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  1. He reminds me a lot of Clarence Seedorf and Edgar Davids. I think he'll be a brilliant signing for Madrid. I really wanted him to come here, but I guess we weren't that interested.
  2. Saul is a brilliant midfielder and this is a very good signing for us. I think he suffered from burnout and health issues at Atletico in the past season or two, so hopefully Tuchel can make him shine again. If he does, 40m Euros will be a bargain.
  3. Azpilicueta is around the same height. Didn't impact him. Kounde's aerial stats aren't bad either
  4. Missing out on Kounde this window was a bummer. It's clear the guy really wanted to move here and he would have really made our squad complete across the board, comparable to Man City or PSG. Hopefully we can get him out of Sevilla in January before Madrid comes snooping around.
  5. I'm talking about people who think they are on Twitter and say the most ridiculous sh*t possible in real life like this guy did. Just very reactionary in general.
  6. f**king hell. This generation of football fans are totally rotten
  7. I hate it when fans bash players. Wait until the end of the season to give your opinion. Until then, back the team. Stop trying to give your pub takes every minute. I swear football fans have gotten more reactionary with the advent of social media.
  8. Workshopping potential lineups... I think there's a good chance Lukaku starts. Tuchel seems pretty anxious to have him available in the first XI. If so, question is what formation he goes with...does he stick with the 3-4-2-1 or go with the 3-5-2 which we have seen glimpses of? If he doesn't start, I guess we'll go with the 3-4-2-1 per usual.
  9. Might be worth a look? Left-footed CB available at a reasonable price.
  10. Here's what I have for the lineup tomorrow. Factoring in the Super Cup game where some players played a full 120 mintues. Thoughts? I suppose Mount could start in place of RLC or Abraham.
  11. Camavinga Haaland Hakimi Varane Those would be my choices if I could wave a magic wand.
  12. He's been considered one of the best wingbacks available since he was at Dortmund...
  13. Hakimi can play both the left and right side...we would be crazy to pass up on him...we just won our second CL title...now is the time to sign elite players.
  14. Tuchel used the 4-4-2/4-2-2-2 a lot at PSG so we might see that next year, and probably suits us better than the 4-3-3 right now
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