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  1. We do need at least a point to keep our top four hopes solid, although I guess resting players makes sense here.
  2. I'm much more nervous about this game than I was for Real Madrid. Guardiola is very prepared when it comes to cup finals and he has the edge historically over Tuchel. Going to be a slugfest.
  3. Rob Harris on Twitter: "UEFA has NOT suspended the Champions League and Europa League" / Twitter
  4. This is based on a article from last year. Champions League and Europa League suspended 'indefinitely' - CBBC Newsround
  5. I really don't like this but I'm also resigned to the fact that this was going to happen eventually. Bring on Real Madrid.
  6. I think this is a ploy to gain leverage with UEFA against the CL reforms, but this topic will keep coming up unless something drastic happens to limit the power of money in football.
  7. I'm a Chelsea fan first and foremost. Super Leauge or not, I'll always root for this club. Loyalty is hardwired in my brain. I won't walk away because I don't like something.
  8. Tuchel was very good with getting good players at Dortmund. If the board actually listens to him unlike PSG, we'll be fine.
  9. I know Bayern want Nagelsmann to replace Flick, but I'm worried they will come knocking for Tuchel if that doesn't work out for him. Get that man a contract extension ASAP.
  10. Except for the WBA game, we have become a completely different team under Tuchel. I love that guy.
  11. Werner was an inside forward who was a key piece of a very fast and vertical Leipzig system. He played off other strikers and feasted on counterpresses and transitions. Haaland is a true CF. If you don't see why he's special then I don't know what to tell you. No clue why Chelsea fans are so afraid of spending money.
  12. Haaland is a completely different player from Werner.
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