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  1. Mendy azbi zouma silva chillwell havertz gilmour mount ziyech Werner CHO must win game
  2. Probably wants the main squad to pick up a win and get the team picking up form
  3. Looks like frank is hoping the likes of Werner and havertz play back into form.
  4. We don’t look right seriously. something has happened
  5. Well if these results keep happening. then it’s only a matter of time before he will get sacked.
  6. Disappointing result! Our form has dropped drastically. lampard needs to start being questioned for this
  7. Andreas looks dodgy get silva on for him. And take jorginho off for kovacic
  8. Game over never expected to win this something about this team against arsenal
  9. For some odd reason I feel arsenal will either win or draw. anyway mendy azbi zouma silva Emerson kante kova mount CHO Abraham pulisic
  10. Score line doesn’t really reflect the game. First 15 mins we were ok but then since the 2nd we were pretty poor. We were fortunate that west ham didn’t make anything of there chances and crosses. we still are a work in progress by the looks of this. hope that chillwell, ziyech come back soon
  11. We have been lucky today I must say as we haven’t been good at all
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