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  1. With all the concrete and breeze blocks on display, it looks like the back of the East Stand?
  2. I always liked Davies, particularly his way of commentating on a goal. He would often almost shout the words; "...and Dixon....SCORES!" He also tipped us for the FA Cup one year by saying he thought Pat Nevin would enjoy himself at Wembley! But you're right Ersk, he is indeed a Spud. (He kept that quiet!)
  3. Not wishing to stereotype the boys north of the border, but here's a sample of what Aberdeen left in the away end after their European Cup game at Liverpool in 1980!
  4. One of our finest goalkeepers and obviously being such an important part of that team, you can't fail to love the bloke. I was lucky enough to meet Eddie back in 1989, as a mate of my Dad promoted his benefit match. I have to admit that as a 14 year old, I was pretty dumbstruck to meet him and even managed to cock up a simple 'Hello' as I stumbled over my words. Former legends are always made welcome back at the Bridge, even when they're still plying their trade at other clubs. The reception Eddie used to get when running out to warm up the opposition 'keeper was great.
  5. Doesn't this photo sum up everything that was wrong with crowd control back then? Cram the away fans into the tightest Nun's crotch of a corner of terracing, while the Palace Nigels in the two other pens of the Holmesdale terrace have the freedom of Selhurst Park! I know we had a reputation back then, but even so.
  6. Rugby League at the Bridge. Fulham RLFC v Cardiff in 1983. (I think the last shot has been posted on here previously.) Courtesy of Vince Taylor's excellent @Groundtastic Twitter site. (Photos by Bob Lilliman.)
  7. Right, I'm going to stick my neck out here. I reckon it's the first home game back in the First Division v Sunderland on the Bank Holiday Monday. (A one-nil win with Canners getting the goal.) For some reason, I seem to recall Uncle Ken organised a chopper to bring in the Canon League Div II trophy for a fancy presentation. It must be early season, as there's green grass on the pitch! The players' kit looks about right for 1984, as does the West Stand. Happily be proven wrong though...
  8. Oh go on then, I'll start with the obvious two which are Steve Francis and Dale Jasper. Honestly don't recognise any of the others. Top photo though.
  9. I've always quite enjoyed the Chelsea/Rangers thing. A good mate of mine is from Ballymena and taught me a few of the songs several years ago. Before that I used to wear a Rangers shirt (the Admiral one from 1990) to the Bridge back in the day - along with a fair few others as well. I've seen Rangers at Ipswich, Arsenal and Fulham too. In fact, I was lucky enough to meet Alex McLeish at Sutton United a couple of weeks back. Started off by telling him I was a Chelsea/Rangers Blues Brother and then mentioned that I was at the Fulham pre-season friendly where Dado Prso scored a fantastic overhead kick. Have to say he was an absolute gent and had time for everyone.
  10. Looks like Les Briley, second right, in suit and big collar!
  11. Bluehaze, is that your shirt by any chance? If so, who did you use for the Gulf Air iron-on transfer? I've been thinking about doing the same on my Score Draw home shirt too!
  12. Not sure it's Plough Lane as they didn't have steps up to the pitch surround there. A real tough one! The guy from the Miller Lite advert is Jason Salkey, who was a regular in the Executive Club back in the 80's - until he got thrown out for allegedly pulling a knife on someone. Really surprising if that happened because he always came across as a nice bloke. Eastenders actors Chris McHallem (Rod) and Jonathan Stratt (Brad) went a lot back then too.
  13. I'll second that. Fillery was in the first Chelsea side I watched as a lad and he always looked a player to me. Was pretty gutted when he left, after Venables convinced him he could become an England international at QPR. Joined Steve Wicks and Gary Chivers there as I recall. Seems odd to think of that lot being a step up from us at the time!
  14. That was my first visit to Loftus Road. Never quite knew why the old man took us, but as an excited 9 year old I wasn't going to say no. Anyway, we were in the away seats and Chelsea were absolutely everywhere as usual. Tons in the Ellerslie Road stand and almost as many in the Main Stand too. Can't remember much about the game, other than Gary Chivers (had gone to them by then) finishing a sliding tackle in front of the (official!) away terrace, getting a bit of stick and then flicking a small piece of frost at the travelling fans!
  15. Not a good day. Despite all the optimism, you could sense the deflation in the ground as soon as King Kerry got injured and had to go off. We were always up against it from then on. At least Speedo scored to make it look respectable. Anyone remember the Dippers letting off a big red flare into the Benches that day? Absolute twunts!!

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