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    RichardCFC reacted to big blue in David Luiz back at Chelsea   
    I'm torn with this one. He's a big personality, he's won everything with the club, and he seems like a good guy to have in the dressing room. 
    Luiz is now entering his 30's his hamstring is damaged due to the heroics in Munich, and his knee is damaged due to aguero. Both of these injuries will make it harder for him to play regularly at the highest level well into his 30's. 
    Cahill is also going to start slowing down, but at least with cahill, he has a good injury record, and I think he will be more accepting of a squad role, which would be good with him being homegrown. 
    Maybe it would be better to cash in on Luiz, and if the club don't think rudiger or zouma are cahill's long term replacement, then we have some funds to go after a van dijk, laporta, koulibaly. 
    Luiz has been a fantastic player for us, but christiensen is the future. 
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    RichardCFC reacted to Barry Bridges in David Luiz back at Chelsea   
    Costa wanted to leave Chelsea the second the ink on his signing contract with Chelsea dried.  Conte could of handled it better sure, but his biggest crime here was telling a player who kept asking to that fine, you can go I've planned without you.  Conte was the means to an end for Costa who put on a performance worthy of those famous Spanish (Mexican maybe?) Soap Operas, and not the reason.  Costa stopped playing for Mourinho, he a sh*t man manager too? He left Athletico to come here, do we disparage Simeone's man management too?   
    Matic wanted to go work with Mourinho, which I found funny simply for the #of people who claimed Matic must hate Mourinho over being subbed on and off in the same match (even though in the context it made perfect sense for the teams tactics and wasn't at all a message about Matic or his performance) and it was intentional by Mourinho to humiliate Matic LOL. No, like many other players Matic wanted to follow Mourinho to the new gig and unlike most actually did.
    I see no reason to doubt Conte's man management.  You could even argue that this season has helped prove his abilities here.  I have no doubt that Conte demanded and still demands as much as Mourinho ever did did, yet look whose having a second season almost as good as the first and who had a team not willing to play for him because "fatigue".
    End of the day, managing the squad is more important than managing any single player, and sometimes to maintain the former you need to replace or readjust the roles of some of the latter.
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    RichardCFC got a reaction from Slojo in Any game recommendation?   
    Really into Ghost Recon Wildlands now, would thoroughly recommend it to any fans of open-world shooters.
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    RichardCFC got a reaction from Deino in Following our ex`s...   
    I only watched the highlights on MOTD but Chalobah was meant to have been very impressive against Southampton - a good start to the season for him. Hope he keeps doing well.
    WhoScored.com‏Verified account @WhoScored  3m3 minutes ago More Nathaniel Chalobah: Won possession in the middle 3rd more times vs Saints (10) than any other player has managed in a PL match this season
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    RichardCFC reacted to DonAntonio in Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea   
    Reminds me of when I tried to grow my first moustache 
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    RichardCFC reacted to didierforever in Tiémoué Bakayoko   
    PL winning/walking team and we change 5 of our starting 11 and our whole formation and way of play. Cant make this stuff up.
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    RichardCFC reacted to RIP Mourinho in Diego "the guv'nor" Costa   
    Signed. Helped us win 2 league titles (hopefully). Pissed off every other team. Left and doubled our money on him.
    Not a bad transfer in the grand scheme of things.
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    RichardCFC got a reaction from WeatherMan in The John Terry Appreciation Thread   
    I don't think he'll go because he'll want the chance to win another Premier League medal (though I think he'd already have met the games played criteria) but I don't see anything laughable, wrong or disloyal with him leaving on loan to a club 9th in the Premier League and not a rival at all.
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    RichardCFC reacted to g3.7 in Tiémoué Bakayoko   
    matic was instrumental in our last title win and has been an important figure in our season so far.
    if our next midfield signing matches his influence that would hardly be a failure.
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    RichardCFC got a reaction from CarefreeSimmo_ in Any game recommendation?   
    Shadow of Mordor sequel, Shadow of War has been announced. August 25th release. Gameplay reveal March 8th.
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    RichardCFC reacted to ForeverCarefree in Ruben Loftus-Cheek   
    How do you come to that conclusion, they're playing in different positions. 
    Chalobah is playing in the centre of the midfield same as Matic, Kante and Fabregas. 
    RLC is being used as a second striker or attacking midfielder same as Perdo, Hazard and Willian. 
    The reason RLC came on is because we had shifted formation to 4-2-3-1 and he was playing in the #10 role which allowed Fabregas to drop deeper and dictate play. 
    Then when Zouma came on and we reverted back to 3-4-3 he was sat behind Costa. 
    Chalobah wouldn't have been asked to fulfil either of the roles RLC did against Stoke. 
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    RichardCFC reacted to The Brit in Jose Mourinho thread   
    I'm sure no-one, myself included, who is criticising the fans for abusing mourinho last night, is saying we should love jose when we face utd...but don't hurl abuse at him ffs...some people have very short memories and are ungrateful...he may say the odd bs thing, but we should know better than anyone it's bs...as mentioned above, get behind antonio, get behind our team...Mourinho deserves our everlasting respect, even when he does act like a nob
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    RichardCFC got a reaction from Blueblur in Any game recommendation?   
    Shadow of Mordor sequel, Shadow of War has been announced. August 25th release. Gameplay reveal March 8th.
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    RichardCFC got a reaction from pacquiao in *Official* Pedro to Chelsea   
    Thought he was great yesterday and deserved his goal. Having a superb season.
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    RichardCFC got a reaction from Amputechture in *Official* Pedro to Chelsea   
    Thought he was great yesterday and deserved his goal. Having a superb season.
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    RichardCFC got a reaction from Jezz in *Official* Pedro to Chelsea   
    Thought he was great yesterday and deserved his goal. Having a superb season.
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    RichardCFC got a reaction from ForeverCarefree in *Official* Pedro to Chelsea   
    Thought he was great yesterday and deserved his goal. Having a superb season.
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    RichardCFC reacted to Celery1989 in Our New Stadium   
    We've struggled to sell out Stamford Bridge for cup games and Champions League qualifiers, so talk of anything greater than 60k seems pretty unrealistic to me. I reckon we'll sell out every League game at the new ground but there will be empty seats for the other competitions, unless we are playing a big rival/club.
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    RichardCFC reacted to Mr Parker's Dogbite in Our New Stadium   
    Indeed. The thing that people moaning about the restriction on future capacity need to understand is that staying put at SB means that capacity is restricted because the site is restricted. It's the compromise that had to be made if people wanted to stay at our historic home. And a very worthwhile compromise in my view.
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    RichardCFC reacted to Zinc in Any game recommendation?   
    I would suggest playing Dishonored 1 before this as the Dishonored 2's story is pretty much a direct continuation of the first.
    As for Dishonored 2, there were a lot of bugs and issues with the PC version (I think the console versions should be fine) when it was launched, but most got rectified in a recent update.
    Anyway, I had a blast playing it after the patch and it's definitely one of my personal GOTY titles.
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    RichardCFC reacted to ForeverCarefree in Jose Mourinho thread   
    In our 111 year history we have won the league title five times. 
    This inspite of the unprecedented amounts of money that Roman has invested in the club. 
    Of those five league titles Jose Mourinho won three of them.
    Three titles won in five full seasons at the club. 
    And despite all this I still read comments from Chelsea fans bad mouthing him. 
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    RichardCFC reacted to didierforever in Kenedy officially signs for Chelsea   
    Thats harsh to say the least, on Kenedy, not Oscar.
    I feel, it depends largely on the expectations and the roles in the team.
    Oscar was supposed to be our fulcrum, our lynchpin. We sold KDB and mata to make him succeed. He was supposed to be our no.1 no.10. A position where you need a lot of talent. You need to have the vision, the goal scoring ability, the movement and even then, you should be able "to do a job defensively". Unfortunately, Oscar's primary attribute was "can do a job defensively" rather than all the other attributes which we normally associate with a no.10.
    On the other hand we have kenedy, who will be playing as a LWB. currently our 2 players in that position are moses and marcos alonso. If i had told you at the end of last season that next season we will have moses and alonso as the first team starters in chelsea, you would have said, i am an idiot. If i had said, that these 2 would be first team starters and we would be on a 10 game win streak, you would have asked for my address and asked an asylum to pick me up.
    But thats what the wing-back position entails. You need players with massive energy, decent skills and those who can "do a job defensively" in that position. I am not having double standards in judging oscar and kenedy but its simply the need of the position they play. A no.10 can not be a passenger in the team, he infact needs to carry the team. A wing-back needs to do his job, and thats that. Kenedy can be a more than decent backup who was also cheap and someone for the long term. I personally feel, he can do a Moses.
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    RichardCFC reacted to ForeverCarefree in Welcome N’Golo Kante   
    £7m, over 200 appearances and he's helped us win the Premier League, European Cup, Europa League, League Cup, FA Cup and he's currently captaining the side with us sitting 6 points clear? 
    You're damn right he's on my list of best buys since Roman came to the club. 
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    RichardCFC reacted to Chelsbear in Welcome N’Golo Kante   
    He helped us win a EPL title, Europa League and CL and some domestic trophies playing a major part in all of those wins.
    Cahill isn't world class or the best in Europe but what he has been is solid, reliable and a warrior on occasion (Much like Ivan actually).

    I'm not his biggest fan at times but we should acknowledge he's been a big part of our recent success and beside JT 2 seasons back he was one of the best defenders in the league.
    Not bad for a £7 million buy from Bolton.........
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    RichardCFC reacted to abramovich in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    Too lazy to browse through the thread so I'll just say what may have already been said but I have to say it.
    How refreshing it is to have a someone in charge who doesn't bitch and complain about bad decisions and doesn't hide behind made up excuses, who doesn't throw his own players under the bus and is full of integrity after the wfinal whistle, no matter what the result. Apparently you can have a winning mentality and still act in a dignified manner. Who knew.
    Antonio has class. I'm proud of having him being our manager.

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