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  1. Camavinga Haaland Hakimi Varane Those would be my choices if I could wave a magic wand.
  2. He's been considered one of the best wingbacks available since he was at Dortmund...
  3. Hakimi can play both the left and right side...we would be crazy to pass up on him...we just won our second CL title...now is the time to sign elite players.
  4. Tuchel used the 4-4-2/4-2-2-2 a lot at PSG so we might see that next year, and probably suits us better than the 4-3-3 right now
  5. I doubt we'll see anything like this. I think Tuchel values Kante as a "Double Six" and we'll continue to see him used in a similar manner and not as a pure DM. The 4-3-3 is always a possibility but it wouldn't look like this.
  6. Arguably the best striker in the world. I'll take him.
  7. We have 7 European trophies, counting everything including the Cup Winners' Cup and the UEFA Cup/Europa League. United has 6.
  8. This guy will be a legend in the game by the time his career is over.
  9. Best player in the world. No debate.
  10. I am so happy for this club. Thomas Tuchel and Thiago Silva deserved redemption tonight after the way PSG treated them. It was a big mistake by PSG to let those two go. I was a big fan of Tuchel before he came here and I truly he think he is the man to lead us forward with a long-term vision and plan. I just hope Roman sees that as well and is willing to stick with him for at least a few years to see what happens (barring a major collapse, like 15th place or something by the middle of the season of course. Knock on wood). This team is a bit younger compared to 2012 and no one seriously considered them to be contenders, even after our summer transfer window. We have a solid selection of academy graduates, but we also have "misfits" like Jorginho and Mendy who climbed their way to get to this point, and then we have players like Rudiger who were on the fringes before Tuchel came in and were constantly targeted on social media by angry fans. The fact that they overcame everything to win on the biggest stage should be cherished for a long, long time. Our 2012 win was special, and against all odds, but this one will rank right up there as well. Credit to Lampard for building up the core of this team during a very difficult period for this club. He deserves some praise for helping the club get to this point as well, but this was Tuchel's victory of course. Guardiola came out with a very interesting plan tonight, and I thought it was the recipe to give Manchester City their first UCL trophy. The way he set up his team with all of his quality players looked frightening at first. Tuchel had a better plan though. It was a tactical clinic and it was a pleasure to watch despite the low scoreline. Tuchel stopped Man City right in their tracks. Defense wins championships, and the counterpress played a quiet role in that, which gave us the 1-0 victory. It should have been 2-0 or 3-0, but it doesn't matter now. We defended with our lives for 30-40 minutes and it reminded me of our battles with Pep's Barcelona. Just a pure masterclass in every facet of the game. It was a 10/10 squad effort. What about Kai Havertz? He really came through tonight. I had quiet confidence for a long time that he would deliver on this stage, and he did. I had flashbacks to Torres' goal against Barcelona. He may be a Chelsea legend already. The pass from Mount, and the goal that came after was breathtaking. N'golo Kante is the best midfielder in the world for my money's worth. Best player in the world as well. Clear Ballon D'or contender right now, especially if France wins the Euros. Rudiger and Azpilicueta put on exceptional perfomances as well. Club legends, all of them. What a night for our club. We are truly a member of the world's soccer/football elite now. So many emotions going through my head right now.
  11. Werner needs a target man like Lukaku to play alongside. It's not either/or. Look at how Werner did when he had Poulsen leading the line.
  12. Conte and Inter are parting ways. Lukaku saga coming up.
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