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  1. I expect sancho going would make haaland more likely to leave unles the replacement was something special. You basically have 10-12 years at the top if you stay injury free. And probably only 4-6 at your own peak. Can’t waste one of them.
  2. With Conte’s system and the same withTuchel one of the centre backs is expected to drive forward from time to time to make the extra man. For my money I thought we did better when Dave was at cb and Reece was wing back than the other way round, but that’s because Dave isn’t a great wing back. It might be different with Hakimi. But it would also require Reece to be positionally strong in defence and I have my doubts about that right now. What I do know is Hakimi is about the best right wing back I’ve seen or at least as good as any other. We might not need him but he sure won’t make the team
  3. Good suggestion. Sale with buyback.
  4. Looks nice maybe on paper but it won’t happen. And Silva will play even less this season, and i expect Kante to as his body gives up. play less minutes , he’s already 30 with a game built around running. we need midfield support and a defender. I am a huge fan of Hakimi since his time at Dortmund but not until we have the spine sorted.
  5. Id like us to keep cho, i reckon there's some goals in there somewhere if he can learn to keep his head. Might have to go somewhere else first though. In retrospect he should been loaned out for a season but too late now.
  6. You make the point that Haaland, Werner, Havertz and Mount can’t all get on on the field with 3 at the back and even in 4 33 Mount has to play deeper in the Lampard spot. Worth thinking about.
  7. There are renewed stories about Chelsea looking to move CHO and Ziyech. If you were into putting together a rumour you could build a story about raising funds to fund a bid
  8. We might be interested and we might just be there to tease out the real bid.
  9. Lukaku is pretty good. I just watching Belgium v Croatia friendly and lukaku’s class is evident. Hold up play, shooting, running, strength. Ghe’s a good unit.
  10. He does seem to have a good left foot, but no right foot I could see. Also very difficult to tell about pace, hold up play. He has one excellent season with Fiorentina. How do you compare that with say Tammy?
  11. Looks like our new striker is …….Oliver Giroud
  12. My contrary opinion is we need a midfielder. Kante is 30 and increasingly susceptible to injuries. Kovacic generally doesn’t play 90 minutes 35 games a season. We need a younger alternative. This is not a knock on the three we have four if you count Gilmour but just a recognition that central midfield has to have strength in depth. the smartest thing Sarri did was bringing in Jorginho and Kovacic. we need another now. We do need a striker but the right one may not be available. There are some seemingly great young midfielders in France and maybe Italy that we could get.
  13. We won’t buy any of those strikers you list. At least that’s my bet. Good players all but not Chelsea players.
  14. I’d not be surprised if lukaku lad reservations about coming back to Chelsea
  15. Varane tchouamenini or rice for double the money lukaku or haaaland for double the money
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