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  1. Chance to rest a few players caba james zouma christensen Emerson kovacic jorginho Ruben pedro Abraham mount
  2. Easily our best player for the last 2 games. I don’t see a problem with Werner arriving. It gives us different options, quality in depth, competition etc I would be intrigued to see a front 3 of pulisic Werner Ziyech
  3. Pulisic is turning into a special player. cant wait for next season to see a front three of pulisic Werner Ziyech
  4. That has to be a penalty hand ball surely !
  5. How the f**k has Abraham not scored that !!
  6. We need a change in midfield I would bring jorginho on for Barkley and push kante further up
  7. 2nd half we seemed better. But you could tell we thy we looked rusty in some parts of our play. Rudiger seemed very dodgy at the back, Ruben is definitely lacking match fitness.
  8. I was fearing they would score. possession means nothing without scoring
  9. Depending on injuries I would go with kepa (deserves a start after the Liverpool game) azbi rudi zouma alonso Barkley gilmour Kovacic/ruben pedro Giroud mount
  10. We are looking very dodgy at that back tomori needs to snap out of it
  11. It’s very telling the difference between our attacking decisions compared to Bayern’s. We are so poor compared to them
  12. It shows the golf in class really they are just better than us
  13. I would bring willian on for Barkley. As is better at dribbling. other than that let’s keep it going
  14. I would stick with the back 3 formation. This game will definitely be hard for us. But we don’t have anything to lose for let’s just go for it

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