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  1. I can't see southhampton getting anythimg out of this
  2. glad that arab money doesn't stink in their motherf**king corrupted offices
  3. actually made me quite angry. '' if you put him in real, barcelona or city, he would be even better player than he is now at Chelsea. he has to raise his standards, he's be playing with beter players on regular bases, bla bla..'' I wonder with what better players woud be playin at real this year, really? that booing-at-their-own-players so called footbal fans f**king club have to break their f**king bank this summer (new coach as well) so this bald prick (don't know him) would be allowed to say on TV this f**king bollocks!
  4. interesting that interview was made 2 month ago. sad day it is.
  5. Hazard is now Madrid's main target after Los Blancos ended their interest in Tottenham Hotspur's Christian Eriksen. Like Hazard, Eriksen's contract expires in 2020, but Madrid have opted not to go after the Dane in a bid to avoid a transfer war with Spurs, a club they consider an ally after successfully doing business over Modric and Gareth Bale in the past.
  6. I tihnk that sarri was spot on not to change pedro with CHO against spuds cause he was aminig at penalty shootout at the time with willian who has calm to net it. It was his do or die. so dissapointed in CHO with handing a tranfer request. you just don't do that at 18 years to the boyhood club.
  7. have you noticed that in all penalties he faced he guessed the side much more often than not. hope I haven't jinxed it.
  8. I got 2 members on ignore list and ernie blue is one of them. just cannot stand his negative writting
  9. Hazard said: 'For me as a winger you know I like to play with top players. 'With Chelsea I had the chance to play with one of the best in Diego Costa for three years, and I think Higuain is one of the best. 'My position is more winger than No 9, but me, I just try to have fun with my striker, with the other winger, so when the striker is there it is good for me. 'We all know that I like to play the give and go with my striker, so if the striker just goes deep, I am going to be in trouble, but Giroud understands this, that's why I like to play with him. 'We all know that, and I think Higuain is going to do the same, and of course he is a fantastic striker, he has scored a lot of goals, when you see his career, Real Madrid, Napoli, Juventus, he has always scored goals.' He said: 'My reaction is to be on the pitch and try to do my best. Managers in the past have talked about me, this manager talked about me, the next manager is going to talk about me. 'My target is just to play football. I don't care what people think, I just want to do my best. 'Today I did, not against Arsenal, of course, but now I look to the future and I will do my best again. 'We didn't talk about (the criticism). I don't have a problem with that. A manager can think what they want to think. 'For me the best response is to be on the pitch and winning games. I understand, when the team is not playing well, the manager has to criticise players. 'I'm not saying I am the best player, but when there is always this kind of player who can help the team to win the game, I just try to do my best. 'I am not focused on what the manager says, I don't care about that. 'To be fair, if the manager has to say something he will say it, we are men, big men, so we can talk together, so no problem at all. 'In the dressing room all of the players, we have almost won everything. We are big players. 'We know when we are not playing well, and we know when we are playing good. So at the end we just need to look in the same way and try to win games. That's it.'
  10. goosebumps, just can't stop watching. love the bloke jumping in on one step beyond
  11. see us sell CHO instead. f**k this sh*t.
  12. 'In five years, I can say that I was lucky to play with him,' Hazard said. 'Since the beginning when he came, we saw it the first year, we won the double together. 'Top guy on the pitch, off the pitch, a great friend of mine. 'Just admiration about this guy. I hope he will have a good future. It's a bit hard now, but he's still very good and he will enjoy.'
  13. Man with the Magic Hat, thank you! Without you, there would never be last two the most valuable trophies in the world - The Premier league champions. Enjoy your football until you can.
  14. dafak, instead of driling and learning Sarri style of football and be ready for the next season, now he can easlly pick up some (terible) injury at Dortmund and voila
  15. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/chelsea/eden-hazard-doubts-chelsea-can-win-title-with-man-city-better-at-lots-of-things-a4000221.html “We are thinking about finishing in the top four, not to be the champions. We know City are not much better than Chelsea but they are better at the moment. “In what areas are City better? A lot of things: possession; when they have chances, they score; maybe defensively they are better. They have top players. “Is it due to their consistency as well, winning game after game? Yes, of course. They are in a good momentum since last year and we need to be back like this.” “We tried to push but it was not enough. It was a bad day, we need to move forward and try to bounce back. “When you lose one, you don’t want to make it two. We have to win, we have to play better and win again. “We want to go on another unbeaten run now. We want to take points. The target is to finish in the top four. In the Premier League, anything can happen. "Next Sunday we can beat Fulham and other teams can lose points. There is no need to panic. We have been playing good football. "We have shown since the beginning of the season we are a good team. So no panic, just try to forget this game.” “I don’t think it is a mental problem,” he said. “We have top players in the team, we have players who can play under pressure. “When we are losing, you can always find an excuse but Tottenham were just better. I don’t think we have been getting complacent after our unbeaten run. We just need to analyse why we lost and then try to not do it again.” “I don’t think it is bad, I just twisted my ankle. I will get it checked but I think it is minor and I don’t think I will be out for any period of time.”
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