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  1. That link takes me to an app. Would luv a good stream please?
  2. We will play very compact and try t coach them on the break. It could play to our strengths as they will have most of the ball round our penalty area so Alonso and luiz lack of pace might matter less. Even so a draw would be a very credible result against arguably the best team in Europe
  3. Nothing will really be settled after this game. City having to play midweek when we don’t is tough but they have a big squad. Their home record is very strong and getting de bruyne back is a help to them. They will also be out for payback A point may not be much use to us but it may also be useful in the run in to the cl qualification. We probably won’t have major possession and they will almost certainly score. So we will have to score as well. I like us on the break. Playing defensively should let Kante and say Kovacic help Jorginho out, and leave us less exposed to luiz’s lack of pace. It will be tough but not completely impossible.
  4. Higuain can shoot. He made lots of mistakes but still scored two. That’s a good striker. ‘Kante and Hazard were the pick but Barkley and Chrtenson stepped up well. Jorginho didn’t convince me defensively at all and better teams will kill luiz/Alonso for pace.
  5. Kante did brilliantly n this game. He really is the most model footballer. However Hazard was fantastic.
  6. No fun when we are losing, all the haters instincts come to the fore including mine. I thought luiz and Jorginho were shocking last time out and it’s clear we need to change the attack. It’s hard on willian but my team Is Keppa dave. Rudigier. Christensen alonso rlc. Kante Kovacic cho Higuain hazard
  7. I prefer Kovacic over Barkely, would like to see CHO get 30-35 minutes from the bench mainly because he is new and exciting (pedro is very fragile and needs to be managed). Alonso will get the nod over Emerson. Barkely will get the odd goal but Kovacic has more to his overall game at least in the first 60 minutes.
  8. ozboy

    Mateo Kovačić

    I really like Kovacic for the Jorginho role. Stronger defensively but otherwise as good in the other areas
  9. ozboy

    Leandro Paredes

    Surely Kovacic can play the Jorghino role. The more i think about it the better suited for it he looks. Stronger in the tack, passes very effectively but fairly useless in front of goal. We need a goal scoring mid fielder. The new Frank
  10. ozboy


    I’m in favourite of this as the best option available. That said I’d like to see the video of Higuain 25 worst misses.
  11. ozboy


    No-one including Higuain thinks he would be a long term solution. 18 months is the most so the value will have to reflect that. Equally we clearly need a few more goals to make sure of a champions league spot . Making the the last 16 of the champions league is worth 20 m euro. If he helped win a cup or two that is also worth money. So that for me sets the minimum he could be worth on an 18 month deal. He will have no significant value after that. Wages are what they are and will be high for anyone. We have to have someone or the team is at risk of falling apart if, as is likely, either Willian or Pedro get injuries in the back half of the season. Never mind Hazard. So this is the cost of a bad decision on Morata. Just have to live with it. No long term striker around who you can build your front line for a team that wants to regularly make the champions league quarters is available today. So there is no point whinging about it. Higuain is not the greatest, goes missing in the biggest matches but is a proven goal scorer used to playing at a high level. Vardy is similar situation, might be as good but is less available.
  12. ozboy

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Cho also gave the ball away at least twice in the ten minutes he was on. He is an excellent player but at 18 will be a bit inconsistent.
  13. ozboy

    Will we sign a striker?

    Well contrary to majority opinion is now looking odds on we’ll get a strilker and it will be Higuain. Good enough for two seasons maybe.
  14. Cho looks like he has the head for this level. Seems to be enjoying this level