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  1. CHO was the best of an average bunch tonight. But still didn't really do enough.
  2. ozboy

    Alvaro Morata

    I don't think Morata wants to be in London, never really looked like he thought Chelsea was going to be more than a stepping stone. And I agree about the attitude. Firmino isn't scoring a lot of goals but he works his guts out. He is fast enough, has the touch and can score but doesn't very often. Does next to nothing in defence and doesn't really look like part of the team. in the end its not enough. I do think there is a player in there, but not in a Chelsea shirt.
  3. As usual no ability to finish. Some average defensive performances tonight. RLC is lazy in defense and Barkley, good most of the time, switches off at odd crucial moments. Ampadu and Cho were pretty good I thought. ‘I’d say it’s adios Morata. ‘Palmeri should have done better for their second goal. Out of position on the cross.
  4. ozboy

    Alvaro Morata

    Must say I'm pretty much over Morata. Just hasn't produced in this league consistently. Doesn't even seem to partner that well with Hazard.
  5. ozboy

    Mauro Icardi

    See that's how you get a bargain in my view. He isn't Harry Kane but I still think Depay plays great and actually gives everything on the pitch.
  6. ozboy

    Nicolo Barella

    Another Italian. Nothing agains them at all but there are a lot of leagues out there, I hope we look wider. If you want a midfielder why not say NDombele? In any case another midfielder would be a luxury we need goal scorers most of all
  7. ozboy

    Mauro Icardi

    There are alternatives to Icardi depay maxi Gomez Nicolas Pépé sebastian haller sire there are others
  8. ozboy

    Christian Pulisic

    What we need is a finisher so we get points in games like wolves or everton where we dominate but haven't won mainly due to lack of finishing. I think Sarri's style of football maybe works better with the fast, movement oriented striker rather than the point of reference type bigger guy. Has to be someone with character who can really lead front line. I think there are a few out there. i don't know about the italian strikers but depay or lacazette, or say Nicolas Pepe, maxi gomez. Theres a few to be honest if you look hard.
  9. Its a tough season as in there's lots of good teams this season, the first five teams are all playing well and can all look at the top 4 and think they deserve to be there. Put another way a team that would be in the top 4 most other years is going to miss out this season. I think we need to recruit another goal scorer in January. But this is not the thread for that discussion.
  10. I'd also like to say I thought Sterling was excellent for Citeh despite missing their best chance. He beat Alonso pointless once and was a threat every time he had the ball. I remember some on this forum saying when he moved from Liverpool that he was nothing more than another SWP but he's proved to be a lot more.
  11. Could be time to give Danny Drinkwater a run. If he isn't going to be part of Chelsea needs some time in the shop window.
  12. Great result, watched the game twice. We would be better with an Aguerro type striker. Willian and Pedro both missed good shots the same as against wolves. Hazard is not much use as false 9 really Kovacic is excellent at keeping the ball, but not much in attack. Loved the way kante, luiz and Dave played. As for citeh, Mahrez is not de bruyne and David Silva is ageing. ‘Our goal difference this season is great and I think we may build on this result.
  13. Great result and great spirit. Thought Barkley played very well as sub.
  14. Kante for me. All over the pitch and used his speed
  15. ozboy

    Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sun 2nd Dec 12:00 UK

    Keppa does do distribution very well, really helps with playing out from the back. He is bound to make a mistake one day but they are few and far between. Frankly Arse v Spurs was a country mile better game than ours. No comparison in all honesty. I feel Sarri hasn't quite got the personnel. If RLC was consistent, which he isn't, he'd be pushing harder for a regular starting spot, he has the power and drive that we need in the final 1/3. Giroud is not a medium term answer. I admire him as a player but he is getting to the end of his career. Luiz is not the answer either. And without wanting to sound like a moaner our fullbacks have not adjusted well to back 4. On the positive side Rudigier is good, Kante was my man of the match.