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  1. I read that makalele might get a role. I think he is a shrewd judge of character.
  2. Kovacic doesn’t score but he makes the midfield tick. Great at tight control, short passing, playing under pressure.
  3. Well I guess I’ve made a career out of having a different view and I’d rather have Rafa for a few years while Lampard proves whether he’s got it as a manager. ‘We took Torres from Liverpool, a decision I always hated why not Rafa, he’s a good manager achieved a level of success at just about every club he’s been to. He’s managed Chelsea before. Anyway that’s my view.
  4. Players coming back mostly wouldn’t get into any of our premier winning teams, most wouldn’t even get close. City and Liverpool remain way out in front, maybe city need a new striker themselves. Spurs could go either way, ndombele and Donny von der beek? could give them a boost even if Eriksen goes. And poch is a proven manager. Arsenal and united remain garbage but teams like Leicester, wolves, Everton will all be pushing harder. I can see this season being a transition season but I can’t see us doing well in the league. Maybe Tammy Abraham will surprise me.
  5. Mate a supporter can be passionate, a manager is supposed to be a highly skilled professional pulling in millions a year. One years failed championship experience doesn’t make you a highly skilled professional manager. It takes a ton of talent to be a good manager, Sarri was at it for years as was Jose before he got the Porto job. It amazes me how little people value talent and skill.
  6. I have already given up on the forthcoming season. It’s clear;y going to be a bs season with yet another manager who may or may not have yet another system that will take half a season to get used to. Jorginho clearly will be unhappy, no striker.... The list goes on. We may get something from the ashes but right now in stickbroking terms we are a short. I can’t believe how we have chewed through conte and Sarri two excellent managers with two fantastic but different systems in just 3 seasons. Like David Crosby blowing up the Byrds and CSNY.
  7. Jose in his first spell was fantastic and you'd have that Jose back. Jose today is not that Jose, dunno why but the humour has given way to something darker and he clearly cannot get the best from players any more. At the moment I am fully impressed with Sarri and what he has done, probably rate it about the same as Klopp in his first season with Liverpool and that is high praise. Each of Pochettino, Klopp, and the real chequebook manager Guariola can lay claim to being a fantastic manager but I think Sarri fully deserves to be in their company. None of the others in fact has such a recognisable style to their teams. You can see a Sarri team in the same way you could see a Conte team. Managers are harder to judge than players. Players are graded very finely on wage structure and by and large you can measure their contribution, managers its tougher to see what they bring separately from their players. There are things I don't like about Sarri, but there are things I don't like about myself.
  8. Sarri has his faults and the team certainly went through a soft patch but in the end he made the system work. He also eased RLC and cho into the team and let palmeri earn his spot. For me t was freshening up the team with rlc’s midfield drive and Palmer is pace that got us over the slump. He moved morata out of the team. Really he’s managed it well. Jorginho has been a success and Kovacic has done his bit. Congratulations.
  9. Went for Giroud. Probably should have gone for Hazard but Giroud’s header started the whole thing.
  10. Great result. Despite Hazardleaving and being irreplaceable I hope we can use the way we finished the season to build for next year. Congratulations to Sarri. I was impressed when he talked about Hazard the man as compared to Hazard the footballer. Hazard has great character, an honest player and never one to moan. I wish him all the best. I really hope Sarri stays.
  11. Sarri wants it and wants it bad, more than Emery. The team doesn’t look a patch on the last chelsea side to win but who gives a rats. I’m just not sure where the goals coming from.
  12. arsenal May need it more than us but Sarri wants it more than emery. It must burn Sarri up that he hasn’t won anything, made worse in the league cup final.
  13. Conte had lower league experience. Just because one person smokes and doesnt get cancer doesn’t mean smoking doesn’t cause cancer. It just stands to reason that mostly doing a top level job requires some experience and proof you can do it at a lower level. Coaching/managing is a business like any other. Lampard was the greatest chelsea player in my time following the club, going back to 1970 but that still doesn’t qualify him to manage the team straight up. Learn the trade somewhere else. Heaps of ex players turn out to be crap managers and many excellent managers, mourinho, Benitez,Klopp were average as players. Klopp is a fine example of management credentials. When he came to Liverpool expectations were high because of his coaching track record, a record that took ten years to build.
  14. Chelsea are in for a difficult season even if Sarri stays. Still think its completely absurd to change Sarri out after one season. I'd give him a pay rise. None of the Chelsea players in the AV/Derby match looked like natural starters at Chelsea. Tomori at a pinch could compete with Christenson I guess, Mason Mount looks a bit soft in midfield although shows some flashes but seemed to pass badly under pressure and Tammy Abraham was largely invisible although looked like he moved well.
  15. Don't think Lampard's done enough as manager to get the chelsea job. How is that players have to get to the complete heights to get into Chelsea side but you guys want to employ someone who's never managed at premiership level. Lampard may be the greatest manager since say Ferguson but he still has to pay his dues as a manager. You can't do that in one season in the championship. Sarri made some poor choices but actually given the personnel I thought he did a good job on balance. He is too stubborn by half, suffers from nerves, hasn't won anything, yet, but he will win something. Like Conte he came to Chelsea with a system and made it work. Not only is he as good as manager out there but surely it must be obvious to everyone that the team needs stability in system while it is being rebuilt. It is just complete lunacy to keep bringing in new coaches who want new players season after season. Do we want a fast forward or a reference point, a Jorginho or a Kante, wingbacks or fullbacks. You can't change every season. Dumb and dumber.

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