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  1. And a goal keeper that commands the box and is available to collect high balls. i would take him over what we currently have
  2. Nothing will change about the decisions. we didn’t help our selves after taking the lead.
  3. Well it hurts losing the final. I was pretty worried as they seem jammy in this competition. But definitely there were some dodgy refereeing. lets move on from this and invest in a good defense
  4. I said I wouldn’t put it past them to win this. They seem to always have luck on their side in this competition
  5. Maybe we should go with a 4-3-3 get kante and Barkley on for rudi and jorginho
  6. We really are messing around at the back a matter of time before the score again
  7. I don’t see why people think we should sell Kante. One of the best players that intercepts play.
  8. Wonder what’s wrong with willian? Has he picked up a knock again ?
  9. It’s a final so let’s win this. arsenal seem to do pretty well in this competition. And I think it’s going to be tough. I wouldn’t put it past them wining this game. anyhow Caba azbi zouma rudi James Jorginho kova alonso willian giroud pulisic
  10. Alonso is a good choice when you go with this 3 at back wingback system. Not many better than him. He just need legs like Tomori's to cover for him. Would be insane to sell him. Just sell Emerson and get a left back that can play 4 at back. Yes, he is a good choice to have in the squad. He also has a good eye for goal. i would say we definitely should keep him.

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