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  1. We have ZERO clue on how to move the ball into our attacking half.
  2. GK: Willy LB: James CB: Zouma CB: Rudiger RB: Azpiilicueta DM: Kante DM: Kovačić DM: Mount AM: Pulisic AM: Willian ST: Giroud
  3. LOL. Comparing CHO to Pulisic is laughable! Pulisic needed to adapt to a new league and was performing for BVB up until Sancho became popular. For obvious reasons, CHO hasn't had the opportunities to get lots of minutes, but the minutes he has played he looks disinterested and lazy.
  4. I think he needs a loan next season! Send him to the Bundesliga to get match experience. Maybe including a loan deal for Havertz?
  5. I bet some of us will be saying this same thing next season. I just don't see anything from CHO that makes me believe he will become world class. Greenwood is light years ahead of him. Even Foden looks better.
  6. This team is painful to watch sometimes. They're ALWAYS looking to play the ball backwards. USE YOUR SPACE!!
  7. Coming from a more educated Yank (CFC fan since since '05)...Outside of UCL and UEL the FA Cup is probably the third biggest cup an EPL team can acquire. I'm pretty sure every team under the FA umbrella is entered into this tournament (someone correct me if I am wrong). It's kinda like the United States' US Open Cup.
  8. This may be an unpopular opinion but I am starting to dislike Manche$ter €ity more than Scouserpool, Manure, Arse-nal, and Spurs (they aren't worthy of a derogatory nickname) And this might be an even more unpopular opinion, but I think Liverpool is the least offensive out of that lot.
  9. I probably have the same Onsie on our Amazon baby registry for our son who is due at the end of September. Hopefully it'll come back in stock soon! Congrats sir!
  10. Also we need to stop effing around with RLC. I appreciate his servitude but I don' think there is room for him moving forward.

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