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  1. willian for me. Incredible amount of effort, some great runs and for once some end product.
  2. think Lampard has done a good job on team morale. Boys all look very motivated. However its going to get tougher when RLC and Rudigier fit. Kovacic is unlucky really not to get more minutes but Mount did score the goal and was good in the attacking third even if less visible in the back half of the field. We definitely struggled bringing the ball out from the back for the first 70 minutes and that's because Mount doesn't drop as deep as Kovacic would to create more room. And we still have the 4th worst goals against column. Also our defence is weak down the left because of Alonso's lack of pace and CHO doesn't do defence yet. So a good team might really punish us as we try to play out from the back but that's for another day. Young guys mostly looked pretty tired towards the end of the game
  3. Tammy should really be rotated as well but his form makes that hard.
  4. I’d rest Willian and mount. So my front three would be Pedro Tammy and cho. Maybe pulisic instead of Pedro. Jorginho Kante andkovacic in the midfield. Four at the back.
  5. Body shape or no body shape I can't believe anyone would think they are good enough to hit a volley and make it bounce over the goalie's head. I reckon it was lucky but that's not a knock there will be plenty of unlucky shots. Willlian does great except his final ball often lets him down. Overall the biggest problem besides the crap zonal marking was by and large we did a crap job of bringing the ball out from the back until about minute 70 when Jorginho started getting a lot more space. The back 3 system has potential but wasn't that well executed tonight.
  6. Ground out a result. Not a great game but Lille have some good players. Thought Sanches looked great for them when he come on at the end. We were a lot better in h2.
  7. Wierd sub. Mount has been average tonight.
  8. We are crap at bringing the ball out from the back tonight. Really not playing the back 3 very well. I’d be happier with Kovacic for James. Great finish by Tammy.
  9. I like James but right now this team needs Kovacic and three in midfield
  10. Cant do worse than spuds that's for sure.
  11. Did Obi Mikel ever head the ball? He must have but I never saw it and used to think what a waste of height. If Kante is fit then we are not short on midfielders. If Kante fit then our best system is 433 Dave, Zouma, Tomori, Alonso kante Jorginho kovacic willian tammy mount if Kante is not fit then 523 Dave zouma christensen tomori alonso jorginho kovacic willian tammy mount CHO and Pulisic on the bench along with barkely and james
  12. What do we know about Lille? 4th in League 1, lost 0-3 to Ajax, drew with Rennes. Remy plays there, at least one French international, Renate Sanches. it’s all very well saying must win but I don’t think it will be easy. frank has zero experience in managing these kind iof away games im looking forward to the game which I think we can win, although I haven’t seen Lille this season.
  13. Barkely blows hot and cold. He is way better than Championship level. Starts for England for goodness sake. However I rate Kovacic way more highly in the box to box role. Jorginho, Kante and Kovacic is the second best midfield in the premier league, and maybe even the best.
  14. ozboy


    Absolutely deserves his spot right now. yet the lack of end product and the wast of the ball is very frustrating. Kept going for the full 90 yesterday and is willing to help out when the team is in a tight spot. Tracks back, is great at bringing the ball out of tight spaces... Worked as hard as any of the younger players and was for mine much more influential over the whole 90 than say Mason Mount yesterday.

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