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  1. We haven’t been picking up results so I can see why lamps has changed a lot. He seems to have opted for long balls and crosses which suits giroud.
  2. To be honest I want this season to end. we need to sort out our attack in the summer big time
  3. We have no end product can’t create in front of goal. You pay the price for that
  4. TypicAl outcome so far out of nothing really they go ahead
  5. Not to sure with that. We could have done with some alternative attacking wingers. Oh well let’s see how this goes
  6. Important to not lose this game. A win will give us some breathing space 9 points. Team i would go with Kepa James Rudiger Tomori Azbi kante Jorginho Kova Hudson Abraham Willy Subs Caba, Pulisic, giroud, Pedro, mount, christensen, alonso
  7. Yes but that seems to be a reoccurring theme for us this season. Not killing the game
  8. Possession means f**k all when you do nothing with it.
  9. Maybe we should try there tactics park the bus and hope to score against the run of play
  10. i would probably take mount of for Barkley.
  11. Newcastle is always a tricky place to go. We need to pick up 3 points as we got a few hard games coming up. Looks like kante, pulisic are out. I would start with kepa James rudiger christensen azbi kovacic jorginho Barkley CHO Abraham willian subs: caba, zouma, mount, alonso,Batman, pedro, tomori
  12. We need to keep focused as I feel burnley will get a goal here
  13. I agree, he is No where near ready to start in the premier league. I think he should go on loan to get some experience.

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