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  1. https://soccer.nbcsports.com/2019/10/09/report-chelsea-linked-with-230-million-move-for-neymar/?utm_tags=nbcsemail1001&mi_u=A42A199D-345A-4D60-BFA0-83E816C3297C
  2. The talent on that team was remarkable, and is a testament to just how good the Yugoslavian talent pipeline was. Pancev, Savicevic, Prosinecki, Mihajolvic, Jugovic....and that was after they sold Stojkovic year before. One of the greatest what if stories in football is how many titles Yugoslavia would have won in the international scene if they didn't break up right in the middle of their golden generation.
  3. The 1982 Brazil team is, for my money's worth, one of the greatest and most beautiful football teams of all time. Up there with 1995 Ajax for me. The 1992 Sao Paulo team, also coached by Tele Santana, is a strong contender as well. Another team that probably doesn't get talked about a lot is the 1991 Red Star Belgrade team.
  4. Should we be using the 3-4-2-1 going forward, or at least more often? It's probably the best we have looked all season. At full strength, we could look like this. It would probably suit everyone well. Rudiger - Christensen - Azpilicueta/Tomori James - Kante - Jorginho - Palmieri Hudson-Odoi/Mount - Loftus-Cheek/Pulisic Abraham
  5. I missed the game, but I'm glad to see we won. An excellent way to cap the season. You could tell Sarri really wanted that trophy. I hope he stays.
  6. That was a nerve-wracking game. Kepa redeemed himself tonight. We still look a bit shaky though. I'm a bit worried about the final, but I'm sure we'll be up for the task. Winning the Europa League would be a nice cap on a relatively mellow year.
  7. Yuuugggeee win after that slump. Kante was class as always. The whole team did well, actually. KTBFH!
  8. I'll take the point. On to the next one. LMAO at Mourinho.
  9. Solid game from us. We looked good in possession, although we need to sharpen the attack a bit. All in all, a nice first game of the new season.
  10. Di Matteo Terry Lampard Petrescu Zola Drogba Cech Shevchenko
  11. Hopefully, the board gives him five years and fully supports his transfer needs. I'm pretty sick of us changing managers every two years...
  12. Class goalkeeper with tons of potential. This is a yuuggeee signing. Plus, it looks like we are getting Kovacic as well!
  13. Can't wait to see what he has in store. Very glad this is all over with and we can move on. I've been educating myself on Sarriball. If he can implement his ideas, we'll be a tough team to beat.

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