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  1. If Roman really wants this team to become elite, we'll have to sign a player like that eventually
  2. If we can't get Haaland, Inter's financial situation might lead us to looking at Lukaku or Lautauro Martinez. Both are very good center forwards and wouldn't be that much of a step down from Haaland. Beyond that? I'm not sure. Isak is pretty good but he's not a clear upgrade from Abraham. Maybe Icardi? I'm not sure PSG would want to sell him though. I've seen some people mention Belotti, although I'm not very high on him.
  3. Haaland is going to be a megastar. You don't pass an opportunity like that up if he wants to come here...I really don't understand why some Chelsea fans are against this.
  4. Professional performance. Big win for Tuchel as well. Hopefully the momentum carries us against Man Utd.
  5. I really don't see buying more than a single player from them, especially if it is Haaland.
  6. Our team lacks the mentality to deal with a high press. This has been a issue for a few years...
  7. Sheffield did a good job of boxing out our midfield pivot, but it was harder than it should have been for us. Werner MOTM
  8. Werner for me. He battled tonight and created a lot of chances...Tottenham is just really good at blocking and challenging shots.
  9. My prediction for tomorrow's lineup: I think Tuchel will stick to the 4-2-2-2 he used at PSG as our personnel fits it I think. Pulisic and Kante are out. Havertz could play with Werner at top with CHO sliding in with Ziyech too. We'll see.
  10. I really wanted Rangnick and I'm a bit puzzled how Marina missed that one, but I do like Tuchel as well. Hopefully he works out for us.
  11. I'm pretty sure it would be Tuchel. No way they sack Lampard for someone like Avram Grant
  12. He could form a great partnership with Werner if whoever the manager is in 2021/2022 goes with a two striker formation.
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