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  1. Frank doesn’t seem to know how to use the hairdryer. Too much mr nice guy.
  2. Thought Billy Gilmour looked very good. Thought Kovacicwas great in h1 but tired badly. Pedro was pants today. Alonso great in attack but even Hull beat him for pace when he’s defending.
  3. ozboy


    What does it matter what the money is? It’s not my money or anyone else ion here.
  4. ozboy


    Cavani will go somewhere this window. Onluquestion is whether it’s here or elsewhere.
  5. Kante’s form has deteriorated heaps. Almost prefer Ross in this situation.
  6. ozboy


    Not just competition. A good but non threatening alternative to Tammy can take some of the pressure off. I guess beside price it’s speed, injuries and motivation. It’s the pace of the PL that will be an issue but Cavani has played in some good sides. I agree with Spiller that in no way does it stop us buying say Werner in Summer.
  7. ozboy

    Ben Chilwell

    We also want one that can defend,has pace and is capable of cutting inside.
  8. ozboy

    Ben Chilwell

    Of course this could be because something is happening.
  9. I thought Mount was really poor today but might have been better if Ross had played with him like last week. Kante also was not the player for this game in the role he was asked to do.
  10. ozboy

    Timo Werner

    One thing I am sure of with Leipzig top of the Bundesliga and a chance to win it for the first time ever. , Werner is not joining CFC this window.
  11. I like transfers and i think we should be signing someone just about every window including this one. However nothing seems that likely at this stage.
  12. ozboy

    Thomas Lemar

    And I said so before we bought him. Now he’s back there. At the time I thought Silva was the buy and ignored Mbappe. Ajax last year is the same sort of thing as Monaco then. Van der Beek?

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