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  1. I don’t see them as three defensive midfielders. Kante has three goals already In the league despite less minutes than mount who has 5 and Willian 2. Kovacic has two goals overall. Jorginho provides the structure and stability that was so sorely missing recently.
  2. One of the paradoxes of football is that you don't always score more goals by picking more attackers. kEPA AZPI ZOUMA TOMORI ALONSO/Palmeri KANTE JORGINHO KOVACIC WILLIAN PULISIC ABRAHAM James would have been much better suited to this game than the spammers one and we won't see Alonso even though he is overall the best left back we have.
  3. I almost agree with that, but its because they weren't tapins that they weren't tapped in if you see what I mean. We sure stuffed up some great chances. But I still think the team selection and approach to the game were wrong. This was a game where a less ambitious approach would have reaped greater rewards.
  4. I think some of the blame is on Frank he picked the wrong team. I think a number of the players are tired and can’t play at their best level two games a week. It’s mental as well as physical. woth the vital game against Lille coming up it would have been much better with Jorginho, Kante and Kovacic. We might only have got a draw but it would have been nice and comfortable leaving something in the tank for the Lille game. I guess it’s always easy in hindsight. on top of that both full backs were average. Lots has been said about Dave already but frankly James was fairly ordinary. He is just starting at this level so no drama but he isn’t lifting the team level. alonso has plenty of problems but he does at least have a good left foot. Tomori was correctly rested for some stupid errors but none were as bad as a couple of the mix ups in this game.
  5. Azpi shouldn’t have been so central for their goal and Christensen should have attacked the cross. Ah well.
  6. Feel Frank got the team wrong. Need to rotate when there are so many matches. For me mount doesn’t do enough in attack to warrant leaving Jorginho out.
  7. Azpilcueta is having the worst game I’ve ever seen from him.
  8. Some good players have arrived in January. Anelka springs to mind immediately. You want a world class player you generally pay a world class price and the currency is well down on its peak. Ousama dembele might fit that description but Barca won’t sell. ‘A striker that could really do Tammy’s job instead of bench warming is important. We all have our favorites but if fit I think Memphis Depay would suit the style and could equally play wide. Lyon are having a crap season and might listen to a good offer. a classy left back would be great. Mostly playing a back 4 defence is as important as attack in the full backs. Dave is playing on the left because he can defend not because he can attack.
  9. Would depend on the injuries and his attitude. Was fantastic at Dortmund. Stood out in a good team
  10. It works at clubs where the ex player actually has the talent to manage and somehow can earn the respect of the squad. It seems to have worked in Franks case but he could still easily end up in pochetino territory. Great manager who doesn’t win trophies. Have to say though I’ve been really impressed so far.
  11. Don’t think we should worry about them. Just play our game. Rotation matters but if the boys were fit enough I’d play the same team. Have to have an eye out for the Lille game. Willian is the oldest of the front three and works incredibly hard. For that reason I’d consider playing either cho or putting mount right and playing Jorginho with kova and Kante. We only need to win this 1:0
  12. I certainly don’t think either giroud or Batman are satisfactory. Tammy could get injured any day and that would stuff the season. Lacazzette ticks a lot of boxes for me but I understand I’m one of the few that thinks this. Depay would be even better and well within CFC budget.
  13. Good game. Still got to convert more of the chances. Would have liked to see Jorginho on earlier. Willian Kovacic pulisic all excellent. Both Kante and Kovacic were a bit restrained today. Willian works incredibly hard.
  14. Tired performance. Giroud, Pedro, mason mount individually and as a unit offered nothing in attack. I can understand the team selection but it didn’t work. However a performance like that’s been coming for a while, so not too worried. I wanted Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic in midfield and I still think that would have worked better.

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