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  1. Twitter can be ridiculous with rumors and such. It's silly. Fanboy wars gone bad.
  2. Maybe Barca is trying to keep Fabregas? Or they haggling us for a higher fee like Porto did?
  3. Pretty sure we'll see some news shortly if he is indeed coming.
  4. Purch= Bring back Damien Duff and Makelele
  5. I like... Courtois Ivanovic/Azpi - Cahill/Ivanovic - Terry - Luis Matic -- Fabregas/Oscar Willian/Schurrle- Oscar/Fabregas - Hazard Costa/Lukaku Or maybe... Courtois Ivanovic/Azpi - Cahill/Ivanovic - Terry - Luis Matic Schurrle/Willian (or Oscar if he proves himself) - Fabregas - Hazard Lukaku - Costa
  6. Mourinho will shock us all and play Fabregas as a False 9.
  7. I have a feeling he will be going to United...
  8. I wouldn't mind seeing him here, I just don't want the deal to drag on.
  9. I don't see us tying up a deal for Guardiola by the weekend....unless they want to keep the worst secret in the world for a while.
  10. I seriously doubt we made a bid for Falcao. Is this the same guy reporting on the Hulk situation?
  11. So here am I at graduation....almost two hours before the final.....nervous as hell!
  12. 150 million bid submitted for Djemba-Djemba.
  13. Why do they even bother if they put restrictions on teams outside the South American zone?
  14. At least according to this... http://www.givemefootball.com/premier-league/arsenal-chelsea-and-united-target-goal-happy-new-d Would we want him here? He is a deadly finisher.
  15. I'm sure Dunga would be more than happy to do that.
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