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  1. After today's games, all I have to say is: Kompany who?
  2. "Hazard gave his word to #CFC at the end of December. The club stated a large increase in his salary to more than €250,000 per week (HLN)" "While many await the official announcement of Eden Hazard's new agreement, there is absolutely no panic at Chelsea. (HLN)" "Contract extensions, as in London, are not always announced immediately. Article uses Kompany and Courtois, as similar cases (HLN)" "Real Madrid are one of the few clubs that can afford a fee & wage demands of Hazard. They remain a fan but have other priorities (HLN)" "Real Madrid remain a fan, but the priority is
  3. Not major news, but I've seen lots of rumours about Real Madrid (and Manchester United) wanting the Athletic Bilbao centre back Aymeric Laporte. Could mean Varane is leaving? Or Ramos who apparently rejected a new contract, although I suspect he is just holding out for more money.
  4. Being honest here, if United/City/Arsenal had bought an attacking midfielder for £30million, who had only scored and assisted as little as Willian has, wouldn't most call him a flop, waste of money etc? Not saying he has been a flop because I understand the important qualities he brings us, but considering he is meant to be an attacking midfielder, you would expect more.
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/1RobBeasley/status/545697122352644096?p=v Doesn't he have close links to Chelsea/Jose? I can never remember which journalists are reliable and which aren't.
  6. Some great quotes from Cesc in The Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/chelsea/11256429/Chelsea-midfielder-Cesc-Fabregas-I-am-playing-the-best-football-of-my-life.html
  7. Barcelona, Atletico Madrid & AC Milan - the 3 clubs who have helped Jose Mourinho the most this transfer window. Would he have ever of thought it? Haha (I mean because of his connections to Inter & Real Madrid)
  8. I really don't see Torres going to Milan to be honest. What people often forget when throwing round names of teams that players could go to is that the players need to consider what is best for their families as well. Torres has two young children, so I really can't see him moving to a brand new country, having to learn a new language, etc I can only see him going back to Spain.
  9. Yep, I've been hoping we can somehow get Varane. Apparently he wanted assurances from Carlo over playing time this season before signing a new contract, I think his expires in 2016 Hasn't started today in the Spanish Super Cup, and didn't play at all in the UEFA Super Cup. Ramos & Pepe seem to be Carlo's preferred choice at the back, even though they can both be such liabilities.
  10. Did he actually kiss the badge or are people on Twitter just making that up to wind up Arsenal fans?
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/ChelsTransfer/status/491000446538878977?p=v Callejon saying that we want him but he will stay at Napoli. That's a shame, I have always liked him
  12. That's true...hmm, I still think Liverpool without Suarez would be a lot weaker even if they got Sanchez
  13. I've just realised, if it's true about Barcelona signing Suarez, we basically helped fund it with this signing. Ha, fabulous. We buy a top class player which results in helping Barcelona be able to buy Liverpool's best player.
  14. https://twitter.com/joserra_espn/status/484390117059334144 Translates to: after the World Cup, deals involving Kroos to Madrid, Khedira to Chelsea and Di Maria to PSG will be confirmed Not sure if he is reliable, but just thought I would put this here
  15. Not sure if anyone has mentioned Morata as a possible second striker if Lukaku goes? Ancelotti has confirmed he wants to leave Madrid for more playing time, and when you consider that Morata said he owes Mourinho a lot, it could be a possibility? Only seen a few small reports linking us to him though, but who knows
  16. Swansea have signed striker Gomis. wonder if this means Bony is off, maybe to Arsenal?
  17. I think it'll finally sink in properly on the first game of the season! Fixtures should be out around 9am
  18. Anyone else still finding this a bit odd to sink in? Like it came up on sky sports news earlier, "Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas" I don't mean it in a bad way because I'm really happy he's here, but it's weird getting used to it haha. Looking forward to finding out when we're playing Arsenal when the fixtures are released tomorrow
  19. Watching videos of Fabregas at Arsenal makes it seem so surreal Who would have ever thought? In 2011, imagine if someone had said that Mata would be at United, Van Persie at United and Fabregas at Chelsea. Everyone would have thought they were mad haha. Anyway, I'm so glad it's finally confirmed, can't wait for August now!
  20. Never mind Arsenal mania, quite a few City fans on Bluemoon seem to be bitter about it as well. Especially as two weeks ago they thought he was definitely going to them. Haha
  21. Reports in Spain saying that Barcelona are close to agreeing a deal for Rakitic, should be finalised soon. So maybe they will announce Fabregas after that.
  22. Lewis Baker retweeted a tweet about what ESPN are saying. Waheey haha
  23. Latest from the Telegraph, which I think is one of the more reliable sources, is that we're trying to structure a deal that would mean Arsenal don't get any payment. Because they're apparently entitled to 50% of any profit, so we're looking to buy him for the same price Barcelona bought him, with more in bonuses etc http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/chelsea/10885520/Arsenal-could-miss-out-on-Cesc-Fabregas-payment-in-Chelsea-transfer-deal-with-Barcelona.html
  24. Marvin Humes (Chelsea fan) on soccer aid: "Jose told me secrets about next season and it's looking good" Haha just thought I'd put this in here, interesting
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