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  1. Frank alluded to it in the presser but the team at the moment needs to learn tempo and control. This isn’t the championship where you go flat out for 90 minutes but a more subtle thing where you go flat out at times and just manage the game at others. Going flat out all the time leads to forced rushed passes which turn the ball over with team out of position. Willian can’t play any worse and kantes touch will tighten up with more match fitness. As I say I thought Zouma went up a level, even played an accurate, lofted, cross field ball early on. He can maybe improve even more. We won’t be a great team this season, but if all goes well we may have a style by mid season quite different to any Chelsea team I’ve seen for years, but closer to Sarri than conte or mourinho.
  2. Headless chickens on crack I haven’t ever actually seen, but its the right image. We played fast but without control. Then a midfielder often Kante in h1 or Willian or pulisic or Pedro with some nutty cross gives the ball away with the wrong pass and they ran hard at us. As good as mount was we had more controlled play with Jorginho/Kante/Kovacic. The weaknesses in attack are obvious, not enough quality. Pulisic isn’t Strirling or mane and Pedro isn’t salah. All that said the new guys will grow into the premier league and the team. I thought Tammy’s hold up play was again good. He mostly won his contested possession and distributed the ball well. Did that part of the job better than Giroud.
  3. Zouma a revelation this game. He’s gone up a level. Kante has been average at best in passing. Pulisic also a bit loose.
  4. I’d have had Pedro take no 5. Still thought team looked good tonight. Emerson looks a real pro, Jorginho a class act, Zouma growing into role. ‘Also thought mason mount really looks a player and while Tammy needs to get his confidence up and take his chance you certainly knew he was on the park and his holdup-Kay was pretty good. We may yet have an ok season.
  5. I guess it will be Dave Christenson Kurt Emerson at the back now. Kurt's lack of a left foot or a long ball is the issue that worries me. I actually kind of wish Frank liked a back 3 as I think it would suit us this season but no matter. Gunna be a tough one.
  6. The negativity towards some chelsea players on these threads is incredible but I guess it will never change.
  7. i can respect someone who is 32 not wanting to be 4th choice and wanting to go where he will play. he has already sat out one season and probably only has 2 at most at premier league level left in him. I won't dog him for it. He's been part of several great chelsea sides and had more ups than downs.
  8. emery also told him he wouldn't be first choice at PSG so thats why he left. funny old life. I suspect it will be a very slow start to the season for chelsea.
  9. That period by Mourinho was the worst thing that happened to chelsea since Roman took over. Yes we won the league but we lost mata, de bruyne, salah and others and replaced them with Matic. The fantastic Chelsea togetherness was very tested by all that. Mata had plenty left to give. Anyhow we could have used luiz at least for a couple of months but now we can move on. Me I think tomori should get more of a chance and rudigier is definitely a better all round pick than luiz when fit. I like luiz he is fun to watch, reads the game, has great skill on the ball and an excellent long pass. But then there is the lack of speed, inevitable stuffups etc.
  10. Must say I’m surprised by this. Luiz does have the long ball we need but it’s also clear that there’s been a bust up. Too much smoke for no fire. We will need to move on from luiz at some point, maybe just not now. We have other central defenders but they are mostly right side based. Rough start to the season coming up.
  11. That is the funniest thing I’ve read today.
  12. That would be my team. Frank may prefer Zouma and mount. This game comes too early in the season for us and I hope for a win but won’t be surprised if we lose by 2 or 3. United’s defence May be bad without Maguire but they didn’t concede many in preseason. We have conceded every game. At their shop and with our frontline still finding their feet it’s a big ask.
  13. I expect both Kovacic and Jorginho to start against ManU. Kantes 15 minutes against mucchen is not enough. Kovacic needs to show his best game week in week out.he and Jorginho and barkely/mount are a good midfield trio and are developing a partnership. They had an off night in h1 against munchen but I’m ok with that. He is a big game player that moves the ball from midfield to attack and keeps possession really well.
  14. Tammy is the best option. He is still improving. I carry no torch for any of them but giroud is far too slow and bats has had plenty of opportunity. Tammy will make plenty of mistakes, has limitations etc but he’s fast, improving and the only one with an X factor. The speed gives us the long ball over the top option.
  15. Main problem at the start was Zouma not having a long pass.i suppose you could say same about Christiansen but Zouma struggled a bit on the left making us easy to close down. Kepoa was very average this game I thought except at the end. I was actually quite happy with Tammy. His hold up play was ok, his last e stretches the defence and his pressing was way better than I’d seen before. He’s no Harry Kane or even son Ming but he’s the best we have right now. It wasn’t the best first half for Kovacic and Jorginho but way better as the game went on. I doubt Kante will start against Man U. ‘I think the only spot really up for grabs against Man U is mount/Barkley however if Willian was fit I’d definitely be starting him over Pedro. Despite the Pedro wonder goal v Salzburg he’s looked pretty average in pre season.

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