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  1. Regulion werner Ziyech Havertz Pulisic and cho would give us a ton of pace but not necessarily much muscle. I really like the look of regulion but left back is a luxury. Chelsea have had crappy left backs, with the exception of Cole, since for ever and it never stopped us. the greater need is getting a strong spine and for me that’s come to mean goal keeper. that said I’d be happy with regulion,
  2. Clearly has far more pace than alonso
  3. Looked very single footed in that video.
  4. Could be a good game with two attacking teams that have crap defenses. Now that we’ve got here I’m glad we put the effort in. Many fond memories of FA cup finals over the years. I seem to recall was it Coventry getting over spuds? yes for anyone looking to get in the mood. Thales me back.
  5. You would have to find a place for Henry, and Viera would a;so like figure ahead of fabregas
  6. ozboy

    Nathan Ake

    I always liked Ake and thought he could be a regular when he played for Chelsea. But I agree he is not the ideal long term choice to run the defence. I am coming round to thinking we should start with the goalie and the rest of the defence might just get better.
  7. I asked this before and the answer which I accept is that when you get an opportunity to sign one of the worlds best you take it. Is he one of the very best? Don’t know but the record in Germany is certainly excellent.
  8. We wil have Zyech, Werner, Pulisic, Tammy, Havertz, Mount, RLC, Kovacic, Barkley + Willian if he stays, competing for 4 spots when playing a back three or for 5 spots in a 4:3:3 Mount and Tammy and probably RLC have some improvement in them but they will get a lot less minutes.
  9. We’ve beaten some very big names on our journey to this final. And I think we’ve had enough big game experience to carry it off. Arsenal will be strong opposition though and it will mean a lot to them. I never ever believe betting odds but note we are favourites.
  10. I wasn’t onboard with lampard getting the job at the start. Too inexperienced I thought. But from the time he sold Luiz I started to reconsider. He’s part of what looks like a happy Enough group of players. He respects the values of football.
  11. Not that it matters but pushing traore back to wing back in this game was dumb.
  12. Traore will create trouble for us. We need to start h2 well.
  13. Hopeless ref but it’s working for for once. Great half.

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