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  1. Some of the one touch passing moves were good and in general the tempo was much better but our defending was still average and against stomper opposition we might get cut up down the middle. Despite the penalty and a bad pass or two and stumbling on the ball I though Werner looked good and was an influence ion the game. havertz also looked fitter in his brief cameo. James has to become more reliable defensively. some good long early switches of play and some moves through the centre of the park also created space. Fun to watch but can we do it against better opponents ?
  2. Werner looks great in the centre of the park and we are getting enough space to run at the opposition. That said we are still getting struck going forward with say Pulisic and Emerson getting in each other’s way. Gilmour could be doing a bit more when he’s on the bal and also needs to break up their play a bit.
  3. Conte and Sarri are very professional managers, conte whines a lot when he doesn’t get what he wants but he changed us to 3 at the back and converted Moses to wing back and made it work when we’d been 4 3 3 for many years and despite the criticism at the time conte axing costa was absolutely the right thing for Chelsea as for Sarri the poor bastard had to work with Morata and higuain and still did well klopps having a bad patch but his track record is fantastic he will always be a legend at Liverpool and I guess Dortmund anyway I wonder if Tomori could be right back as
  4. The fullbacks should arrive late not early At the the monent we March the army upfield involving the fullbacks at energy step. Then after a five minute campaign and 100 passes to move ball up field land the opposition dig, the options are limited and poor. Let the winger and midfield get it up the park and early. Liverpool playwith the same front three most games and move the ball so much faster. But I’m not the coach. Lol.
  5. I support the idea of a long term manager. It would be great if it was Frank as he is an absolute club legend not just with performance as a player but for his character. But I still wish he would have cut his teeth somewhere else as a manager so he would have a track record to fall back on when the things go wrong. Can you imagine bui=yomg a player with one season at Derby where nothing of consequence was achieved and making him a star player at Chelsea? Would never happen. what ever you think about Sarri and Conte and Mourinho and Ancelotti they had excellent track records before and e
  6. Our wages bill is commensurate with top 4. And wages is generally highly correlated with actual position.
  7. Frank will be sacked if we don’t look like getting into the top 4. That’s the requirement. Frank doesn’t seem to have anything to fallback on as a manager when things go wrong. ‘the team keeps on getting chopped and changed for no apparent reason. as soon as we had a couple of bad games Zouma was dropped but he is better than Rudigier in both defence and attack. We do have a style but it’s turning out to be crap one. Slow and;possession based in attack with fullbacks pushedreally forward to put in predictable crosses and then being out of position when the counter attack is on. The st
  8. Ponderous and slow and one paced and lacking imagination. That is the very consistent theme on these boards and in the media. And I agree with it. That's on the coach. I watched Chelsea every year Frank was at the club and he is a great player and may one day be a great coach but he just hasn't worked out game day tactics or how to manage the team to produce a style of football that fits this year's squad. The team gets chopped and changed so much its hard to know but I am guessing there will be a few changes fo this one.
  9. Its completely absurd comparing Torres at the end of his career with Werner in the early mid stage. I don't know what you guys smoke in the UK but the combo of that and covid is really doing your heads in.
  10. All I know is I passionately hate a situation where ManU is playing better and seemingly managed better than Chelsea. And they are playing better, as a team. I respect Liverpool they play fast and cover up their weaknesses well. I respect Man Citeh but they always look beatable, I don't respect ManU but they look a lot better than us at the moment. Its not good enough says I. But I don't know what the answer is and if I did I'd be a top manager. All I do know for an absolute fact is that there is more talent in the squad than shows up on the pitch lately.
  11. That’s what I think. I think frank might be a great manager one day but he isn’t today. There is no way Giroud is in Chelsea’s best team. We clearly need to set up for fast break, clearly need some thing other than endless crosses after the opposition have 11 of their team waiting for it. I’m not the manager and I don’t know why ancelotti or Mourinho or Klopp make it work but they do. At the moment our stars are playing crap. I can’t believe they all lose form at the same time without some deeper issue. In good teams the players exceed expectations. This bunch look like flops but they aren’t.
  12. We have the personal but not the system, drive or Organisation to get the best out of them individually or as a unit. It’s been really depressing watching us go downhill. no one seems to know what the best team is. Werner and havertz played out of position have seen their spirits drowned and form evorprate. Same with kova and Jorginho, neither trusted. Pulisic form has also gone off. Our possession play is ridiculously slow and ponderous so we never take advantage of all the pace at the front. I”m sure the lads are capable of more.
  13. Werner. Is a good player. Frank may well be a good manager one day but he’s not at then moment. Good at recruitment but not at putting structure and spine into the teamEven Jorginho and kova are better than they are looking. Rudigier made a dreadful error and Fulham should have scored from it that was the worst miss bu anyone in this game and there were a few to choose from. Frustrating that’s for sure.
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