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  1. I saw this article earlier today and was intrigued on who they would pick for an inaugural Hall of Fame class (if one existed for the Premier League). I'm quite shocked that Gerrard is in over Lamps or Terry. https://www.espn.com/soccer/english-premier-league/story/4085273/premier-league-hall-of-fame-introducing-espns-inaugural-class
  2. I love this man! Arse-nal got him on the map but he feels more blue than ever!
  3. Two matches in a row where VAR disgraced us...does a Chelsea player have to get injured before we can lodge a formal complaint?
  4. Is the a kit in the history of football that is uglier than City's "Lemonade" kit? F***ing horrendous!
  5. This is 100% on City not finishing their chances and having poor control over their anger (Zinchenko I'm looking at you)
  6. I think VAR should be utilized like American Football challenges. A manager gets 2 challenges per game, once he uses those challenges nothing can be reviewed. It's taking the human element out of officiating.
  7. So I'm actually not sure I want anyone coming in this transfer window (bar a better option than Michy which I am not sure is available, and maybe coverage in the fullback positions). This season has been something we've been wanting for over a decade (let the youth get their chances) and so far I like what we have. Drop the money in the Summer!
  8. I think Tammy is doing fine, I just think we need a viable backup striker. Jovic and Werner, while they would be great additions, would likely push Tammy for starting time. I am not sure who would be available that fits a mold to support, rather than take the spotlight away from, Tammy.
  9. I've been harsh on him but today I actually saw some good stuff. I do wish he would take on defenders more (much like Hazard and now Pulisic does) but he might not be up for that. With his injury, he might be better suited in a Messiesque role in the middle of the field behind the striker, as opposed to an out and out winger.
  10. Liverpool's goal = Change the rule, anything from the shoulder joint to the hand is illegal touching (shoulder is not part of the torso) OR everything except from the wrist to hand is legal. Wolves' goal = F**K VAR! It should be used for CLEAR and OBVIOUS errors.
  11. Kante hasn't been himself since coming back from his injury. Combine that with CHO not being himself either, I'm starting to wonder about our physio team.
  12. GK: Kepa CB: Zouma CB: Tomori CB: Rudiger DM: Kovacic DM: Kante CAM: Mount RM: Willian LW: Pulisic ST: Abraham

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