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  1. 1 hour ago, Adam252 said:

    Love it  LOL.

    All jokes aside though, surely with him being a want away striker in recent times and being left out at Leicester, these rumours should cause concern? Realistically, who could genuinely replace him at the moment? Especially during a january transfer window. 


    No one can replace him but the next best thing to him is Lukaku. Big,strong and guarantees 20 goals a season. He would walk over hot coals to come back too.

  2. I love Willian.

    So does Jose.

    The guy is a machine. A freak of nature. I have rarely if ever seen a player who covers that much ground, closes down opponents, wins the ball so well, retains the ball so well and supports his team mates so well. His positional play and reading of the game is truly superb. And he does it practically every single game.

    I pity those that can't see what a dynamic he brings to our team. Those that only see the Panini sticker description of Willian as an "attacking midfielder" are missing the point of his effectiveness and the job he does for Mourinho completely.

    I say again, I love Willian.

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