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  1. What I'm fond of about BVS is that it is still being talked about. It's polarizing, just like how Superman was in the earth of the movie. BvS has so many layers.
  2. Because he thought he almost killed the one man that standing between the earth and its annihilation.
  3. It was good, better than IRon Fist but the show completely failed when it tried to raise issues on gun control. I also didn't like that Punisher had to kill the pawns used by bigger villains.
  4. But Pep shrugged it https://twitter.com/SBOBET/status/937701786655133696
  5. What Pogba said about wanting ManCity players to get injured was tolerated by Mourinho. That's unacceptable.
  6. Reiligiously followed American Gods (even teh book). Preacher was a let down.
  7. Great series. So many elements from Matrix, Fight Club, and Clockwor Orange.
  8. This was very touching. Arjen knows how to look back.
  9. I think his height helps him. But overall, it's his IQ and relentlessness.
  10. It's easy to know that Chelsea's no longer one of the richeste. We weren't even in the conversation for Neymar. AFAIK
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