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    ozboy got a reaction from Gol15 in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    Sorting out defence was issue no 1. That's not done really because Silva is at best a temporary fix and very likely at his age will run into an injury.  But its OK for now. Zouma blah blah, james blah blah. 
    Issue no 2 is moving the ball from defence to attack more effectively. Kante is not the right person for that job really. I am pretty sure that Kova and Jorginho are a better pair of double pivots with Havertz in the middle. It would also  help if James had a bit more pace, very strong etc but doesn't really drive down the line.
    After that its just working out the right combo up front. 
    Lampard might try bring on subs earlier. I like that we've settled on a back 4 Zouma just has to get confident and as good a player as James is and he is bloody good his lack of pace is an issue at right back.
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    ozboy reacted to TomCFC85 in Man Utd v Chelsea (PL) Sat 24th Oct 2020 17:30 GMT   
    As much as love the man, I can't help but feel Jorginho and Kovacic is a much more fluid pairing than Kante with either.
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    ozboy reacted to TheGreatestGame in Chelsea v Sevilla (CL) Tue 20th Oct 2020 20:00 GMT   
    I don’t understand why Lampard continues to play Pulisic on the right. Anyone can see he is far superior to Mount and this team needs to play wider to take advantage of the speed for Werner, Pulisic and Havertz.  There were very few offensive chances as Sevilla controlled the ball. 
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    ozboy got a reaction from ashwin in Chelsea v Sevilla (CL) Tue 20th Oct 2020 20:00 GMT   
    My criticism of Frank tonight w as. Not subbing Werner much earlier. Werner looked leggy and out of ideas, having played a lot of minutes recently. Tammy could have come on on the hour. Other than that we were ok. You get the same points for 3:3 as 0-0 but I think we can build on the 0-0 assuming Silva and Mendy stay fit. 
    james’s best defensive effort In a chelsea shirt by some distance. 
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    ozboy reacted to Spiller86 in Chelsea v Sevilla (CL) Tue 20th Oct 2020 20:00 GMT   
    A solid defensive 0-0 all draw. How novel!
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    ozboy got a reaction from Gentian in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    There's a lot of different aspects to managing. Lampard clearly does some parts of the job well, assisted by abramovitch  and that is getting quality players to the club. Havertz and Werner were pretty good scores by any standard.
    Equally he's brought young players through in a way no coach has since at least going back to Raneri (as far back as I easily recall)
    Those are things to do with personality as opposed to the actual science and art of winning matches.
    Its crystal crystal clear that the defence has been crap from the start of last season to last week.
    Despite that the club priortised attack in the transfer window. That had to be a club decision no doubt influenced by both Lampard and Abramovitch.
    But nevertheless its Lampard's job to make the defence work
    From where I sit, and however frustrating it is to watch a game at 3:00 pm on saturday its a lot more frustrating when its 3:00 am in Sydney, Lampard has tried everything except consistency. If we have 4 central defenders, although a lot of last season only 3 were available, for 2 positions that's 6 different combos and the only one that wasn't tried from memory was Rudigier and Tomori.  

    But no 2 defenders were ever settled on. Equally the treatment of Rudigier, Tomori and Christenson has been inconsistent. Tomori was played until injured, and he made mistakes but was quick. Rudigier was played consistently on his return from injury but has been frozen out this season (new defensive coach?) Christenson has never been regarded as a certainty in his entire time at Chelsea but is currently back in favour. You could easily criticise the manager for not settling on a back two and sticking with them.
    Equally James clearly is not very good defensively yet. I personally think Moses was a better defensive player than James. So that only leaves Azpi who is ageing for RB.
    And that's before we get to the GK. So my view is Frank needs to settle on a back four and stick with them until one of them clearly is not up to the job then  change for next in line and stick with them. If Rudiger is frozen out then move him on. A starter for Germany is too valuable to leave in the reserves all season.
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    ozboy reacted to Imran_CFC in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    I personally think from a systematic perspective we look a lot more solid defensively in comparison to last season, we don't appear hugely open in the transition and we have developed as a team defending set pieces, so far majority of the goals we have conceded have been huge individual errors.
    1 Goal Brighton- That goal was completely on Kepa, no way he should be letting that in
    2 Goals against Liverpool- 1 gifted by Kepa and the 2nd James losing Mane at the backpost, both goals conceded after a Christensen brainfart.
    3 goals against West Brom- 1st goal Alonso plays the ball back into a dangerous area and James is caught too far upfield, 2nd goal Silva slips and the third goal James is caught sleeping whilst the defense stepped up.
    3 Goals against Southampton- Kai caught on the ball and defense falls asleep, don't even get me started on the 2nd goal and the 3rd goal once again team switches off after clearing the first ball.
    I think so far this season the worst football we've played is probably the 2nd half against Southampton, this is understandable considering we had a large number of players away on International duty midweek and our fitness levels were at a lower level in comparison to Southampton's. The disappointing thing in this was Lampard didn't ring the changes earlier to freshen up the team, whilst watching the game I was confident he was going to bring on Giroud and ask the team to go long as we kept on getting caught playing out. Unsure why Kova was not in the squad as we badly needed him with a shift to a 4-3-3 not bring a little control in the middle of the park.
    I've heard people state if we had Mendy and Silva we would've won that game and I agree but at the same time I think had we not had the International break even with the same players we wouldve won that game. Can someone tell FIFA that nobody gives a f**k about International football certainly not during the most congested footballing Calendar ever.     
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    ozboy reacted to JPH in Lampard now it is time leave   
    I am not saying that Frank will be a great manager nor that he won't succeed in managing. But what pisses me is that every time someone criticizes him the one who does so gets heavily attacked. Frank Lampard IS a club legend and always will be regardless how he succeeds as a manager. What I am trying to tell is that not every great player will be a great manager. And if that happends it doensn't diminish his greatness as a player. (And apologies for my English, I'm not a native speaker.)
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    ozboy got a reaction from Dean in Chelsea v Sevilla (CL) Tue 20th Oct 2020 20:00 GMT   
    I would play Rudigier in goal if mendy is unfit. At least he can use his hands and arms properly  then and won’t pull out of a tackle. I also think it is beyond stupid putting ziyech, Abraham, Giroud and cho on the bench but leaving Kovacic out. I thought lampard was supposed to be intelligent. I just don’t understand how that can be rational. I hope a more balanced apporoach is used in this game. If Silva is fit let’s play him. There is a case to play Reece James at right back despite his defensive issues but I’d prefer us to stick with a steady back 4. 
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    ozboy reacted to The Rising Sun in Chelsea v Southampton (PL) Sat 17th Oct 2020 15:00 GMT   
    I would be seriously ashamed if our so called supporters resorted to booing our team.
    honestly being a Chelsea fan isn't martydom. For nearly 20 years we have won trophies and titles, we have seen some of the best players in the world , and we have an owner who pours millions into the club.
    a sense of reality after 5 games is called for,  we play some beautiful football at times, but it could be a lot worse , w eve had loads of injuries, and brought in a keeper left back and central defender to try and sort out problems, 2 of which couldn't play yesterday.
    As for booing, I've seen some rubbish in my time but never booed the team i support.
    win or lose up the Blues !
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    ozboy reacted to axman2526 in Chelsea v Southampton (PL) Sat 17th Oct 2020 15:00 GMT   
    We cannot go a game without Kepa playing and making a huge flippin error in it can we?
    We were playing so well until Saints scored their first goal. Lovely passing, great pace, attacking unity. Then we fell apart and half time did nothing to get us going again.
    That second goal is truly awful. Poor ball from Zouma but how does Kepa come sliding in, get to the ball first and miss it?
    Every single time he plays he makes a huge ricket. It is a simple tackle man how can you miss the ball!
    Cannot believe we took Mount off for Zyiech. If we are chasing the game fair but when Mount is the only one putting a defensive shift in out of him, Havertz and Pulisic it makes no sense to take him off.
    The difference a competent keeper and defensive leader make. 
    Poor subs Frank. Think we could all see Dave was not coping all through that second half and Kai and Pulisic were gassed in the last 15 minutes. Them staying on was like us playing with 9 and a half players to go along with our awful defence.
    Score 3 goals in two games against poor sides and only get a point in both those games.
    Not good enough.
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    ozboy got a reaction from General in Chelsea v Southampton (PL) Sat 17th Oct 2020 15:00 GMT   
    Zouma error for their second but a better keeper would have bailed him out. Pretty gutless by kepa. 
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    ozboy reacted to chelseablueboy in 20/21 League Position?   
    Not a lot gets past you fella.. 
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    ozboy reacted to ForeverCarefree in Transfer Deadline Day 2020   
    If this transfer window has taught us anything it's that we're not settling for 2nd choice transfer targets. 
    Arsenal have been tracking Partey for 2 years, they've had personal terms agreed with him for ages. He was never realistically going to sign for Chelsea. 
    Selling the likes of Drinkwater, Bakayoko, Zappacosta wouldn't have had any bearing on signing Rice. We needed to sell 1 or 2 players currently in the first team set up to do that... Truth is we were massively overstocked on midfielders, many of them more suited to playing in more advanced positions than sitting deep. We've let Barkley and RLC go out on loan but we've still got Jorginho, Kovacic, Kante and Gillmore fighting it out for 2 positions then you've got Mount, Havertz and possibly Ziyech competing for the attacking midfield option. 
    There's too much work to do to create space for another midfielder in the squad to make signing another midfielder realistic right now, especially in a market where so few clubs are willing to spend any money. 
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    ozboy got a reaction from Strider6003 in Transfer Deadline Day 2020   
    Tomori probably should have taken the deal and got the premier league experience which he needs. He is a good player but has errors, including positional errors in him. More experience would be helpful and there would be less pressure.
    Rudigier should be sold in my view, not enough technique either with or without the ball.
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    ozboy reacted to andy in Welcome Ross Barkley   
    He’s good this Barkley fella we should put a bid in for him 
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    ozboy reacted to Brutos in Welcome Ross Barkley   
    Send Barkley on loan to help villa spank Liverpool...
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    ozboy reacted to coco in 20/21 League Position?   
    Do you still laugh at that after this weekends round of matches ?
    I can now see a way for us to actually challenge for the title this season. It just depends on the last day of the window if any of the NW clubs get anyone else or if that's them done with new players until the new year.
    Our defence is sorted. Rudiger and Kepa nowhere near the team, Christensen gone AWOL, I think Silva can do a VVD for our defence. Swapping Chillwell for Alonso, thats like literally 2 players for one.
    Up front were sound with so many attacking talents to choose from.
    Wouldn't be surprised to see us and Everton battling it out fore first place.
    Yes i have had a few drinks tonight.
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    ozboy got a reaction from Gol15 in Jorginho is a Blue   
    The team was great and payed as a good team. Jorginho looked good in that team, so did pretty much everyone. I hope we keep Jorginho and cho. 
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    ozboy reacted to Dean in Chelsea v Crystal Palace (PL) Sat 3rd Oct 2020 12:30 GMT   
    Kovacic in the short time he was on played two killer balls. This idea that he isn’t capable of incisive passes is a myth founded upon the inability of the recipients of his passes to capitalise on them. 
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    ozboy got a reaction from erskblue in Chelsea v Southampton (PL) Sat 17th Oct 2020 15:00 GMT   
    I would be happy with same team and same result as v palace
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    ozboy got a reaction from Malcolm9 in Welcome To Chelsea Thiago Silva *Official*   
    So classy against crystal palace. Read the game well. Covered Zaha  brilliantly the one time the latter was free in the box. Really a pleasure to watch.
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    ozboy got a reaction from PhilH930 in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    Cho has tons of talent and heaps  of improvement left in him. Getting a good run of starts let’s him relax, express himself and work on his experience and judgement. Pulisic will often be injured and within a year or so cho may be preferred to zyech  anyway. 
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    ozboy got a reaction from ashwin in Chelsea v Crystal Palace (PL) Sat 3rd Oct 2020 12:30 GMT   
    This is the way to build. Get a stable platform and then push on. The defence looks so much better v
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    ozboy got a reaction from Luiz4Chelsea in Chelsea v Crystal Palace (PL) Sat 3rd Oct 2020 12:30 GMT   
    This is the way to build. Get a stable platform and then push on. The defence looks so much better v
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