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  1. Only got to see the last 15 mins or so. But we seemed to struggle to create chances
  2. Kepa azbi zouma luiz Emerson kante jorginho pedro Barkley pulisic giroud
  3. Hate to say this , but I hope he wins nothing at Madrid
  4. A massive loss for our squad.
  5. Good comeback by Fabregas
  6. Yes Allegri would be my choice. lampard needs more experience to manage a team like us.
  7. Dunno what to make of this if true.
  8. Against all odds and his critics. sarri has managed :- a top3 finish a league cup final and a European trophy He deserves credit for that
  9. Perfect another season another trophy! I bet the media were hoping we would lose.
  10. Nerves are kicking in now. slightly worried about the midfield
  11. Whatever people say. Finishing 3rd this season is some achievement by sarri.
  12. Plenty of time for players to rest after this game. I would only make a few changes. kepa zappa azbi luiz alonso kova jorginho Barkley pedro higuain hazard
  13. I think he deserves another season. As finishing top4 has been a good achievement. the only problem I have is the heavy defeats that occurred during the season with our ridiculous defending which seems to be suspect. 3-1 spurs 6-0 city 4-0 Bournemouth These were possibly the worst displays we have put in for god knows how long.
  14. This may sound insane. but I wouldn’t mind seeing zappacosta as RB and azbi at CB. zappa has pace and can shoot and cross better.
  15. Special mention must go to kepa. he seems to be improving and is turning into a very good penalty saver
  16. To be honest we were lucky ! i dunno during the game Frankfurt looked very good and we got away with that. any way another final and let’s see if we can win this
  17. We should never have been in this position. i don’t fancy us now in penalties

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