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  1. Considering the situation, that is one of the greatest goals I've ever seen.
  2. Who else on our team can back tackle like that?!? That is spectacular!
  3. I know sometimes you have to go back, hence why I put "almost to a flaw" in parentheses.
  4. My biggest complaint is with us constantly playing sideways and backwards. When I play pick up football I NEVER think about passing backwards (almost to a flaw). How can professional footballers be so afraid to play foward?
  5. What does he do for this team that Havertz can't? I hate that we're playing Havertz out of position to accommodate Jorginho.
  6. Anyone have any streams. I live in the States and don't feel like giving away more money so I can watch on Peacock.
  7. I personally think Gilmour needs a loan. He is young and talented but he needs match time. He won't get that behind Havertz, Kovacic, Jorginho, Mount or Kante.
  8. Mount and James will be fine. I worry about Tammy though because looking at his skills objectively, what doe he do better than Timo or Giroud? I think Billy could use a loan. I think RLC and CHO are the two will struggle the most with the incoming transfers. I'd love to see CHO go out on loan.
  9. This is more of an issue with Bayer now needing to replace Havertz and the clubs they are dealing with are playing hardball with them.
  10. GK: Willy LB: James CB: Zouma CB: Rudiger RB: Azpiilicueta DM: Kante DM: Kovačić DM: Mount AM: Pulisic AM: Willian ST: Giroud
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