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  1. Underwhelming first half. A few chances we messed up. I said it earlier werner should be playing this game.
  2. What’s up with mendy ? surely injured then. that’s a massive blow
  3. Tough game away but we have enough to win this. Looks like everyone is fit expect pulisic. mendy christensen silva rudiger Azbi jorginho kante alonso Havertz werner lukaku I’m inclined to see Werner start just for the extra pace he can bring and also he helps open up the defense with his runs. Mount hasn’t been in form so that’s another thing
  4. A pretty lackluster display so far. ziyech should be replaced by havertz and I wouldn’t mind werner coming in for mount too
  5. Let’s start the champions league campaign with a win. zenit are no mugs. mendy azbi christensen rudiger james jorginho kante chilly Mount Werner lukaku
  6. Overall first half we were pretty terrible. Saul had a very poor debut. Though we have to factor in that Tuchel made 6 changes to the Liverpool game before internationals. So I was always fearful it could be risky with too many changes. motm mendy for me kept us in it also silva was very composed. lukaku shows us the beauty of having a potent striker
  7. Jorginho for Saul azbi for CHO we need more control.
  8. Saul clearly isn’t used to the pace and physicality of the league
  9. Given that james, kante, pulisic and silva(unsure) are out. i would go with mendy chalobah christensen rudiger azbi kova jorginho alonso mount havertz lukaku
  10. Can’t complain with that display. 10 men away to Liverpool with a dodgy red card. a point is ok
  11. Going to be a tough encounter at anfield, it’s early in the season so I don’t think this will have too much of a bearing. Thus, I would happily settle for a draw here. team I would set out mendy azbi Andreas rudiger james kante jorginho alonso mount werner lukaku Later we can bring havertz, for Werner if we need to hold the ball more
  12. Solid display overall lukaku looked very good upfront. special mention alonso thought he put in a shift today
  13. Would like to see kante on second just to control the midfield more.
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