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  1. average game last night. Offside three times was it? And could have been in trouble for pushing a porto player, but young players have off games.
  2. Were we tired against Porto or did they just make it seem like we were?. Misplaced passes, less possession. I hate saying this but the cup is only the third of our three priorities. I’d rotate Werner yes, ziyech, yes, cho yes. The worry is the Kante/kova/Jorgy pivots. They have all missed games through injury recently and we need all three. Kante can’t play too many games in a row. If kova isn’t fit then I’m for either billy or even Reece getting a run there in this game. But as has been proved many times I know nothing.
  3. Odds when only half the second round matches payed not very useful. Thought we were slow tonight and Porto physical. Might have suited Giroud more. Thought Reece James was a bit pff tonight, regularly offside. Pulley Jorginho Silva pretty good. gets tough from here. I rate us a chance in the semi because our defence is strong.
  4. Both spammers and Leicester look very beatable, Leicester’s run in is quite tough. I could still see both us and Liverpool in top 4.
  5. That is what I meant to write. Spammers. Old age and tired after tennis all afternoon. Cheers.
  6. 7 games to go including spuds Leicester and city also brighton Fulham, arsenal and villa to finish with we might be able to afford to drop point to Citeh but I am guessing that’s about all liverpool are only 2 points behind if we can beat Leicester it still possible Liverpool and Chelsea could make the top 4 still too many permutations to think about it too much but Liverpool have an easy run in we don’t
  7. That game and result very helpful to the season. Not too taxing either physically or mentally. Kova and Jorginho didn’t have to worlk too hard. Fun to watch.
  8. It’s hard at this stage of the season. We certainly have to keep pushing for top 4. Can Dave play every game? we can be defensive against Porto now we have the lead and try to manage the game even though I don’t like that strategy cho will get a run and Tammy might get some minutes. Kova needs a breather. I’d -lay chiller he should be fairly fresh. Cho christenson Silva Tony chiller jorginho someone havertz Tammy Werner that won’t be the team glad I’m not Tommy t
  9. The team doesn't have the big match experience to play like champions in big games so no surprise we were nervy but still fairly solid at the back The best thing was that Mount is getting better at shooting. That's really important. But I must say as good as Mount's was I enjoyed watching Chiller's goal more and feel that was the goal that will likely secure his place in the team. As average as Havertz and Werner were tonight I personally thought the passing from midfield and the passing from defence was well below what we were doing before the international break. And I'm not sure t
  10. 538 has us an 80% chance of making the semis and Porto a 20% chance but we are rated below Liverpool to reach top 4 in the league. It’s all bs but about as realistic as probability bs gets.
  11. When you are in last 8 against a beatable opponent, you go for it. Of course you do. not even worth discussing. Won’t be easy, by definition they are playing well. You have to play well to get to the last 8. Still we will be favourite. Players will be super motivated. Our champions league win came with a team that was well past its best and needed a lot of luck. Here’s hoping. The wba game was a cluster f. Good to get it out of the system. We can still give top 4 a good shove.
  12. Tammy not even making the bench. It’s a pretty good bench though.
  13. Mount, kova, havertz played all the internationals I think, but Werner got a good rest. Kante likely unavailable but Jorginho and Silva trained. We should put a decent team on the field. Mount is improving steadily.
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