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  1. GK: Kepa RB: James CB: Zouma CB: Tomori LB: Emerson / "Dave" MF: Kante MF: Kovacic MF: Jorginho AM: Mount AM: CHO ST: Batman / Tammy (if fit)
  2. I was never on the Sancho train until today. Willian, Pedro and possibly CHO offer no goal scoring threat on the wing. As I mentioned in the match thread, Pulisic is not a like to like replacement for Hazard as he doesn't score many goals (creative winger). I'd be in for Sancho, Chilwell and a backup striker in the summer.
  3. I think what a lot of people on here don't understand is that Pulisic is more of a creative winger than a goal scoring threat. He likes to run at the defenders and draw them towards him and then finding the open players in the spaces. CHO and Tammy have missed more legit goal scoring chances this season than Pulisic has.
  4. Can we just decline corner kicks and let them take a goal kick instead?
  5. Really? He's probably been our biggest offensive threat this match. Don't be a dick.
  6. Are there really people out there who believe two things: 1) Jose is lucky that Spurs hired him. 2) Spurs are going to improve under Jose ??? So hatred for Spurs aside, it's not a coaching issue, it's a cohesion issue. You cannot have players the skill levels of Kane, Alli, Son, Erickson, Toby, etc, and not win anything and show nothing this season so far. The problem is is that they don't complement one another. That being said, Jose had almost an unlimited supply of money at United and bought some of United's most expensive players of all time....yet he was axed. How is he going to fare with Spurs on a budget. I think we might be seeing the start of a long term downfall for Spurs.
  7. I cannot see us dropping Willian or Pulisic and we probably should go with a 4-3-3 versus a very strong offensive team.
  8. Are we still impressed by this lad? I get it, injury and all, but Mount and Pulisic both look worlds ahead of him. Would a loan deal to a top Bundesliga / Serie A team be too unrealistic? Because right now I'd swap him for Sancho in a heartbeat!
  9. Great resilient defending by Southampton but I feel like it is....
  10. Nobody in this game was! Why does CHO get a free pass?
  11. I support your opinion. How does CHO get a free pass into the starting XI and can avoid criticism when he plays like garbage, but Pulisic doesn't? I'd argue that Pulisic should have more leniency because he is coming into a new league.
  12. REALLY?!?! He was completely run over from behind. It should have been a foul as the Burnley player had to go through him to get the ball.
  13. So I guess you can just run through a player and that is not a foul. I've played this game for almost 30 years and I apparently have no idea what a foul is anymore.
  14. Lowton's left hand pushes CHO in the back. How is that not a Pen?!?!

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