Ever since the game against arsenal you could see the problems. seriously we are dreadful we concede so easily it’s crazy
  10. Every time we get attacked we concede
  11. Ffs every time we get attacked
  12. As soon as that cross was coming I could see that going in
  13. I would have liked to see CHO start this instead of Pedro. Looks like RLC is injured as he is not even on the bench. we better put in a performance and start to go on with a run from here on in.
  14. Still can’t believe we lost 6-0. we haven’t lost by that since 91. What a absolute nightmare. I wish this day never happened! makes it worse when people keep messaging me and calling me about the result