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  1. Yeah, might be! The Paperman was a small fella, probably in his sixties, who used to go in the Benches. He'd sit there with half a dozen newspapers under his arm and watch the game from the opposite end we were attacking. You'd often see him after the game, wandering along Fulham Road with even more newspapers. Legend!
  2. First went as a 5 year old (I think) around the 80-81 season. The old man took me back then. He had a couple of very plush season tickets in the Executive Club, front row of the East Middle. Never realised how lucky I was! Once I was old enough in the early 90's, I sat and stood all over the old ground. In the East Lower, West Stand seats as far North as possible. The freezing Benches (where I once conversed with the famous 'Paperman'. (Remember him!) Even up in the Gods of the East Upper, but there was nothing like the Shed. Used to favour the West Side, but eventually grew up enough to large it with the big boys in the Middle. Very eye-opening to a 14 year old. Great memories of terrible football, enthusiastic fans and the Old Bill literally pointing out any wrongdoers from their little spotter's box, followed by renditions of 'Knees up Mother Brown' once they waded in - the odd helmet flying about etc. Since the ground's been redeveloped, I've been in the MH Upper and Lower, as with the Shed, the West Lower and even treated the wife to a binocular view in the West Upper! Would love to go more, but family and the mortgage have put paid to that.
  3. I always thought the Gulf Air sponsorship was simply born out of how well we were doing in Div 2 at that time. I think they came in half-way through the season and remember the launch photos in the programme with Flasher sitting on the wooden floor in the East Stand's Executive Club, in the full sponsored kit, flanked by a couple of Gulf Air stewardess girls. For some reason the sponsorship was never extended into the new season in Div 1. Uncle Ken probably wanted too much money out of them!
  4. Was at that Wimbledon game. Queued up for bloody ages to get in and because of the reaction to Hillsborough the season before, and our usual vast numbers, the kick-off was delayed. I can't say I actually saw Kevin Wilson's header go in on the day, thanks to the poxy view from the away end. I think it was our only ever win there too.
  5. No worries pal. My pleasure. I never liked that kit at the time, probably because they decided to bring in the blue socks!
  6. My Panini sticker book from 1987. You'll have to excuse the scribbles!
  7. Thanks for posting this, Boyne. I still have my copy and finally I can see what the Micky Nutton/Graham Wilkins sticker actually looks like after all these years. The only one of the team I didn't get at the time!
  8. The Bridge was rammed for that one. I went with a mate who wasn't even a fan, but had bought the jade away shirt that year because he liked it so much! We had to stand on a stairway even when we got in the ground at around 2pm - until a few plod got everyone to squash up on the terrace. From there we could see that even the normally cornered off part of the Shed was being used. The benches were packed as well, with standing room only up at the north end. Of course at the final whistle it was mayhem when a large gate in the Shed fence slowly swung open from the east side and out shot hundreds to charge across the pitch. I can still remember the huge surge towards the fence and I only just managed to hang on to my pal as we all got swept down towards the front. Pretty hectic for a couple of 13 year-olds!
  9. Had a chat with Jody Morris in Chicago's in Sutton several years ago. He's my age, and a lot smaller, so I felt okay talking to him. Despite having a bit of a rep back then, he was very approachable and more than happy to indulge me in conversation. Probably helped that I knew a girl that he also knew and I could even mention the Beemer he'd just bought! Glad Jody's getting on well these days.
  10. Ah, the first greatest game from THAT season - as well as Grimsby on the last day. I'm in that photo as a 9 year-old, Front row of the middle tier. Believe it or not, a friend of my old man actually recorded the game on his own video camera which he brought with him on the day. Christ, if I could ever get in touch with him! Anyway, quick bit of trivia: Leeds weren't allowed to play in their usual white socks and not having brought any others, had to wear our yellow socks. (That's why all the legs look the same in the black and white shots!!)
  11. We can all understand why King Kerry and Canners look elated, but why does Colin Lee look as pissed off as Neill Smillie?
  12. Fair play to the guy. A good professional and clearly a decent coach.
  13. While we're on the subject of that great season, here's my latest pub shirt. Very happy with how the iron-on Le Coq Sportif transfer turned out, especially after destroying the first shirt I bought!
  14. Couldn't agree more. The thing I remember the most is sitting in the middle tier of the East Stand as a kid, hearing the 'delay' when the Benches and Gate 13 were singing the same song, although never quite in unison. Made the sound effect in the ground even better. 10 men went to mow back in the day was just the best experience. I'm thinking particularly of the 2-2 at QPR in '91 (Wisey's overhead kick) when we all sat down on their sh*te little terrace. In fact, the pre-match banter was pretty good that day too. During the warm up, Eddie Niedzwiecki told Vinnie Jones to start us off with 10 Men went to mow and when Townsend was asked to give us a song, he tried the "We're on the march with Jackie's Army" for a joke. We responded with; "We're going to Sweden, We're going to Sweden, You're not, You're not."

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