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  1. Just now, The Don Antonio said:

    Most definitely especially when u consider that last seasons defence was waaay better than this and its the same players except CALAMITOUS DAVID LUIZ. LAMPARD HAS TO TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT.  

    It does make you wonder how we have gone to being one of the worst at defending. It definitely looks like it’s more than just personnel 

  2. 50 minutes ago, abramovich said:

    By all accounts this should be a very tough game. Sheffield are a very physical, well-organized and determined bunch this season. They've got something to play for and they'll be up for it. Very tough matchup for us. 



    I doesn’t look good. If we pull this off we will be nearly there I feel.


  3. This game is going to be very tough. They have one of the best defense records in the league currently. And have have done well at home against bigger sides (beat spurs 3-1 drew to United 3-3, beat arsenal 1-0) so I’m pretty worried about this one. They are very good at aerial duels. Which seems to be a problem for us. I think jorginho has to start this game as we will need to control the game.



    azbi rudiger zouma alonso 


    barkley mount 

    willian giroud pulisic 





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