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  1. The problem is not the lack of massive cm arrival. But the fact that rambo and obi mikel are still with us. Meaning less time for rlc, masounda, clokett and such. So we gained nothing.
  2. No he will not. Terrible at dealing with crosses in his own box, but have a decent reflexes. Liverpool it is!
  3. Frank and marcel my lord
  4. When a left leg winger play on his side he is usually immense. But when it comes to right winger - athletico springs to mind there with Juanfran, he is having trouble there. But still top notch defender.
  5. He seems to be quite essential in the transformation of brana to a winger.
  6. Bayern will Not spend what is required to lure Eden
  7. I tend to disagree since it seems as that the setup we have now at the bridge will suit him much better if the club continue to grow.
  8. Sounds like home grown (;
  9. Glad he won't be there to scores against us in the champions league
  10. He has the best movement in World Football. The only player i can think of who can score for is sick numbers.

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