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  1. I played better yesterday morning playing kick around than Willian is right now. And to think we gave him the #10
  2. Frank is going to have a real tough decision once RLC comes back. Mount is looking every bit like a proper Chelsea player.
  3. I was able to freeze it as soon as the ball was kicked (took some practice). It's tough to tell because the Souse CB is standing very straight. To me it looks onside but his left shoulder might be barely off.
  4. GK: Kepa RB: Azpilicueta CB: Christensen CB: Zouma LB: Emerson MF: Kante MF: Jorginho MF: Kovacic RW: Pulisic LW: Pedro / Mount FW: Tammy
  5. Assuming you work, if a coworker of yours performs poorly, do yo express frustration and distaste in them? Why is being a fan of a sports club any different?
  6. I've pretty much disliked him ever since this. I hope you win nothing ever again Mr. Luiz On a side note, if we can tolerate Zappacosta as coverage, I think having James as our RB with "Dave" as coverage in the CB role might not be a bad idea in the future.
  7. GK: Kepa LB: Emerson CB: Christensen CB: Luiz RB: Azpilicueta MF: Kovacic MF: Jorginho LAM: Willian CAM: Barkley RAM: Pulisic (probably Pedro though) ST: Giroud 2-1 Manure 😞
  8. Does anyone know if the Stadium Shirts are Athletic fit or Standard Fit? I ask because I usually get XL for Nike, except the 2018-2019 kit is a standard fit and I am a L in that. I want my Pulisic shirt but don't want to waste any more money on failed shirt purchases.
  9. Can someone please explain to me why ALL STRIKERS are so expensive? Our damn strikers are all priced at 7.0! WHY!!!!!!
  10. LMFAO @ United spending that much for Maguire! Didn't they do something similar (not quite as expensive) with Shaw several years ago...how's that working for them?
  11. Same defense that only allowed 39 goals last season + you add Zouma and potentially James (while hopefully dumping Zappacosta and leaving Alonso out of the 1st team entirely)
  12. At this point who cares? We have a CFC legend as manager with a staff full of CFC legends. We have a squad of young players (several of which are English and homegrown from our academy) that are going to play big minutes this upcoming season. Haven't we bitched and moaned enough over the last 15 years about this team making big splashes only to see them fail (please don't make me list them out) and counter that by asking that our young players get the chance to shine. We have been given a chance to see what our academy can produce. United has spent a boat load of money on top talent and managers and look at how they have performed. Liverpool got lucky that Mane, Salah, Van Djik, and Allison all were able to continue their high level of play at a higher level club / different league. They also got lucky that TA-A and Robertson became superstars last season. Spurs...won't win s**t as we have seen, and at some point will cave in and sell Kane, Alli, Son and Erikson (like they ALWAYS do) Arsenal...do we really need to talk about them?
  13. I think it's going to be this at the start of the season GK: Kepa RB: "Dave" CB: Luiz CB: Christensen LB: Emerson DM: Kovacic DM: Jorginho LAM: Willian CAM: Barkley RAM: Pulisic ST: Batman But I think when people come back healthy and later in the season it will look like this GK: Kepa RB: "Dave" CB: Rudiger CB: Christensen LB: Emerson DM: Kante DM: Jorginho LAM: Hudson-Odoi CAM: Loftus-Cheek (Although I think you can interchange Mount here too) RAM: Pulisic ST: Abraham Either team has a fairly strong bench IMO.

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