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  1. Really impressed with Gilmour. Disappointed that Pulisic has been a shadow. Quite a good game this has been!
  2. Cheers JoeyN(to anyone trying the above - the first time you click the play button you will have to close various windows, but click it again after closing and it works).
  3. I would agree - it's just that he seemed so genuine! Oscar worthy performance if that is the case haha.
  4. Listening to Azpi talk about the penalty situation. Not sure if he's being tactile by just trying to be positive about the situation - or genuinely naive, to the point he didn't bother to go do anything because he thought Jorginho and Willian were there just to encourage him lol...
  5. Surely supporting a football club is all sentiment in the first place? Agree it will be a long hard season though - but I am excited by it. 🙂
  6. Imo big difference between stepping up and volunteering in a penalty shootout than randomly going against the grain and not letting take our designated penalty taker (I assume Jorginho?) take it. The guy had just come on... Others were better placed to take it. Not sure if I am making it up, but even playing around the park you would feel better taking penalties if you had kicked around the ball a decent bit that day. Hence why I assume others crowded around him to ask if it was a good idea? But meh, can't do anything about it now. Good on Jorginho for handling like a champ though, wonder what
  7. Barkley is a little frustrating for me because you can see he clearly has the potential to be world class... It's just that he's been in that limbo for a very long time now. He can dribble, beat his man, has a decent shot on him and can put others through. However kind of just shows glimpses of what he can do. But often this is intermixed with incredibly bad decision making. I think he still has a role to play for us - and could see him coming off the bench and stretching defences very well!
  8. Don't know if it was just me and Tammy is his own player in his own right - so don't normally make comparisons, but Tammy's 2nd girl reminded me of Drogba.
  9. Fully agree with the part of this being an incredibly exciting season! Anyone who doesn't realise it will be a tough season is in for a reality check - and I think we should be realistic in terms of what we will be able to achieve this season. I wouldn't say it's a complete 'write off' per se, but Frank should be given this season no matter what (bar something absolutely disastrous - which I can't see happening), and then the next season to fully prove himself and be judged. Even if we were to come 8th: if we continue to show positive signs of improvement, while 8th would be very disappointing
  10. I am finding it really annoying when people are bundling them (Willian and Kovacic) together! Kovacic didn't change anything but at least tried, and in my mind he wasn't a net negative coming off the bench either like Willian. Would have benefited with him being off the field if anything - which sounds harsh to say but I honestly didn't see ANYTHING positive from him. Absolutely woeful. He will have a couple of cameos to show us what he can do over the course of the season: but if the next couple of times he comes on we see the same, then it's time for him to move on.
  11. Kovacic did not make a difference today, but I think he's an important player for us - and I understand the decision to buy him given the transfer ban, and needing a bunch of senior plays. Admittedly he could have done better today, but at the same time I can't hate on the guy for today's performance. Willian however was a net negative coming off from the bench and just stifled the remaining attacks that we were building up... I would actually like to see us go with a 4-3-3: with Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic as the three staples, with Mount and Barkley coming into the picture and replacing
  12. ... at least the others had the legitimate excuse of potentially gassing out (e.g. Pedro: who still was running all over the place). So disappointed in Willian not being able to even string some simple passes together in a much needed contribution, and in all honesty just didn't add anything at all to our game to the point we may have been better with him off the field (feels harsh to say but true). 😑 Can't wait until Cho gets fit.
  13. Kepa - 6/10 Azpi - 5/10 Zouma - 6.5/10 Christensen - 6.5/10 Emerson -7/10 Jorginho- 5/10 Kante - 6/10: saw a lot of people not liking his performance today, but I can't imagine how today would have went without him... plenty of interceptions, heavily pressing all the time and contributions in the game. Mount - 7/10: got some good opportunities, and took his goal well which also showed fight to win the ball in the first place Pedro- 6/10 Giroud- 7/10: thought his link up play was very good Pulisic - 5/10 Kovacic - 5/10 Abraham - 5/10
  14. Unfortunately terrible performance in his limited time playing today. Saw absolutely nothing from him.
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