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    Sezze786 reacted to ForeverCarefree in Any game recommendation?   
    Apparently The Crew is dog turd, Little Big Planet 3 is supposed to be okay but not as fun as the PS3 games were.
    I'd go with Assains Creed because you can probably pick it fairly cheap now even though they've apparently fixed all the really bad bugs and glitches.
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    Sezze786 reacted to Marshal_Loss in Random Rumours   
    Hahaha. The desire to prove themselves on a cold night in Stoke bringing all the big names one by one no doubt
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    Sezze786 reacted to bluedave in Any game recommendation?   
    That's what happens when marketing people call the shots, it's like that in a lot of companies unfortunately. The technical/creative types who actually do the work are just seen as a hindrance. Not that I'm bitter or anything, oh no...
    The screenshot with the caption "One video posted online shows a character inexplicably trapped in a fireplace" made me laugh.
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    Sezze786 reacted to jack_super_class in Eden Hazard   
    Yeah and thats why this forum exists for opinions.
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    Sezze786 reacted to Teritus in Eden Hazard   
    As much as Zola can tend to get overrated on here (United fans do the same with Cantona, Arsenal with Bergkamp) this is one I can't agree with at all.
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    Sezze786 reacted to dkw in Eden Hazard   
    I think hazard has the potential to be better than Zola, but at the moment he's nowhere near as consistently brilliant as him.
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    Sezze786 reacted to RichardCFC in Any game recommendation?   
    The new COD does look pretty good (at least better than ghost), but I hate the futuristic stuff. I wish it was modern warfare or a battlefield in the past, rather than the future to be honest. That's why I never got into Black Ops 2 or Ghosts. Like many people, the original Modern Warfare was the best for me.
    Uno  - how come you have multiple Xbox's?
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    Sezze786 reacted in Any game recommendation?   
    Nah you are the same as me in that regard.
    I worried that I might not get in to the game as I'm not a huge fan but I love it. There's so much going on and it's a huge game.
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    Sezze786 got a reaction from Huttsey in Any game recommendation?   
    Basically you get like 40 packs for the game mode "Ultimate Team"
    If you don't play Ultimate Team (or even if you do), don't buy it
    Just get the standard edition
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    Sezze786 got a reaction from PloKoon13 in Any game recommendation?   
    The best story line game (imo) will always be the Metal Gear Solid series
    They were way ahead of its years and the stealth game mode will always be awesome
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    Sezze786 reacted to PloKoon13 in Any game recommendation?   
    My mate and I spent the weekend playing through Metal Gear Solid again... haven't played it in years but it was as gobsmackingly excellent as ever.

    Possibly my favourite game ever. Although Abe's Oddysee, Star Wars KotOR and Deus Ex are all in with a shout. And PES 6 of course, although I play that so much that it's not so much a game anymore as a general football simulator.
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    Sezze786 reacted to Bobbywoodhogan in Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread   
    Another Anelka? Then sign him up Nico was class for us
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