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  1. Hudson odi needs to start showing a bit more to his game. He hasn’t been impressive at all this season. So it will be good to see how he does today.
  2. I think CHO needs to go on loan he is still far from the finished article and isn’t good enough for us yet.
  3. We were lucky to hold on tbh kepa kept us in.
  4. Overall, we tailed off towards the end.
  5. We need to go on a run! We have a bit of a dilemma I think with our full backs as alonso may not be fit, Emerson needs to get his head sorted out. Reece is probably still out. kepa Lamptey rudi zouma azbi kante jorginho kova willy Abraham pulisic
  6. Overall 3 points away to arsenal is A very good outcome. Though I don’t think we were by all means that impressive. For some strange reason I feel that this results somewhat papers over the cracks. We are still in need of a few additions to the squad. LB, a winger and maybe even another striker. I would hope that we can at least go on some run as apart from this game and spurs our results have been nothing but abysmal, In the last month or so.
  7. Yes, we seem to really struggle against teams that just sit back and allow us the ball.
  8. Must win game I would go with a 3-4-3 kepa rudi zouma tomori James kante jorginho alonso willian Abraham pulisic subs caba, christensen, Emerson , Mount , CHO, Batman,Barkley
  9. Yes especially as a LWB he is better and more composed
  10. Bayern are not the force they use to be. However, they still will be tough. I think we have a good chance of going through if we can at least sort out our defensive play.
  11. I just knew we would lose this you could see during the game we were crap. I feared a 1-0 defeat

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